capacitance battery charger/ desulfator

How to make your own capacitance battery charger for lead acid, Nicad, and Nimh battery’s.

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iPhone 7 Plus Battery Charging Test (vs iPad Charger) – ChargeGate

#ChargeGate Apple iPhone 7 Plus Battery Charging Test – Standard Charger vs iPad Charger. How much faster does the iPhone 7 Plus Charge using the iPad Charger and WHY is this not included in the box?

Pixel XL vs iPhone 7 Plus vs Galaxy S7 Edge – Battery Charging Speed Test –

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Minnkota Battery Chargers

What should you use beneath the deck


Black & Decker BDV090 – 6V 12V Battery Charger and Maintainer

Battery Charger and Maintainer BLACK&DECKER BDV090-QS.
It works with all 6V and 12V battery types.

***** IN THIS VIDEO *****
– Unboxing and Overview
– Usage


Tip of the Week: Battery Chargers

No two battery chargers are created equal. This week Bill has a looks at some of the chargers available, and which one might be best suited for your purposes.
(This segment originally aired on Motoring TV 2017 Episode #22)
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How to build a Desulfating Capacitive Battery Charger, Complete with Diagram Start to Finish

How to build a Capacitive Battery Charger, Complete with Diagram Start to Finish
How to build a Capacitive Battery Charger. For parts, or to purchase complete units, please call 414-852-7526

In this video I cover how you can build your own capacitive battery charger. These low cost chargers are universal, and can charge a battery bank from 0-170v in size. They also have the properties of Desulfation, and can either reverse, or prevent sulfation build up with regular use.

Build it Yourself Recommended Parts List!
12 Hr Timer:
Multimeter/Volt Meter:
Extension Cord:


Lead–acid Battery desulfation with capacitors no Epsom salt required. Cheap capacitive battery charger using a rectifier and capacitor, which is much more efficient for charging your worn out sulfated batteries. Also great for use as a forklift battery charger at a much much lower cost then purchasing a factory built one for $3,000+


How To Make 12 Volt 30 AMP Battery Charger Transformer Winding Easy At Home. YT-48

12 volt 30 amp transformer winding 150 AH to 300 AH battery charger cum 500VA inverter transformer ( output 120V and 230V AS your required ) , make easy at home .


AGM & gel cell battery charger review.

AGM and gel cell batteries should not be charged with regular battery chargers. Most standard battery chargers will not even start if a battery is completely dead or deeply discharged. I have restored batteries that were completely dead for over 5 years by using different techniques. Never use tap water or any other water in a battery except distilled water. Always use eye protection when handling batteries.


Yuneec Typhoon H Battery Charger Modification.

So I have just finished upgrading my stock Yuneec battery charger (2+ hours to recharge) too now use a balance cable and XT60 cable to charge from my 20A charger.
Simple process. Great results.
Can still use the stock setup if I wish.
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## Edit ##
The order of cables are…
From left to right (power plug to USB plug)
Power Negitive and Balance Negitive (together on large pin)
Cell 1 Positive
Cell 2 Positive
Cell 3 Positive
Cell 4 Positive (On large pin)
Power Positive (On large pin)

The parts I used….


PBM Industrial Battery Chargers

PBM Industrial Battery Chargers, leader nel mercato dei caricabatterie industriali dal 1973.