Explore more with REDARC BCDC In-vehicle battery chargers

Venture out to remote locations and continue to power up your 12V equipment via your auxiliary battery without the need to hook up to AC mains power.

Find the best DC to DC charging solution for your camping, travelling or off-grid needs. Keep all your gadgets and devices fully charged and explore more with a little help from REDARC. Start your journey today, by visiting www.redarcelectronics.com/bcdc


What is a REDARC BCDC and what does it do?

The in-vehicle battery charger, or BCDC, keeps the auxiliary battery charged whilst driving, ensuring your secondary battery is charged to a proven 100% no matter its type or size.

The Dual Input range incorporates a MPPT solar regulator, allowing you to charge from solar panels and blankets, lessening the load on vehicle alternators.

The DC charger uses a multi-stage charging profile to ensure auxiliary batteries are charged to 100%, whereas a Smart Battery Isolator will only ‘top up’ the secondary battery as it
focuses on the state of charge of the primary battery.

In a dual battery setup where one battery is used as a starter battery to operate the vehicle and one as a secondary to run electrical devices, you need a BCDC. It offers greater flexibility for your dual battery setup, not only in terms of correct charging for your specific battery, but also suitability for different alternator types, installation location, and battery size.

To find out more about REDARC’s range of in-vehicle battery chargers visit www.redarc.com.au/battery-chargers

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Common BCDC Tech Tips from REDARC

REDARC answers some common questions from customers about the BCDC range of in-vehicle battery chargers.

00:17 – The BCDC will not start charging because the battery is too flat

01:05 – Common BCDC fault codes explained

01:58 – LED’s and charge profiles

02:56 – Testing for correct voltages

04:13 – Measuring battery voltages with engine running

For more helpful information and technical tips visit www.redarc.com.au/resources

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The difference between a REDARC SBI & BCDC with 4WD NZ

REDARC’s Greg Mitchell meets with Lars Vogel from 4WD New Zealand to explain the differences between a BCDC in-vehicle battery charger and a SBI Smart Battery Isolator.

If you’re wanting to start building your very own dual battery system view the range of battery charging solutions from REDARC at:

Australia: www.redarc.com.au/battery-chargers
New Zealand: www.redarcelectronics.co.nz/battery-chargers


Expedition Overland review the REDARC BCDC

Renowned offroad adventurers Expedition Overland review REDARC’s BCDC In-Vehicle Battery Chargers.

Our dual battery chargers have helped their team traverse some of the largest countries and most extreme conditions, with 100% battery power whether charged from the alternator or via solar.

Discover more about REDARC’s award winning range of DC – DC chargers here:

USA – https://redarcelectronics.com/bcdc

Australia – https://www.redarc.com.au/bcdc


Introducing REDARC’s new bigger, more powerful 50 amp dual battery charger

REDARC is proud to introduce the new, bigger, more powerful 12-volt dual input 50amp In-vehicle battery charger; the BCDC1250D.

The BCDC1250D has been developed to provide a higher current output, it features an additional charging stage known as Soft Start which has been engineered so that it can handle more demanding applications.

REDARC have manufactured In-vehicle battery chargers in Australia for more than 35 years.

For more information, please visit https://www.redarc.com.au/bcdc50


The Latest Updates in Batteries and Battery Charging from REDARC

Matthew Wright from REDARC Electronics discusses batteries, battery charging and the REDARC range of battery chargers and battery management systems.

For more information on the REDARC battery chargers, visit https://www.redarc.com.au/battery-chargers


How to Use the REDARC BCDC Dual Input In-Vehicle Battery Charger

Shaun from 4WD Action reviews the next generation DC to DC In-Vehicle Battery Charger from REDARC.

The REDARC BCDC Charger is designed, built and tested right here in Australia, so you know it’s made to the highest of qualities. Proven to charge your batteries to 100%, this comprehensive in-vehicle battery charger is a must have on your next road trip or free camping adventure.

Discover more at https://www.redarc.com.au/dual-input-25a-in-vehicle-dc-battery-charger


Why You Need the REDARC BCDC In-Vehicle Battery Charger

Leading 4×4 expert Pat Callinan explains the features and benefits of a REDARC BCDC In-Vehicle Battery Charger and outlines the advantages of installing one in your vehicle.

With all the different batteries on the market, you need something that will understand how to optimally charge each one so that you can preserve all your batteries’ longevity.

REDARC have manufactured In-vehicle battery chargers in Australia for more than 35 years.

For more information, please visit https://www.redarc.com.au/battery-chargers/in-vehicle-chargers