Strident Product Range Trade Days Video

Strident Product Range Trade Days Video: Strident’s range of mobility batteries, battery chargers, battery testers, solid and air mobility tyres.


BESTEK 300W PowerInverter 12VDC to 110VAC

BESTEK 300W PowerInverter 12VDC to 110VAC at

BESTEK 300W PowerInverter 12VDC to 110VAC Car Inverter with 4.2A Dual USB Car Adapter.

Power Inverters
Jump Starters
Battery Chargers


Bosch 12V, 18V and 36V Battery Chargers

Visit us at,default,pd.html?ref=CPOYoutube to learn more about the BC330 12V Charger from Bosch!

Visit us at,default,pd.html?ref=CPOYoutube to learn more about the BC660 18V Charger from Bosch!

With Bosch exclusive engineering, these chargers can charge or discharge without damaging the batteries or shortening their storage capacity or reducing its service life. Interrupting the charging procedure does not damage the battery. Get it today as an extra charger or as a replacement and always have the battery charged and the power you need on hand.

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Core SWX Fleet Battery Chargers @ NAB 2018

Sebastian Kanabar talks to Zak from Core SWX about their range of Fleet Battery Chargers including the Voltbridge app.


Top 3 Best Marine Battery Chargers Reviews in 2019

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3.Schumacher XCS15 :
2.NOCO Genius G3500 :

There’s nothing worse than finally getting out to the lake after a hard and stressful week, preparing to launch, and then … nothing happens when you try to start your boat. If you have one of these marine battery chargers on board, however, that won’t be an issue, as they’ll keep your boat juiced up and ready to go anytime you are. When users buy our independently chosen editorial picks, we may earn commissions to support our work.


Tips to make power battery chargers yourself in minutes

You can make power battery chargers at home, yourself in minutes with this crazy method. Never buy a battery again, to learn more on how you do it, see the link.


Top Battery Chargers features the Top Battery Charger Brands & Manufacturers. Brands like Battery Tender, CTEK, Schumacher, Battery Minder, Black and Decker, Stanley, Pulsetech, TecMate, Yuasa, Battery Doc, Save a Battery, and Genius Chargers can all be found here with videos & write-ups. So when you’re looking for a smart battery charger for your motorcycle, car, boat, RV or ATV remember Top Battery Chargers.


Mueller Motorwerks 0-60 Reviews – CTEK Battery Chargers

Mueller Motorwerks’s host Ryan goes into an indepth review of CTEK’s Battery Chargers and accessories.


Helios Power Solutions Middle East & Asia

At Helios, power is our passion. We have an awesome team of people with a wealth of technical expertise and experience, all dedicated to clearly understanding and meeting the needs of our customers. We supply both off the shelf and fully customized power conversion solutions suitable for use in any application across all industry sectors.

Our Products:

– AC/DC Power Supplies: Wide Power Range ( 1 – 15000 W) , Single & Multioutput Voltage , Communications & Alarms, DC distribution, Hot Swappable Modules, Variable & Configurable Output.

– DC/DC Converters: Special Input / Output On Request. Convection/ Fan cooled , Alarms, High DC input Voltage at High temperature, N +1 Redundancy, Railway standards, Fully Isolated range.

– DC/AC Inverters: AC/AC Frequency converters, DC-AC Input, Convection / Fan cooled , Single & Multiphase output, Modular inverters up to 3 kVA per module, communications & alarms, special input/ output combinations, outdoor applications.

Battery Chargers: Cyclic Applications, Standby Applications, Special Design For Security Systems, Boost Chargers, LVD & Temperature Compensation, Real Time Autodiagnostic, Digital I/O , Integrated Batteries Options.

DC Power Systems & Accessories: Rectifiers , Controllers, 19″ Integrated Shelf With Controller & Distribution Integrated, Diodes, Battery Monitoring Systems, Alarm & Comms Cards and Distribution Panels.


The Latest Updates in Batteries and Battery Charging from REDARC

Matthew Wright from REDARC Electronics discusses batteries, battery charging and the REDARC range of battery chargers and battery management systems.

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