Genius Battery Chargers Auto Memory Feature
What is the feature Auto Memory in the Noco Genius Smart Battery Chargers and how can it help you? This video explains how.


Yellow Top Battery Install for the Jeep Wrangler – Optima All The Things!

In this video on the build up of the AutoEdits 2013 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon JKU, I show you how to install an Optima Yellow Top Battery and why it is a very important upgrade for any of your automotive applications!
Here are some really interesting details on all the different Color Coded Batteries from Optima:

REDTOP Starting Battery: Use this for normal engine starting where an alternator immediately monitors the state of charge and provides energy to the battery whenever it is needed. This would describe most stock vehicles.
Also use for:
-Automotive and RV under-hood starting
-Heavy equipment where starting is the primary function
-Diesel-powered vehicles with no aftermarket electronics

YELLOWTOP Deep-Cycle Battery: Use this when electrical loads are higher than average, or when the discharge cycle is more than typical engine starting, such as vehicles without alternators. This also includes vehicles with significant electrical loads that may exceed the average alternator output (for example, aftermarket audio systems, GPS, chargers, winches, snowplows, inverters, drag cars). This can also include vehicles that have a lot of electronics from the factory, such as a minivan with power sliding doors and a DVD player, especially if the DVD player is used when the engine isn’t running.
Also use for:
-Racing vehicles without a charging system (alternator or generator)
-Dedicated drag-racing vehicles
-Diesel-powered vehicles with aftermarket electronics
-Car audio/video applications exceeding 250 watts over the OE system
-Vehicles or heavy equipment with inverters, hydraulics, winches or other accessories
-Electric vehicles

BLUETOP Marine Battery: The BLUETOP starting battery (dark gray case) is to be used when a dedicated starting battery is required; it should never be used for cycling duty. The dual-purpose BLUETOP (light gray case) can be used for both starting and deep cycling; it is a true deep-cycle battery with extremely high cranking power.
Also use for:
-Trolling motors, marine applications with heavy electrical accessories and RVs should use a dual-purpose BLUETOP (which is both a starting and deep-cycle battery)
-Marine applications and RVs when the battery’s only function is engine starting
Note: The difference between BLUETOP and YELLOWTOP deep-cycle batteries is that BLUETOP batteries have both automotive (SAE) posts and threaded studs, while YELLOWTOPS (other than D31T) only have SAE terminals.

If you ever get confused about the colored tops, just remember: If it has a dark gray case, then it’s a starting battery; if it has a light gray case, then it’s a deep-cycle (dual-purpose) battery.
Remember, deep cycle use by any non deep cycle battery may void the warranty.

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9V Alkaline Battery Charging Circuit(Also 1.5v Cells)

Learn how to make a good alkaline battery charger which is NOT likely to cause the batteries to leak or bulge, and will charge them properly. Though alkaline batteries are not intended to be recharged, they do seem to recharge well using this circuit. I put together this circuit from information obtained from the web page below. The circuit shown in the video was designed for 9V batteries, but you can also charge 1.5V (AA/AAA/AAAA)batteries by lowering the power supply voltage. The batteries are charged using low current DC pulses.

Schematic is here:

For fully charged 9V LED indicator circuit:

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auto battery charger circuit using 555(english version)

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car motorcycle bike battery charger aldi superb charger for the price but sadly this one slipped through quality control! no one put any of the 6 screws into the base! i did not discover this until the mains wires poked out. go and check yours quick, it could be dangerous giving you a shock or shorting out. i asked jtm contracts (ALDI CONTRACTOR?) for the 6 screws but they said send it back for a refund but im reluctant to because i have fitted the generic bike charger connections (optimate/oxford etc) purchased from maplins so it owes me £6 in connections! so i rummaged in my garage for 6 screws. so this is a heads up video i would be curious to hear of any others with same problem? JTM said I’m the first? just to underline… the charger itself is brilliant.


convert atx power supply to battery charger, 12v battery charger with auto cut-off

DIY – automatic 12v battery charger 100ah. How to charge lead acid battery with power supply. 2 stage battery charger deep cycle, This is my patent, you will not find any where, using atx power source machine Charging 2-stage battery, it will automatically cut when the battery

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battery charger with auto cut off and battery level indicator

battery charger with auto cut off and battery level indicator by using lm338 and lm3915……..I made it only in 150 rupees about 2.5 $

here is the schematics..

for charging

for battery level indication and auto cut off LM3914

This is a simple 12V smart battery charger circuit… u can also charge 40 Ah or 60 Ah battery by controlling the lm338 and adding the heat sink on it.


Simple auto cut off 12V battery charger

Simple auto cut off 12V battery charger


Mustang Battery Tender Battery Charger 1965-2014

Every Battery Tender Battery Charger® uses a programmed microprocessor that will correctly charge a battery, and then automatically switch to a maintenance/float mode when the charge is complete. This Battery Tender Plus, for all year Mustangs, is a 1.25 amp battery charger designed to fully charge a battery and maintain it at proper storage voltage without the damaging effects caused by trickle chargers.

Battery Tender Battery Charger 12V Junior:

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Portable Solar Car Auto Motorcycle Battery Chargers

The solar powered car battery charger, is perhaps one of the most important and impressive devices for virtually every vehicle, it provides a very compact and durable electrical source for your Car, Boat, Marine Vehicle, Small Air Craft and much more. It is relatively simple in style and very purposeful, and can help save a vehicle owner a lot of time and also the annoyance of a dead and even drained battery. Solar motor vehicle chargers, are available in an array of six voltage, 12 voltage in addition to 18 volt applications. Solar chargers are incredibly useful as well as convenient gadgets to have.

Solar powered chargers can also be very useful for the normal upkeep of quite a few different battery types and models, which include charging RVs, Motorhomes, specialty vehicles, antique and classic cars, marine deep cycle batteries, motorcycles, lawn mowers, ATVs, snowmobiles, personal watercraft and lots more. They retain the electric batteries charge when it comes to vehicles that have been parked, stored or that sit idle for much longer lengths of time, that include marine and light aircraft electric battery applications.

Usually two to three different types of quick connector sets are provided, for instance a: DC accessory male connector, electric battery clips, and battery ring terminal connectors. Solar battery chargers are completely automatic, and provides a trickle charge or even a full charge whenever desired, and stops charging as soon as the battery is entirely charged. Solar powered energy will likely be used all around the world, and everybody should take advantage of this alternative energy, that’s easily available to everyone.