Charger fills your battery in 30 seconds

StoreDot has developed a prototype phone charger than can charge your phone in half a minute.


Convert Old battery charger to Amplifier in Hindi !!

In this video I am talking about transistor amplifier,convert old battery charger to amplifier,transistor amplifier, I am using a transistor of battery charger and the capacitor is also used from this kid, this battery charger it is of Nokia battery charger, this is like as a mini audio amplifier, by using transistor by the help of this video you can make old charger to audio amplifier, by this video you can learn easily at home and this video of working surely I hope you will like this video,

Convert Broken Remote to Amplifier –

All about Transformer –

Make Old mobile charger to audio amplifier –

Make Old CFl to audio amplifier –

Mic connection in 6283 ic kit —

Old cfl se amplifier banaye —

AUX code L,R,G,M wiring karne sikhe —

CD1619CP ic kit repairing
part-1 –
Part-2 —

G-mail –

About : ER GREAT is a YouTube channel where I am uploading videos about electrical and electronics devices repairing and about electrical and electronics projects.That projects you can get here which you can use in everyday life.Which devices you used that can repair by the help of ER GREAT YouTube channel.





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Gold Body (Louis the Child Remix)


Parrot Anafi Battery Charger Hub in 80 minutes quick short fast time USB PD long 充電 時間 短縮 速 遅

Charger Hub charges Anafi Battery in 80 minutes.
充電ハブで Anafi のバッテリーを 80分で充電できる。
USB-A 5V 300 min … Fuck !!
USB-C PD 110 min … so so
Charger Hub 80 min … Wow !

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Viking battery charger review

Viking battery charger riview


Eliminator Intelligent Car Battery Charger – Not Charging In Cold Temperature


Universal Battery Charger VariCore V10

AliExpress $6.09 :

LiitoKala lii -100 from GearBest: 6.09 :

Samsung ICR18650 – 26FM 3.7V 18650 2600mAh Protected from GearBest $17.33 for 4psc:

PANASONIC NCR18650B 3.7V 3400mAh 18650 Protected from GearBest $7.21 :

Xiaomi Yi Car DVR from GearBest $64.09:

Xiaomi mijia Car DVR Camera from GearBest $72.48 w/Free Shipping:

USB Tester from AliExpress $2.25 :

Plastic Battery Protective Case For 18650 from AliExpress $1.08 :

Plastic Battery Protective Case For AA from AliExpress $0.57 :


Harbor Freight Battery Charger Goes Up In Smoke

My old Chicago Electric battery charger finally burned out and went up in smoke. It gave me over eight solid years of service but now it’s time to pick up one of the new Cen-tech chargers. Thanks for watching.


How to fix battery plugged in charging but not really charging-Windows 10/8/7 (All Laptops)

Tutorial: How to fix a battery plugged in charging but not really charging on Windows 10/8/7 for all Laptop 2019-17. If your laptop battery says/shows battery charging but percentage not increasing/laptop battery charging but really not charging then you need to watch this short tutorial. hope your problem will be fixed. This method is applicable for any kinds of laptop and my case I apply it on windows 10 but you can apply it also to Windows XP/Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10.

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WIRELESS CHARGING – the magical way to charge your phone | తెలుగు లో | Battery Series

“We use many cables to charge our devices like phone, laptops and tables. As we keep using the chargers, the connectors are also fragile. Wireless charging is a magical way of charging your phone. In this video, we will see what wireless charging is and how does it work


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