Using A Multimeter To Check an Automobile Battery and Charger

Using a multimeter, I will check battery voltage in a no load condition, full load condition, and voltage output of the charging system (alternator). Warning: If unfamiliar with electrical safety procedures or equipment. Seek professional assistance.


High Quality Intelligent 20A Automobile Battery Lead Acid Battery Charger Car Motorcycle EU US Plug

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High Quality Intelligent 20A Automobile Battery Lead Acid Battery Charger Car Motorcycle EU US Plug


Free shipping High Quality Intelligent 20A Automobile Battery Lead Acid Battery Charger Car Motorcyc

More at:

Free shipping High Quality Intelligent 20A Automobile Battery Lead Acid Battery Charger Car Motorcycle EU US Plug


New Intelligent 12 volts 20A Battery Charger for Automobile Batteries

This product is an intelligent 12 volts 20A battery charger for automobile batteries.
Brand new and High Quality
Type: Car battery charger
Input Voltage: 100v to 240v
AC Plug Type: EU/US plug
Output Voltage 12v
Rated Frequency: 47-63 Hz
Charger Current: 20A
Full load efficiency: greater than equal to 87%
Charging Time: 1hour
Color: Black
Protection Function: Reverse connection protection, Overheat protection,
Low Voltage protection, short Circuit protection, Overcurrent protection

Note: Base on the experience in using the product. It was said that it is intelligent, in a way that once the battery is at full charge state the unit charger will automatically stop charging and let a minimum voltage to pass through or what they called floating charge. The role of this is to repair the battery or to desulfate the battery due to sulfurated battery cause by overcharge or undercharge.

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Bosch Battery Chargers

This video provides an overview of the various battery chargers that Bosch provides for a variety of commonly used battery applications, including passenger cars, commercial vehicles and leisure applications.


Why I use the Schumacher SP3 Battery Charger (on all my cars!)

If you are looking for a smart charger to keep your battery from going dead consider the Schumacher brand, I had great results with this charger.

The charger is available locally at Walmart:

or my mail on Amazon


Truck Inverter Install, Step-by-Step How To

Step-by-step installation of this $99 inverter on my truck, making it possible to plug in AC battery chargers and tools. Truck becomes like a generator.

✯ inverter:
✯ jumper cables:
✯ 1″ conduit:
✯ circuit breaker:
✯ grommets:
✯ step drill bits:
✯ isolator:
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Reverse Polarity Charging with CTEK Battery Charger


How to Charge a TOTALLY Dead Car Battery with Kent Bergsma: Battery Clinic Part 5

Watch Kent’s complete Car Battery Clinic Series:
In part 5 of this series, Kent will demonstrate a good way you can charge a super dead battery. Some battery chargers will not work unless there is some good voltage in the battery. You will need another battery and some jumpers to do this. In lieu of another battery you can also use a battery booster.


Mustang Battery Tender Battery Charger 1965-2014

Every Battery Tender Battery Charger® uses a programmed microprocessor that will correctly charge a battery, and then automatically switch to a maintenance/float mode when the charge is complete. This Battery Tender Plus, for all year Mustangs, is a 1.25 amp battery charger designed to fully charge a battery and maintain it at proper storage voltage without the damaging effects caused by trickle chargers.

Battery Tender Battery Charger 12V Junior:

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