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Energizer fast-charging after a year. still as good as new.


Cygnett 45W PD Power Bank vs 15″ MacBook Pro | Best Portable Charger

I’ve been looking for a battery bank I could use with my 15″ MacBook Pro however most brands only charge between 18-30W which is too little juice. However, I found a 45W battery bank and wanted to share my test results with you in case you were looking to extend the battery life of your Macs.

Cygnett 45W PD: http://vtudio.com/a/?e=cygnett+45W
Cygnett 60W PD: http://vtudio.com/a/?e=cygnett+60W
MacBook Pro: http://vtudio.com/a/?a=macbook+pro

Usually I get 2-4 hours battery life on my 2018 MacBook Pro depending on how heavy I push it. To get longer battery life I tend to always disable Turbo Boost which makes it run slightly slower but doubles the battery life.

One thing to note about these Macs is that when Turbo Boost is being used the battery drains by 0.2% per minute even with the Official Apple 87W charger is plugged in – make sure you plug it directly into the laptop and not via a USB-C adapter as it drains a lot more through one of those – yes even the official Apple USB-C adapters.

With one of these 45W battery banks plugged in the internal laptop battery still drains by 0.9% per minute when being maxed out but if you’re just using apps normally it does indeed still manage to charge the Mac. For example I had Final Cut playing back a video with the iOS simulator and YouTube open at maximum brightness and it was charging at 0.3% per minute. Which is great.

They are a bit expensive, but they seem to work as described. Something to check out is their new 60W PD power bank – they are a little bigger in size but they’d be even more suited for a higher spec’d 15″ than the 45W.

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[Hindi] How to Keep Smartphone batteries healthier – Tech-Walk | Priyank Gada

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About this article
In this article, we will learn how to keep our smartphone’s batteries healthier and how to deal with problems caused due to battery damage. In my last article, we learned about lithium-ion batteries – https://goo.gl/BiVvb5 and in this video, we will discuss some tips that might help you in taking good care of your smartphone’s battery.

Nowadays, smartphone’s come with batteries that are non-removable and non-replaceable by the user. Batteries are sealed in phone’s body and are expensive as compared to older batteries that we used to have in black-and-white Nokia phones. Thus it is necessary to keep batteries safe.

How to keep smartphone batteries healthier

1. Do not completely discharge phone
Discharging battery completely can mess up with the amount of maximum charge it can hold. Some batteries have sensors in them, which tell the device if the battery is completely charged or discharged. Thus it is recommended to keep some juice in your battery and not to discharge it completely.

2. Use official chargers
People tend to worry a lot about fast charging and other features. Some batteries are to be charged on slower rate as compared to others which are actually designed for fast charging and using un-official chargers that are not provided by the manufacturers can damage your battery and can even cause permanent malfunctions. Thus it is recommended to use official chargers which are provided by the manufacturer in order to keep the batteries safe an

3. Heat is enemy
Usually, phone’s come with overcharging protection and they don’t accept charge once they are completely charged and this prevents heat from generating but heat is an enemy and it is recommended not to use the phone while it is charging to prevent the battery from heating up. Using phones while it’s on the charger can damage the battery and decrease its lifespan.
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how to,how to increase battery life,smartphone,how to get longer battery life,how to improve battery,how to take care of battery,how to keep smartphone battery healthy,how to charge a new phone battery for the first time,smartphone battery,hindi,how to charge your phone,battery life,how to save mobile battery in hindi,how to increase battery life on android in hindi
how to,how to increase battery life,smartphone,how to get longer battery life,how to improve battery,how to take care of battery,how to keep smartphone battery healthy,how to charge a new phone battery for the first time,smartphone battery,hindi,how to charge your phone,battery life,how to save mobile battery in hindi,how to increase battery life on android in hindi

4. Replace batteries if required
Like every other electronic device, batteries usually have a lifespan of 1000 to 2000 charges and after which you might have to replace your batteries in order to keep your gadgets healthier. It is completely normal to replace batteries and it is recommended to do so after its completely used. Replacing batteries can also increase the lifespan of the whole device.


Tips To Save Your Battery For A Long Time

Having Problem Of Battery Shut Down While Playing Your Favorite Game?
Or Watching A Movie….
Maybe These Tricks Could Help To Stay Your Battery For More..


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New iPhone XS MAX is coming! How to save battery life of your new iPhone XR XS

iPhone XS MAX really excites me. I love iPhone and I’m not even Apple fan. But I love the iPhone! I don’t know what it is. While waiting, I want to share three tips to keep your iPhone battery life longer.

This applies for any electronics with a rechargeable battery, but there are three important characters of rechargeable batteries that you need to understand if you want to make it long life without needing repairing.

1. Battery life is relative to the numbers of recharging time, not the duration of charging. In other words, you want to optimize each charging so you don’t increase the number of charging time unnecessarily. If you charge to 0% to 100% every time, hypothetically you will make the least number of charging for your phone, therefore, your phone battery lasts forever (well not really but feels like forever).

2. The battery is under the extream stress when it’s full. So one of the worst thing you could do is have the device always on the charger, so the device keeps being in full charge. You don’t need necessarily avoid making it 100% as long as you start using it and draining the battery as soon as it becomes 100%.

3. The rechargeable batteries also don’t like being 0% or close to it, because it’s also an extream stress for the batteries. Ideally, keep it at minimum 20%. But it’s difficult in real life, so make sure you always have a charger so when it’s low you recharge it. don’t leave it 0% for a long time.

For the reason 2 and 3, it can be said that it’s the best to keep the battery status in between 20% – 80%. But you also want to minimize the number of charging as much as possible.

Theoretically, if you could live with charging your phone once a day, you are doubling its battery life compared to charging twice a day every day.

My super recommended super solution is to buy three or four 2.4 A fast chargers and cables. Have each one in key locations such as a bedroom, office, study, living room etc. where you spend a lot of time every day. So that you always have a charger available so you can decide to charge your phone at best timing according to the above three factors.

Why 2.4 A fast charger? If you use 1.0 A standard charger, it takes more than 8 hours to charge from 0 – 100%! If you have to move from place to place chances are you have to plug in two or even three times to charge in full instead of one time. That’s battery life shortener.

So it’s very convenient and critical to be able to charge your phone in less than 3 hours. each charger is only &10 and if you have to fix iPhone battery, you don’t know how much it would cost.

Plus there is an intangible productivity increase which has thousands of dollars in value at least but not has to worry about battery insufficiency.

Get 3 or 4 of those chargers. You won’t regret it!

Recommended charger

Other iPhone XR XS MAX accessaries
iPhone XR XS MAX



Does overcharging hurt your phone?

The quest for power is eternal. Phones, our tethers to both the virtual and IRL world, almost never have enough juice to last an entire day. Our lives are turning into endless hunts for places to charge. Even charging at home can be difficult, particularly if you share your space with other people and use multiple devices daily. These issues can be solved through planning, though. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/G5RXGs

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Charge your phone in 20 Seconds! Super Capacitor Explained

Battery backup on a smartphone is quite low on a modern smartphone and they also charge very slowly. But what would happen if you could charge your phone in just 20 seconds? That’s true you can charge your phone ultra fast by Super-Capacitor. But What is Super capacitor? In this video, I have explained the supercapacitor so do watch the video till the end.

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Should I charge my phone overnight?

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Charging Battery Overnight | TOP Battery charging Myths – EXPLAINED | Battery Myths

TOP Battery charging Myths – EXPLAINED. Overnight Charging may lead to blast and etc. In this video i have explained you about the battery myths.

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