Introducing REDARC’s new bigger, more powerful 50 amp dual battery charger

REDARC is proud to introduce the new, bigger, more powerful 12-volt dual input 50amp In-vehicle battery charger; the BCDC1250D.

The BCDC1250D has been developed to provide a higher current output, it features an additional charging stage known as Soft Start which has been engineered so that it can handle more demanding applications.

REDARC have manufactured In-vehicle battery chargers in Australia for more than 35 years.

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Charging Batteries 18650, 26650, AA, AAA with Regular Charger

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recharging 18650 with home charger.


Suzuki Intruder Motorcycle Battery Charging An Easy Way

Charging the battery w/o having to remove it. Warning: If unfamiliar with electrical safety procedures or equipment. Seek professional assistance.


Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs S7 Edge – Battery Charging Speed Test! (4K)

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs S7 Edge Battery Charging Speed Test! Battery drain test coming up!

S8 vs iPhone 7 Plus Battery DRAIN test –

Tobu – Colors [NCS Release]

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How to Eliminate Battery Charging System Problems

How do you eliminate battery charging system problems? The Delphi Training Series breaks it down for you. For more information on Delphi MaxStart Batteries, visit


Ecotec: Energy Efficient Industrial Battery Chargers Animated Video

This 2 1/2 minute animated video features Ecotec’s industrial battery chargers. This animation highlights the flexibility of the charger, and the communication features. The configurations are demonstrated within the animation. The wireless communications with computers is a very powerful tool for your industrial needs. For more information on this great company, visit their website at If you’re looking for your very own animated marketing video, Suite Imagery is here to help! Our custom-made animated videos offer powerful marketing tools for your company’s products and other offerings.


Xantrex Truecharge Battery Charger to fix battery overcharging problem

RV Doctor Gary Bunzer recommends the tried and tested Xantrex Truecharge battery charger


5 Amazing Ideas for Charging any 12V Battery DIY

5 Amazing Ideas for Charging a 12V Battery DIY

Hi! In this video, I will teach you 5 amazing ideas with which you can charge your 12 volt car or bike batteries.

Case 5 :

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Tips to make power battery chargers yourself in minutes

You can make power battery chargers at home, yourself in minutes with this crazy method. Never buy a battery again, to learn more on how you do it, see the link.


Redmi Note 5 Pro vs MotoRola one power # Speed#internet#battery 100%Drain/charge

0-100% charging time 100-0% discharging time Speed Test gaming test 7 Heavy Graphics Game Play
charging/drain#internet speed test