Why the Tesla Semi heavy electric truck won’t happen (plus nuts) | Auto Expert John Cadogan

Why the Tesla Semi heavy hauling electric truck just won’t happen.
Attention-craving, pot smoking Tony Stark wannabe, Elon Musk, has been strangely silent lately on the mighty Semi – and there has to be a reason for that. He’s not hyping it at all, which (I think you’d agree) is oddly out of character.
Musk apologists – the rank and file Tesla Cult members – are conveniently forgetting a couple of key facts on this: For the Tesla Semi actually to happen, on time, there needs to be a network of so-called megachargers in ‘Murica, capable of delivering one megawatt of electrical grunt – to recharge the trucks in the claimed 30 minute window.
If you’re watching this in Retardistan, and you live near an Interstate, kindly do let me know if you’ve seen one of these Tesla Megachargers under construction at some nearby truckstop. I won’t stand by to be bowled over by your Instagram bangers on that.
No word yet, also, on the miraculous new tech that allows the batteries to be charged 10 times faster than Tesla’s current best chargers. So there’s that. And Musk himself is specifically not responding to journalists’ questions about the Semi. And it’s not like the messiah not to talk up this and that – even if he knows he really can’t deliver. He’s turned that into an art form.
Fred Lambert, a journo who wrote a piece on the Semi in Electrek.co earlier this month, said:
“When asked if [Semi] production is still planned for 2019, Musk didn’t respond.”
The only recent Musk statement I can find about the Semi is a March 31 tweet where he says:
“Really looking forward to getting Semi into production.”
“…so mired in production and logistics for the past 18 months.” Did you see that? Sounds like a warm-up for the ‘Semi not happening’ speech. But ‘looking forward to it’ could be true. It’s pretty limp on the ‘enthusiasm’ quotient, but maybe he really is looking forward to it.
I’m really looking forward to getting blown in a hot tub full of cheerleaders. I really am. In fact, this is my default enthusiastic state every morning when I awake. We all need a little something for motivation. But there’s no evidence that’s going to happen, either. Sadly.
The tech that makes the Semi possible did not exist when Musk announced the Semi in November 2017. There’s no evidence it exists today. This is going to be another Tesla house of cards. You mark my words.
If this was going to happen and the deadline was going to be met – the pre-orders from FedEx, DHL, UPS, Pepsico and Walmart were going to be delivered, Musk would be humping it publicly like two rats in a wool sock. Personal opinion.
It might be a good time to get the hammer ready for those Tesla Semi coffin nails – because earlier this month Marku Lienkamp, the chair of automotive engineering at the Technical University of Munich, told Business Insider that the Tesla Semi was (quote):
“…pointless both economically and ecologically.”
That’s unfortunate, but the numbers absolutely stack up, based upon the composition of the European power grid. In fact, if electricity is sourced from a gas-fired power station, the efficiencies of a diesel truck and an electric competitor are exactly the same.
Martin Daum, who heads up Daimler’s truck division, which is a hugely credible engineering R&D powerhouse actively developing its own electric trucks for the future and diesel trucks in production today … well, he’s even more critical of Tesla’s bullshit claims about the Semi’s alleged performance.
“If Tesla really delivers on this promise, we’ll obviously buy two trucks: One to take apart and one to test. Because if that happens, something has passed us by. But for now, the same laws of physics apply in Germany and in California.”
I really cannot imagine a more elegant way to call someone a bullshitter. That’s a really classy way to do it. I mean: you might say it in French. That would be even dirtier and classier. Like wiping your arse with silk. #merovingian.
Martin Wittmer, from the Laboratory for Commercial Vehicle Technology at the Dresden University of Applied Sciences, also appears to use actual facts to conclude battery powered long-haulers like the ‘probably not going to happen’ Semi are little more than a pie in the sky fairy tale.
“Battery-powered trucks are realistic for distribution, the post office, or refuse collection. But today’s lithium-ion batteries are too heavy and too expensive for transporting goods over long distances, and after just two to three years, their storage capacity will already be in significant decline.”
Musk has never made a statement – at least not that I could find – about how he intends to overcome the decline in battery performance that is an inevitable consequence of current battery technology. It is effectively the same as buying a conventional truck with a fuel tank that shrinks, over time.


Automatic charger circuit for any battery | Auto cut-off battery charger | JLCPCB

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Hello friends, in today’s video i have shown how to make a simple automatic battery charger circuit with auto cut-off facility. You can use it for any battery. You have to just set the threshold voltage as per your battery.
Normally the relay is OFF and battery charged but when battery voltage increases to the selected voltage the relay energized by the transistor which now disconnect the battery from the charger thus it prevents from over charging.

Click here for circuit diagram https://electroanimesh.wordpress.com/automatic-battery-charger-circuit

Parts list:-
5 x 1N4007 diode
4 x 1k resistor
220 ohm resistor
10K preset
2 x green led
red led
Relay (As per your battery)
1000uf 25V capacitor

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How to make a auto cut-off 4v battery charger|| At home.

How to make a auto cut-off 4v battery charger|| At home.

Material Required:-
1.)6v Realy = 1
2.)2N2222A Transistor = 1
3.)1K Resistor = 2
4.) 2.2K Resistor = 1
5.)1N4007 Diode = 2
6.) 20K Preset = 1
7.)1N4007 Diode = 2
8.)LEDs (Red, Green) = 2
9.)Wires = ?

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Simple 12v Auto Cut off Battery Charger Circuit |used automatic stabilizer






DIY Auto cut off 12 volt battery charging when Full

Automatic charging off when battery full (12 volt battery)

1. 4 1k ohm
2. 2 led
3. relay 12v

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Battery charger with auto cut indicator + led emergency lamp

Led emergency lamp with auto cut (4V).

List of material included in the video.


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How to Replace Mercedes Benz Hybrid Battery Charger Inverter Converter / Bro Auto Kh

Welcome to “ Bro Auto Kh ” channel.

Hello everyone. Today we show all of you How to Replace Mercedes Benz Hybrid Battery Charger Inverter Converter

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12. របៀបទម្លាក់ប្រអប់លេខ រថយន្តអូឌី | Audi Transmission Gear Removal https://youtu.be/X_jaDDyfnGM

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Portable Dual Battery Boxes Comparison | Accelerate Auto Electrics & Air Conditioning

Thunder Battery Box vs Projecta Power Hub vs AAE Custom

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Hi, guys, Andrew here from Accelerate Auto Electrics & Air Conditioning on the Sunshine Coast.

Today, we’re going to look at some of the options that are available for portable dual battery boxes. Portable dual battery boxes have become increasingly popular due to their ability to be moved as needed.

Here we have the Thunder 12-volt Battery Box.
The Thunder Battery Box provides 12 and 240 volt power for common devices and appliances, acting as a dual battery system to manage solar and in-vehicle charge.

It features a 7 stage smart charger to maintain battery condition. The unit is compatible with all types of battery, although we always recommend the AGM. Setting up the battery box is simple, with a step-by-step guide that helps you select your type of battery. It remembers the last battery you used and will warn you if there’s a fault during the charge.

Some of the features include:
• Control panel with LCD
• 6 amp 7 stage AC/DC smart charger
• 300-watt, 240-volt modified sine wave inverter
• 2x 10-amp cigarette sockets
• 50-amp Anderson plug
• 5-volt USB port
• Isolator switch.
• Jump Start Terminals

Both these jump start terminals are protected as well. A great feature that is unique to the Thunder is the built-in charger that allows you to plug it directly into 240-volt to charge the battery.
Like most other portable battery boxes, if you want to charge it from your car’s alternator, you’ll need to install an isolator or a DC/DC charger like these.

The next one here is a Projecta Power-Hub. Similar to the Thunder, it turns your 12-volt battery into a convenient, versatile, and user-friendly device. With 10 power outlets, the Power-Hub allows you total freedom to charge or power multiple devices simultaneously.
Its versatility makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, including camping, caravanning, on the work site, in the backyard, or four-wheel-drive expeditions. The Power-Hub is ergonomically designed for outdoor applications with gutters moulded into the top housing to allow water to drain away from vital electronics.

There are waterproof covers to shield the plugs and sockets, with a slot that allows the cords to remain plugged-in while the cover is closed. The handle provides maximum grip comfort and double as tie-down points to secure it from moving around in your vehicle.

Some of the features include:
• 2.4-inch full colour LCD display
• 300-watt, 240-volt pure sine wave inverter
• 2x USB ports
• 2x Cigarette Lighter Sockets
• two angled sockets
• 50-amp heavy-duty Anderson plug
• 2x Merrit sockets
• DC/DC Output Terminals

Like the Thunder, it can fit 130-amp AGM battery as well. The Power-Hub does not come with a built-in charger, but it’s priced accordingly, so for the difference, you could purchase a charger.
Similar to the Thunder, they both need the DC/DC isolator or smart charger to charge from the vehicle.

Okay, here we have one of our own custom battery boxes. This one here is our basic model.

The main advantage of the customer battery box is we can fit it with exactly what you want. We can fit as many different types of sockets, meters, and different Anderson plugs as you can possibly think of.

The other advantage is that we can fit different DC/DC chargers inside the lid, meaning it’s a bit more compact and it’s a lot easier to swap between different vehicles as the DC/DC charger remains in the box. If you’ve got an older vehicle, we can use the SBI12 as well, and that’ll work quite well.

The main saving with these is we don’t have to add anything you don’t need, so we can build these to suit a budget. We always use the 130-amp AGM battery, and we find these are a great option for people who want something a bit more flexible and a bit custom.

These are just a few of the options currently available. If you would like a price or options on a custom battery box, shoot us an email to info@amae.net.au or give us a call on 1300 227 353.


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