How to make a 12 Volt car battery charger

Tips and tricks about how to make such a circuit. Be careful with car batteries and other batteries like: Ni-Cad, Ni-MH, Lithium polymer. their energy content is huge, so don’t mishandle or shortcut them and always uses suitable fuses to prevent burn,scorch,fire. Make no electric sparks around a car battery, an open car battery produces H2 and O2, if the battery is not vented and this gas “hangs” around it, it can explode, this explosion can even go into the cell, the plasic battery can burst open in that case. The circuit is only (!) usable for a lead acid (open or closed) battery. Don’t charge Lithium polymer cells with this charger (!!, dangerous).

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Black & Decker Maintenance Battery Chargers // Supercheap Auto

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The ChargeIt range from Black & Decker features some of the most robust battery chargers on the market.

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Lipo Battery Charging and Balancing

Proper care and charging of LiPo batteries is important. This video shows how to charge a typical RC Car LiPo Battery.
An 11.1V, 3 Cell Lipo battery is seen being charged and balanced.
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Olight Universal USB Magnetic Battery Charger

The new Olight Universal USB Magnetic Battery Charger. A great little device to keep all you different battery types charged up and ready to go.

Purchase here direct from Olight. This page lists all the different battery types that the charger is compatible with.


Main Material
Silicon (Cable wrap), rubber (body), aluminium alloy (battery polarity and connection cable)
(L)300mm x(W)8.7mm x(TH)21mm
20.5 g
Black(Cable), Blue(Cable Spliter)
Powered by
Cylinder shaped rechargeable lithium and NiMH batteries
Rated Voltage
4.7V to 5.2V
CC & CV rechargeable lithium batteries
CC-DELTA V NiMH batteries
Red indicator (Blinks 3 times per second) – Standby
Red indicator – Charging
Green indicator (steady) – Charging Completed
Max.Charging Current
Max. Charging Voltage
4.25V for rechargeable lithium battery
1.45V for NiMH battery
Charging Cut-Off Points
When the charging current drops down blow 100mA for re chargeable lithium battery.
Delta V (when the voltage drops after it is fully charged) for NiMH ba


Battery Charger / Power Supply

This is a nice inexpensive down converter that can be used for a power supply or a battery charger.
Check this idea out: You can charge your project battery with this module then simply turn it around and run your project using the converter as the power supply. In this way you can set it to any voltage for the project and add the amount of current limiting you need to be safe. You probably don’t need a fuse on the battery anymore.

ICStations information:
5V-30V 5A Red Current Voltage Display Step Down Module LED Panel

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Code: Dadics

SKU: 2455

Module Properties:Non-isolated step-down module
Rectification:Non-Synchronous Rectification
Input Voltage:5V-30V
Output Voltage:0.8V-29V
Output Current:Max 5A (over 3A to enhance heat dissipation)
Conversion efficiency:95% (the highest)
Switching frequency:300KHz
Output Ripple:50mV (max) 20M Bandwidth
Load Regulation:+/-0.5%
Voltage Regulation:+/-2.5%
Operating Temperature:-40℃ to +85℃
Size:51*26.3*14 (L*W*H)(mm)
Module Name:Current and voltage table
Measurement Accuracy:0.1%
Refresh rate:About 200ms time
Display:Dual 4bits 0.28″ digital tube
Current Range:0A-5A
Voltage range:5V-30V
Operating Current:Less than 15mA
Display Color:Red
Storage Temperature:-10℃ to +65℃
Input impedance:50 milliohms
External dimensions:51*26.3*10mm
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery

When the lithium-ion battery voltage is relatively low, if the direct use of constant voltage charging, the voltage difference due to the larger, leading the charge current is too large, resulting in damage to the battery, so when you want to start using the constant battery current charging, when the charge to a certain extent automatically switches back when the constant voltage charging.

Module above indicated IN-(input negative), IN+(positive input), OUT-(negative output), OUT+(positive output) must be connected to the right, otherwise may cause damage to the module.


“Not All Battery Chargers are Created Equal” by Randy’s Cycle Service @

“Not All Battery Chargers are Created Equal” by Randy’s Cycle Service in central Virginia USA. We restore vintage motorcycles – all makes/models. (No parts or bike sales) Phone or email assistance starting at $25 — go to, “Need Help?”


XC103W 100 Amp Battery Charger with Engine Start from Schumacher

100A ENGINE STARTER | 30A FAST CHARGER | 5A CHARGER | 3A MAINTAINER FOR ADVANCED DIAGNOSTIC TESTING, ENGINE STARTING & CHARGING • Improved clamps • Powerful enough for starting SUVs, trucks and large batteries • Battery and alternator tester ─ Provides charge level and helps diagnose electrical problems. • Digital Display, LED indicators and button controls ─ For ease and accuracy • Float mode monitoring ─ Automatically maintains optimum battery charge • Auto voltage detection ─ 6 or 12 volt • Reverse hook-up protection ─ Charger will not operate if clamps are reversed. • Wrap cleats ─ Provide convenient cord storage


SE50 – 50 Amp Fully Automatic Schumacher Battery Charger

50A ENGINE STARTER/ 10A BOOSTER / 6-2A CHARGER/MAINTAINER FOR ENGINE STARTING, CHARGING & RUGGED USE • Microprocessor controlled ─ automatically adjusts the amperage rate to charge & maintain. Multi-stage charging for added precision, safety and battery life. • Charges 12 volt Standard, AGM and Deep-cycle batteries • Float mode monitoring ─ Automatically maintains optimum battery charge • Reverse hook-up protection ─ Charger will not operate if clamps are reversed. LED indicator will flash. • Energy efficient ─ Meets the highest industry standards


Sony NP-FW50 USB Battery Charger – Nitecore USN1 | Unboxing & Review

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Nitecore UNK1 – Nikon USB Charger

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La Crosse BC-700 Battery Charger Review

My review of the La Crosse Technology BC-700 Battery Charger. Make sure you subscribe, share, like, and comment! Thanks!

La Crosse Technology BC-700 Charger:

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