12V DC Supply or Battery charger(using full bridge)

Hello friendz i will back with a new video in which i am going to make 12V DC supply from 220V AC supply
Generally we see 12V DC supply in our little or smart Home🏠🏡 appliance such as Mobile Charger,Laptop Adapter, or we can else say digital electronic Devices

So, How this adapter or charge convert 220V AC to 12V DC Supply Let see:
I am just making this DC Supply which also run these same appliances………..🔝⬆⬆🔺

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ক্যাপাচিটর দিয়ে ব্যাটারি চার্জার তৈরি করার নাইস আইডিয়া। Battery Charger using Capacitor_ ET DISCOVER

How to make 12 vote Battery charger using fan capacitor easy make at home

Hallo friends today I’m going to show you ফ্যান ক্যাপাচিটর দিয়ে ব্যাটারি চার্জার তৈরি করার নাইস আইডিয়া। How to Make 12v Battery Charger using Fan Capacitor

বাংলা ফাস্ট একটিভ এর এক বৎসর পুর্ন হলো সবাইকে আন্তরিক শুভেচ্ছা ও অভিন্দন ভালোবাসা রইল

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HTRC T240 DUO – LiPo battery charger Review


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3.7v Li-ion 18650 Battery Charger Module – TP4056 / Micro USB Interface

In this video simple how to make a 3.7v Li-Ion 18650 Battery charger TP4056 1A Li-Ion Lithium Battery Charging Module – Micro USB Interface
Download Circuit diagram and detail -https://goo.gl/be2HxM
the component is using
1) 3.7v Li-Ion 18650 Battery
2) TP4056 1A Li-ion Battery Charging Module -Micro USB
buy material by the following a link

3.7v Li-Ion 18650 Battery = https://goo.gl/Jj7g3J
TP4056 1A Li-ion lithium Battery Charging Module Micro USB – https://goo.gl/3zKjjo
LM2596 dc-dc buck converter step down module -=https://goo.gl/pxH5AR
MT3608 2A dc-dc Step Up Boost Power Module = https://goo.gl/c4Ys6P


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12)Transformerless power supply circuits – https://goo.gl/c9zv
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1. Electronic Components Project Kit or Breadboard, Capacitor, Resistor, LED, Switch =https://goo.gl/1mBi3L
2. 1N4007 Mic 1A 1000V DO-41 Rectifier Diode Set Of 10 = https://goo.gl/X71hCp

3. DC 0.9V-5V 0.6A USB Charger power bank Module https://goo.gl/ZpP9eE
4. Dual USB 5V 1A 2.1A Mobile Power Bank Module =https://goo.gl/5TKcMi

5. DC Boost Converter Power Supply Module = https://goo.gl/c4Ys6P
6. 433Mhz RF Wireless Transmitter Receiver Module = https://goo.gl/ZntXYr
7. 10W mini White High Power LED SMD Bead Chips = https://goo.gl/NFBtTV
8. 12V DC Battery Eliminator Power Supply transformer-1 Amp = https://goo.gl/nBE6P3
9. LED driver AC TO DC 12V CONVERTER = https://goo.gl/NMf1Vh
10. 555 Timer Ic = https://goo.gl/ZPB1Zt
11. 1W High Power Led Lamp 110-120Lm LEDs = https://goo.gl/3NuufG
12. 12 Volt DC Motor (Multipurpose Brushed Motor For DIY Applications PCB Drill) = https://goo.gl/RVHTQK
13. DC 12v gear motor = https://goo.gl/M3yqZL
14. Electric Hand Drill PCB Press Drilling 12V Motor, 12000 RPM, 10 Pcs 0.3-3.0 mm Drill Bits Set, Keyless Brass Chucks and Hi-Watt Battery = https://goo.gl/7qUf9m
15. 12V PCB MOUNT SUGAR CUBE RELAY = https://goo.gl/m1pbD9


How to make 12V battery charger with auto cut off / 12 volt car battery charger hindi/urdu

Hello Friends in this video i will tell u how to make 12V battery charger with auto cut off this circuit is based on Transister BC547/BC548

Parts List
Transister BC547 , Diode IN4007 2PC, 1k resister 3pc, 4.7k resister 1pc, relay 12v 1pc, 10uf/16v or 25v , VR 10K led red and green,

Circuit Link :- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1B2rtgTjkPuSCdmoNYPUzrdoMnklkYqgU/view?usp=sharing

Simple Diagram :- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ite1PHJksGAsJU6eogUtEY7YvUEtVb8w/view?usp=sharing


Recycle 12V Dead Battery – Recover, Repair or Charge || DO NOT BUY🙏

Its the SIMPLEST TASK to recycle a battery so in this video i will teach u how to do it for a DEAD 12 volts BIKE or CAR battery with load voltage being as low as 0.20 volts . You will also be taught how to CHARGE it once repaired – Recycle, repair & reuse .

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Battery Charger-Unboxing (Akü şarj cihazı, kutu açma)

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How to make 12v Battery Charger at home | DIY 12v Car Battery Charger Homemade

Detailed Do it yourself video about how to make 12V car / generator battery charger at home.
Hi viewers! in this video i am going to show you How to make 12v Battery Charger at home by using 220v to 12V transformer, rectifier circuit and some waste materials. In first part of this video you will learn how to make rectifier circuit and in the last part you will see how to make complete 12V battery charger at home.

Materials Required for Rectifier circuit:
1. Diode: 1N4007
2. Resistance 1.2k Ohms
3. Capacitor: 1000uf, 16v

Materials Required for Complete 12V battery Charger:
1. Rectifier circuit
2. LED indicator
3. 220V to 12V Ac Transformer
4. Diode: 1N40075
5. Wood base
6. Nut Bolts
and some basic tools.
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HTRC T240 Duo lipo Charger

Link http://bit.ly/HTRC-240-DUO
Banggood 12th Anniversary https://ban.ggood.vip/2nyz
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T240 is a new design dual balance charger by HTRC,which can charge two different kinds of batteries simultaneously.Multi-function,high power,Utilizing 3.2 inch color LCD Toch screen display,easy operation,built-in cooling fan,DC 11-18V or AC 100-240V dual power.Designed for charging LiPo LiFe Lilon LiHV NiCd NiMh Pb Smart Battery


*Full plastic shell, safe, compact, beautiful.
*Twin-channel,charge two different kinds of batteries simultaneously.
*high power,single port max 150W.support power distribution.
*Practical for variety of batteries.LiPo LiFe Lilon NiCd NiMh Pb,and high power battery LiHV.
*Automatic identification of Li-Po batteries cells counts
*Adjustable digital DC Power.
*Built in smart cooling fan for easy heat dissipation.
*Built-In PFC AC adapter high efficiency.comes with power switch.
*Graph display of charging status
*Multiple charging modes.
-Lipo/Lilo/LiFe/LiHv: balance charge, charge, storage, discharge.
-NiMH/NiCd: Charge, Discharge, Cycle.
-PB: Charge,Discharge,Trickle.
-Battery Meter:Display lithium battery cell counts,battery capacity percentage,each cell’s voltage. (does not support 1s battery)
-TVC(Terminal voltage control):The Charger allows user to set the charge/discharge end voltage.
-Lithium Battery internal Resistance Check: can display each cell’s resistance.(does not support 1s battery)
-Calibration: cell voltage monitoring and calibration.
-Smart battery:Smart battery I,II,III,(Need optional DJI Charging cable)
*Data storage and loading
*Re-peak and cycling of NiMH/NiCD battery.
*Maximum Safety:Automatic charge current limit,Delta-peak sensitivity, capacity limit, processing time limit,temperature threshold.
*Firmware update.

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How to Make 12 Volt Battery Charger (EASY-WAY)

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