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Amazon Basics Battery Charger REVIEW

Retailers always moan and blame others when the profits drop, when really its their finger slipping off the pulse.

First it was Shopping Centres
Second Out Of Town/ Retail Parks
Third Councils, Landlords and rates
Fourth Supermarkets
Fifth Internet

admin How-To: Battery Charging Basics

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There are few items that you will use as much with many different vehicles as a battery charger. Whether you own electric or nitro-powered vehicles, you’ll find yourself needing to recharge a battery of some sort. There are a lot of different options out there when you’re first choosing what charger to purchase, let alone when you first go and start using your battery charger. We’ve sat down to try to explain what some of the different features you might want to consider when purchasing a charger. We also take you though some of the initial setup steps you may discover when configuring your charger for the first time and provide some key definitions and terms you’ll frequently run into when working with your battery charger.

Peak Detection Charger—A battery charger that monitors the condition of the battery pack while charging and stops the charging process once complete.

Charge Rate—The amperage output of a battery charger.

Capacity—The maximum amount of energy, rated in milliamp hours (mAh) a battery can store. The higher the capacity of a battery, generally, the longer it will last on a charge.

mAh (Milliamp Hour)—A measure of a battery’s capacity. The larger the number of milliamps the longer the battery cell will last.

Balance Port/Balancer—A feature or device that monitors the voltage and capacity of the individual batteries that make up a Li-Po battery pack.

Cell(s)—The individual batteries that make up a battery pack.

Battery Pack—A group of individual batteries wired together to increase either voltage or capacity.

Integrated Power Supply—A feature of some battery chargers that allows them to be powered by plugging it into a wall outlet.

Multi-Chemistry Charger—A battery charger that can charge more than one type of battery chemistry.

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How to use a multimeter and a small battery charger the basics

Today we will learn how to use a multimeter and a small battery charger for basics.


LiPo Battery Basics, Charging and Storage for DJI and Autel

With the colder seasons approaching, many of us will be flying less. Proper care and storage of your aircraft batteries are extremely important. Without proper charging and storage, your batteries will either suffer damage and be unusable or will have a shortened life. This video covers the basics of LiPo batteries and proper charging and storage so your batteries are ready to fly when you are.


Garage Door Opener Basics

In times past, having a garage mean that each time the homeowner returned home and wanted to put the car in the garage, someone had to get out and raise the door and then lower it after the vehicle was parked. Of course, electronic garage doors extremely, became more popular and the doors could be opened easily, by merely pressing a button. However, these electronic doors did not include the safety features and advances available today such as pressure and obstacle sensors, a selection of motor impulses or the ability to change directions with the touch of a button. Today, there are many styles and features to consider when selecting garage doors and openers. Here are a few things to keep in mind when making your choice.


Perhaps the most common style of door opener is the chain drive opener. These work much like a bicycle chain and can be quite noisy. They are available in to to hp hp models and cost anywhere from $ 150 to $ 200.

For a quitter drive, you may opt for a screw-drive door opener. These have very few moving parts so they make less noise. In addition, they are easy to install and require minimal maintenance. Average price for the screw-drive is $ 150 to $ 225.

If you are willing to spend a bit more ($ 200- $ 300), then you may want to choose the belt-drive opener which uses a long rubber belt to raise and lower the door. These doors are essentially maintenance free.

One of the most recent types of residential door openings is the jackshaft opener which is mounted on the same wall as the overhead door, so there is no need for an overhead track or drive system. These heavy residential doors make almost no sound whatever; however, you will need the services of a professional for installation.


Originally, all garage doors worked on AC powered motors, but now garage doors primarily use DC as it allows for better speed control and assortment of features. Of course, these DC motors require a conversion from AC power and they use less power than an AC motor. However, manufactures install a battery backup, in the event of a power outage. It should also be noted that while the door springs are responsible for lifting the door, you will want to have a door opener with a higher horsepower rating as they have the ability to start and stop the garage door there should ever be a problem with the garage door's spring system.


When it comes to protecting your family, there is no such thing as "doing too much." One way you can protect your family is with a garage door opener that requires a code to raise or lower the door. The latest in this technology is called a rolling code. This rolling code means that each time the transmitter is operated it sends the code to the receiver but also creates a new code for the next operation.


Learn the Basics of an Unsecured Loan – Is It the Best Choice?

Personal unsecured loans allow a person to borrow money for whatever reason they need it for. This includes, new businesses, or even high-end things like jet skis or a new car. Once one has decided to get a personal unsecured loan they should definitely explore their options.

First, one should understand what it means when a loan is not secured. This means there’s no necessary collateral in order to get the loan. If worse comes to worse and the loan isn’t repaid then it’s less risky because no property will be lost or held until the loan is paid. This is more comfortable for most as there are no immediate consequences giving them time to recover.

The majority of the risk rests with the lender with a personal unsecured loan. If the loan goes south they have nothing to sell in order to recoup the amount. They will undoubtedly pursue the funds and even take legal action against the borrower such as garnishing wages. Due to the high level of risk, borrowers should expect higher interest rates. Plus, the loan acceptance does depend on credit somewhat. Good credit equals lower interest, and bad credit may produce either higher interest or even a co-signer.

Here are the basic types of personal unsecured loans:

Signature loans – these are the most simple variation of an unsecured loan. They are only secured by the borrowers promise to pay. They can be obtained at credit unions and banks, and the money can be used for anything. The fact that they’re installment loans mean they are borrowed and repaid in fixed, monthly payments.

Even better, a signature loan can help a person build credit and get even better future rates. So, it is by far the best personal unsecured loan on the market.

Credit cards – another popular method for a personal unsecured loan is by obtaining credit cards. A bit on the riskier side, they still give the borrower a pool of money to use as they wish with no questions asked. A credit limit will be assigned and the borrower can charge as much or as little as they please and pay it back monthly.

The only downside to credit cards is that they fluctuate as far as interest rate, with some having an initial low rate as an introduction and then it goes up after an amount of time. It’s easier to spend with credit cards because swiping them for purchases is super easy. Offers exist online and via the mail.

P2P or Peer loans – Consider a P2P loan as a form of personal unsecured loan. Basically, it is borrowing from an individual and not a bank or other traditional lender. These loans are available online, on specific websites and there is a chance that no one will actually pick up the loan, but it’s worth a try. They are installment loans with a fixed rate and they do look at credit.

Student loans – Student loans are personal unsecured loans made just for education funding. They’re a good choice because they carry features that aren’t readily available through other means. They offer flexible repayment, grace periods and more. Some don’t even concern themselves with credit score, they only care if the borrower is a student.

These loans are available through the financial aid office of the institution being attended. The professionals there will help the student through the application process and explain all the ins and outs.


EV Charging Basics

From level 1 and level 2 AC charging to DC fast charging, current state of infrastructure rollout for major charging standards, and answers to your questions… here is a comprehensive overview of EV charging basics. Q&A starts at about 10:45

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What do I need to know about charging my EQ? | Mercedes-Benz EQ Basics

Electromobility with Mercedes-Benz EQ should be quick, easy and convenient. Of course, it should also be readily available. Comprehensive solutions are needed. Learn more about EQ charging and services:

Solutions that grant intuitive access to the charging infrastructure or that make it possible to charge your vehicle from your own home. This film shows you how it works.

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