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If you have Shorai’s LFX Battery then their LFX Battery Charger is a nice thing to own. It’s simple and well put together for a charger; there’s no loose, random chords and alligator clips flopping around everywhere. Basically the charger provides two functions: charge mode and storage mode. Other nice features of the LFX Battery Charger are the retractable hook located on the top of the unit and the 5/7 pin connecter design so that plugging into your battery is hassle free. Investing in your battery can pay off in the long term and if you have Shorai’s LFX Battery, then we can find no better way to take care of it and your bike then with the corresponding battery charger.
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Car Battery Charger and Maintenance

Smartest Battery Charger and Maintenance in the world.
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Black & Decker BDV090 – 6V 12V Battery Charger and Maintainer

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CTEK MXS 10 Battery Charger for lead Acid and AGM Batteries

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