BEST Pokemon GO Battery Bank? // Battery Pack Review

Could this be the BEST Pokemon GO battery bank? Follow me as I go on a 2-mile walk to catch ’em all and see how well I can preserve my battery life!

The ZeroLemon SolarJuice 10000mAh Dual USB Port Portable Solar Battery Charger Outdoor Solar Power Charger is the ULTIMATE battery bank and phone charger for Pokemon GO players!

Battery Bank:
– CA

All-In-One USB Cable:
– UK
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Cross-Body Bag:
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Pokemon Badges:

Music by A Cloud Called Klaus:

DISCLOSURE: I was NOT sent this product for review. I bought it myself on Amazon Prime Day for $9.99, but I would still recommend it at full price!

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Battery Power Bank Chargers | Amazon top 5 review 2018

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▶️ 4. Portable Charger 16750

▶️ 3.Anker Astro E1 5200mAh

▶️ 2.Aibocn Power Bank 10,000mAh External Battery Charger

▶️ 1. Jackery Mini Premium 3350mAh Portable Charger

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DBPOWER 600A Portable Car Battery Charger Review

Review of the DBPOWER 600A Portable Car Battery Charger.


(:Review:) Solar USB Battery Bank ~5000mAh~ Weather Resistant

Get it on amazon:
Get a Better One:
Reviewed Here:
Get A REAL Solar Charger:

~~Video Details~~
If You’re looking for a nice compact solar battery bank you can take backpacking, this one will do nicely. However, a solar cell of this size is simply not powerful enough to be a full solar charger. It will give you one full charge plus 20-60min of phone power a day. The Weather-Proofness is a bit inadequate but will protect somewhat.

I put it to an honest test and have concluded that it performs well for such a small cell.

Most people don’t fully understand that getting useable power for charging out of a single solar cell is no small task. These cells put out maybe a watt and a half on a good day. I tested by putting in direct sun(angled toward the sun) at a point where the sun would clear an obstruction at exactly the same time every day and hit the panel with full sun. total sun time per day was approx 6hrs. After 4 days, I was up to the second power bar. I was originally unimpressed by this.

Then I began depleting back down to 0 power and the point that it would not turn on and charge anything unless pointed directly at the sun. It took over 3 hrs from the second power level, charging a Samsung Galaxy S5 and an Earson BT Speaker both connected streaming netflix.

I further tested by trying to power a phone that would not turn on with the charger that would not stay on unless pointed directly at the sun. I was actually able to make a phone call.

As Far as the Weather Proofness; it is not. While there are rubber flaps to shed water, they don’t seal completely and there are large holed behind the rubber bumpers. See video for more details.

So the conclusion is: This thing is worth taking on a backpacking trip for light daily or emergency use and works well as a Battery Bank, but is not a full blown solar charger. If you want full charging capability you want one of these:

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Dual USB Portable Solar Battery Charger


What’s Inside A Solar Portable Battery Charger?

What is inside these battery packs? How do they work? Are you really getting the charging capacity that is advertised? Watch now as I answer these questions and many more.

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Please watch: “Freight Train VS Penny 🚆”



TP LINK Power Bank TL-PB10400: USB Portable Battery Charger; TP Link Power Bank unboxing and review

Unboxing and review of the portable USB charger TP-Link Power Bank 10400mAh, the best power bank for iPhone and iPad I used so far. Check it out on Amazon:
Amazon US: UK: (see more countries below)

Can you believe it is been 10 months since I bought this Power Bank?! This review was hugely overdue. Before buying my electronics, I research a lot, I read and watch a bunch of reviews myself. When I finally make my decision and buy it, I immediately record videos of my unboxing, but these files very often rest untouched on an external hard drive for quite a time while I use the product and have my personal feeling about it.

Wanna buy it on Amazon? Check my affiliate links:

TP-Link TL-PB10400 (Amazon USA) (Amazon UK) (Amazon Deutschland) (Amazon España) (Amazon France) (Amazon Italia)

Details about the “mAh” numbers and charge efficiency and capacity:

This article in my website:

TL-PB10400: High capacity TP-Link Power Bank

I had plenty of time to use it charging my iPhone and iPad on some trips here in Spain – so nice when you can walk the whole day long not worrying about your devices’ power. You simply charge them on the go. I don’t even put them in my backpack: I keep my iPhone plugged with its lightning cable directly in the power-bank in my pocket… the cable doesn’t bother me, and it remains 100% charged even when I am taking photos like crazy 🙂 My mother also loved it… I had to give my power bank to her and buy me a new one later.

For any USB powered/chargeable mobile device you take with you on a backpack (smartphones, tablets, cameras, gamepads, joysticks, remote-controls), this portable charger is a no brainer: just plug the USB cable. Its hight capacity allows you to keep everything charged on the go – no need to lose time waiting near an outlet anymore.

There is only one thing I can think of that would make this product ever better for iPhone/iPad users: it could have a built-in lightning cord-plug… Just don’t forget to bring your Apple lightning cable with you and there will be no problem.

Once more, this review is not sponsored. My choice, I bought the product myself, my opinions.

You can help me continue making videos when you click my affiliate links and subsequently buy anything on Amazon.

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Written, Performed and Produced by Everson Siqueira

Special Thanks/Credits to:

Jason Farnham
theme song: “Opening Night”
YouTube Audio Library, free music


Cheap Best Car Battery Charger Reviews | Amazing Price 2018!

Cheap Best Car Battery Charger Reviews –
Want To Buy The Best Car Battery Charger ? Watch This Video + Check The Details In The Description Link!
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Best Car Battery Charger


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Cheap Best Car Battery Charger Reviews | Best Price 2018!

Cheap Best Car Battery Charger Reviews –
Want To Buy The Best Car Battery Charger ? Watch This Video + Check The Details In The Description Link!
Get back up to 15% from each purchase on AliExpress (With A CashBack)

Best Car Battery Charger


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Best Car Battery Charger, schumacher battery charger, 12v battery, auto battery charger, solar battery charger, external battery charger, lithium battery, trickle charger, battery recharger, nimh battery ,battery pack,


Anguo A17 10400mAh Power Bank With Flashlight Review

Anguo A17 10400mAh Power Bank With Flashlight

Links for Products In Video

Anguo 10000mAh Power Bank

High-speed-charging,universal compatibility,highly durable,portable power.

Ultra-High Capacity

Enough power to keep you going for days.

Super Compact Cell Phone Battery Power Pack

Easy to hold charger pack in your hand, you can put the mobile charger into your pocket easily.

Superior Quality

So this external battery is half the weight of other power banks yet holds the same capacity.

Universal Charging Compatibility

Charger portable equipped with built-in flashlight and LED battery indicator.

Power bank charger is designed to work with all popular USB powered devices from iPhone to Android phones, tablets, photography gear, Bluetooth speakers, headphones and more.

Battery Bank is suitable for a Wide Range of Occasions 10000mAh capacity yet very portable, making mobile power bank great for a wide range of applications, e.g. parties, BBQs, and outdoor activities like camping, mountain climbing, and picnics.


Capacity: 10000mAh

Input: DC 5V 2A

Output: DC 5V 1A/2.1A


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