Samsung Chromebook – A Smart Chromebook With Six Main Benefits

The new edge in the netbook technology that is already available in the market is the Samsung Series 5 3G Chromebook. Samsung has released the new Samsung Series 5 Chromebook with exciting features to make the forgotten netbook industry alive once again. The newly designed OS of Samsung Series 5 enables the user to access stored functions and features in a cloud system through internet connection. The optimization of Samsung Chromebook primarily targets web usage.

The Advantages of the Samsung Chromebook

  1. The high quality of this unit which looks like more of a laptop has a starting price of $ 429. The shiny and white lid with Chrome and Samsung logos, which include a colorful globe signifying the OS of Google, is very noticeable. These logos add character to the netbook without appearing cheap.
  2. The playful and fresher looks of the Samsung Chromebook are characterized by its round shape. Moreover, the keys that are rounded off are tucked in the keyboard's corner to allow their shape resembles the chassis outline.
  3. Samsung Chromebook has fantastic keyboards that are well spaced and backed up by a sturdy panel. The function keys are replaced with forward, refresh, and backward buttons, together with others used to toggle between windows and enter or exit full-screen mode. Users can also mute the volume, and multimedia keys while using the netbook.
  4. The viewing angles of the 12.1 inches display of Samsung Chromebook housed in a thin bezel equipped with a one megapixel camera are impressive. Users can see the screen clearly from the side, while its matte finish and brightness let them see the screen under direct sunlight.
  5. It contains superb netbook specifications including 2GB of random access memory (RAM), an integrated Intel graphics, and a 1.66GHz Intel Atom N570 central processing unit (CPU). Crashed pages can be isolated by Chrome OS, as well as address problems without closing all the tabs. There is no difficulty in browsing several open tabs, which include Google Calendar, Gmail, content management systems, Scoutmob, and various news stories that are used in composing posts.
  6. The Samsung Chromebook battery has an incredible lifespan that can last for up to 8 hours and 30 minutes.

The Disadvantages of Samsung Chromebook

  1. The whole system is mounted in a rubberized, soft plastic that can be easily mistaken as carbon fiber. The palm rest can be quickly covered with fingerprints after testing it for a few hours. Video Graphics Array (VGA) adapter needs to be used for monitor connection.
  2. It weighs 3.26 pounds which is heavier for a netbook having 12.1 inches screen. But it is still easy to hold with one hand or slide inside a bag for storage.
  3. The track pad of this unit is not great at all. The trouble can be encountered when clicking because the right clicks can be mistaken for the left ones.
  4. The sound of this netbook will get users into slightest trouble. They need to crank the volume to almost maximum under the presence of slight background noise.

The Samsung Chromebook that made its successful way in the computer market compared with other Tablet gadgets, such as iPad is highly recommended for technology savvy people.


Benefits of Electric Lawn Mowers Over Traditional Gas Lawn Mowers

Are you one of those people who are just sick and tired of mowing the lawn with their traditional old lawn mower, and are looking for a better option? Electric lawn mowers are a new alternative that offer many benefits over conventional gasoline powered lawn mowers. Traditional mowers have an engine that runs on gasoline fuel. In contrast, electric mowers are powered by electricity, either directly from a cord that you plug into a socket like any other appliance, or by using a rechargeable battery that fits in the deck of the mower.

Cheaper to Run

While the initial upfront cost of an electric mower can vary and may potentially be more expensive than a gas mower, there are long term cost benefits to be gained. There is no need to buy gasoline fuel or fuel storage containers, and you’ll never have to make a last minute dash in the car to get more gas when your mower runs out of fuel.

Easier to Maintain

When it comes to maintenance, keeping an electric mower running smoothly is a lot simpler than a traditional gas mower. You don’t need to fill or change the oil, or replace spark plugs or air filters – only keep the battery charged as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Many models have a durable non-metal deck casing, which won’t rust over time and can be easily wiped clean as you won’t have any greasy oil or gas stains to remove.

More Lightweight

Most electric mowers are lighter than traditional mowers because they do not have a heavy gas engine or a tank full of fuel. Cordless electric lawn mowers can be heavier than the corded models due to the weight of the battery. Being lightweight and easily manoeuvrable makes electric lawn mowers ideal for use by people who have difficulty pushing a bulky, heavy mower when mowing the lawn.

Safer to Use

There are also health benefits to using an electric mower as opposed to a conventional gas mower. Being relatively lightweight reduces the risk of injuring or straining yourself while pushing or lifting the mower. And because they are powered by electricity, you are no longer breathing in toxic fumes and exhaust every time you mow – now that’s a breath of fresh air! If you opt for a corded model you will need to take care not to trip or mow over the electric cord, or you can avoid this risk altogether by opting for a cordless model that uses a battery instead.

Environmentally Friendly

Finally, electric lawn mowers are much more environmentally friendly than conventional mowers, simply because they do not run an engine that burns gas (fossil fuels). At a rough estimate, an hour of mowing with a gas mower is equivalent to driving 350 miles in terms of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted into the atmosphere! Electric mowers can help to significantly reduce carbon emissions that contribute to global warming.


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The Benefits of an Ergonomic Split Keyboard

This is one of the keyboards that will help you work effectively when doing any kind of work with your computer. This is because it has been designed to make the user as comfortable as possible. After typing for a number of years it's possible for one to begin experiencing pain in the hands or wrist. This is mainly caused by wrong positioning of the wrist when typing on traditional keyboards as was happening before the arrival of the ergonomic split keyboard. The uneven position of the wrist ends up compressing a nerve in the wrist. This results to a painful spasm on the thumb which spreads to the whole arm. This may in turn lead to a condition known as musculoskeletal disorders which brings about carpal tunnel problem. People who suffer from this condition have to undergo treatment which involves some injections. They also have to wear wrist guards. There typing speed is also negatively affected.

These days all these problems can be avoided thanks to manufacturers who today have designed keyboards that are ergonomically good to the users. Examples of such keyboards are the ergonomic split keyboards. These keyboards have been designed in a manner that they can comfortably fit to your hands and fingers as you type and not the opposite. The keyboard has been designed in such a way that it fits to the natural way that your hands and fingers have been made to make them as comfortable as possible. The keyboard is known as split because it has a 'split' subdividing one side with the other.

One of the benefits of the ergonomic keyboard is that the stretching of the hand when typing is totally minimized. You are able to type with the hand in its natural position. The keys in an ergonomic keyboard have also been designed so that as you type you do not have to hard press the keys for you to type. All you need to do is to touch the keys and type. The keyboard also provides for the combination of two or more keys effectively. The ergonomic keyboard will help you work in the best way possible and it may end up helping you to increase your typing speed with time. However this may take some time and one should not be in a hurry to increase on the speed because this is a gradual process that may take some time. These are some of the major benefits that one enjoys when using an ergonomic split keyboard.


Benefits of Electric Cars

Electric cars are the new addition to the automobile industry. With technology taking up a pace in today’s era, the automobile industry has also accentuated to the electric models of the car. Although these are not mostly used today hence hybrid cars are also available which work both with electricity and gas. The biggest advantage of using these cars is that they are entirely eco friendly as the carbon emission from vehicles deteriorates the atmosphere by producing greenhouse gases. So, these cars are an excellent choice for stabilizing the environment. Opting for an electric car also begets government subsidies for being environmental conscious.

The very first question which pops up is that what are actually electric cars? Then, these cars are specially designed and installed with rechargeable batteries for functioning. Here are some points you should consider before buying one:

1. No need of gas:

Electric cars run entirely on the rechargeable batteries. So, saves you from gas requirement. Fuel based cars sometimes are not pocket friendly due to the fluctuating fuel prices but with electric ones there’s no need to rely on the fuel at all.

2. It causes saving:

The fuel costs are reduced and so the money can easily be saved. Additionally, government rewards with incentives for going green which can also help you with savings. Most of the vehicle expenditure is undoubtedly on the fuel and electric cars surely rescues you from it.

3. Zero emissions:

As discussed earlier, the carbon emissions are not only harmful for environment but also hazardous to our health. The carbon is major contributor in deteriorating the ozone layer and hence electric cars are environment friendly. With the use of these cars, you will be contributing to going green.

4. Cost effective:

It is believed that electric cars are expensive and cause a lot on your pockets for the overall maintenance but on the contrary these are wholly cost effective. The mass production of batteries and incentives have lowered down the maintenance of such cars.

5. Low noise pollution:

Electric motors which are used in these cars do not produce any noise and tread smoothly on the road. The noises are not produced even at higher acceleration rates. This is a huge benefit because fuel based cars cause a lot of noise pollution as well.

There’s no need to fret over buying one or not. Electric cars are the new generation cars which are loaded with benefits and you can definitely give one a try.


The Benefits of Backyard Chickens!

The Benefits of Raising Backyard Chickens… ?

So what exactly are the benefits you may ask.


Here is a short list just to name a few.


Insect Control


Little Buddies

So now let’s go into some detail on each one…


First of all let’s get one misconception out of the way first… You do not need a Rooster to have eggs! I have been asked that question many times. Hens are hatched with exactly the amount of eggs (as cells) they are ever going to lay, no rooster needed folks! The amount they lay over their lifetime has already been determined by this. Also, the frequency of which they lay is determined by their breed.

Now if you want to raise chicks from your own flock… then yes you need a Rooster! Check your local city ordinance though, for instance were I live, Roosters are not allowed in the city limits.

Backyard Chicken Eggs(Natural Chicken Eggs) and Industrial Mass Egg Production a comparison.

Read on!

Eggs that you get normally from the grocery store are industrially mass produced. These chickens are kept in rows of small cages called battery cages of up to 8 hens each and they have a short lifespan.

Mass produced eggs nutritional value actually fall short of natural eggs. In a test done by the USDA in 2007, free ranging chicken or backyard chicken eggs contain 1/3 less cholesterol, 1/4 less saturated fat and 3 times more vitamin E than mass produced eggs.

Best of all, Backyard Chicken Eggs taste a heck of a lot better!

Insect Control

Chickens love bugs… period. In my backyard, bugs don’t have a chance if my birds spot em. When they do it is very entertaining to watch to say the least. A bug to them is like a t-bone steak to us steak lovers and a huge salad to you vegetarians out there.

Letting them free range in the backyard for a while everyday won’t kill all the bugs but the Chickens will give it a huge try and insects are protein rich. As a side benefit your backyard chickens will till your yard and the bugs will help with your birds feed bill!

Watch them around your garden though! That tasty head of lettuce will make a fine meal!


Chickens poop… they a poop a lot. That’s just a fact about Chickens. I thoroughly clean my coop once a month or more if need be. It can get rather nasty in there! The good thing about Chicken Manure is you can use it as a fertilizer for your lawn or garden.

Chicken fertilizer is full of nutrients that your garden plants will enjoy especially if your soil is nitrogen deficient. Be careful though Chicken manure can get hot and can cause some kinds of garden plants to wither. So a good idea is to let your chicken manure compost for about 4-6 months.

Little Buddies

The title says it all…

Chickens are entertaining… just sit and watch them for 10 minutes. Honestly though some chickens are going to be friendlier to you than others. Some factors that account for this are their breed, this can determine their temperament, and also how you raise them.

For example my Leghorn “Prissy” (yes, she’s named after the Looney Tune Character), she loves to sit on my shoulder like a parrot, I raised her from a chick.

Now “Bella Boop“, my Light Brahma which I bought from a hatchery out of Texas doesn’t like to be bothered. My other birds like to be petted, she doesn’t. She thunders off (she’s a big bird!) as fast as her legs can carry her. Shes coming around though.

These are just a few of the Benefits of Raising Backyard Chickens can provide. I hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Steve M.


The Benefits of Having Your Own Personal Floor Scales

For any health-conscious individual, the right set of floor scales are a must buy. By owning your own personal set of floor scales, you can regularly weigh yourself in the privacy of your own home and keep that knowledge to yourself. In comparison to a weight-watching scheme where you may find out how much weight you have lost or gained every week, your own set of scales will allow you to react quicker to fluctuations in your weight, meaning you are better placed to combat or to encourage those fluctuations.

Nowadays, floor scales come in two basic forms. There are mechanical, dial-based scales and there are digital scales. One benefit of mechanical scales is that they are not battery operated, as your body weight moves the dial. However, for those of us with bad eyesight, the dial may be difficult to see from a standing position. This is where the digital scales are better, with larger, clearer displays. Digital floor scales are generally more accurate too, often measuring to one or two decimal points depending on the quality of the scale purchased whereas mechanical scales tend to leave a bit more room for interpretation, with the needle fluctuating more easily.

Another benefit of these types of scale is their ease of mobility. With no wires or cables attached (as most are either mechanical or battery-operated), they can be quickly moved from room to room and are generally quite lightweight to carry, making them easy to store. For those who usually keep their scales in the bathroom, these scales tend to be made out of stainless steel, ensuring that they will not rust and are easily cleaned.

Some of the high-end floor scales come with the ability to weigh a child with an adult. This mother/child option can even calculate the child’s weight individually with the simple press of a button. Generally, most of these scales have a maximum capacity of around 200kg. In order to combat the problem of poor eyesight mentioned earlier, some scales on the market come with a detachable periphery display that can be wall-mounted and are attached to the scales via a single cable, making it easier for people to see their weight displayed and decreasing that margin of error. The only problem with this type of scale is that the wall-mounted peripheral display removes any mobility benefits so please bear this in mind when looking at this type of scale.


How Magnetic Locks Work and Their Benefits

Magnetic locks are among the most basic devices that are used by locksmiths when doing their job. If you aspire to become a technician in this field, then it is important to find out how it works, what it does, and the many benefits you can enjoy with its use.

Various Components of Magnetic Locks

Magnetic lock is also popularly referred to as mag lock, which is made up of an armature plate and an electromagnet that is widely used in the locksmith industry. The door opening is installed with a magnet inside of it to prevent any form of tampering with the device. Meanwhile, the armature plate is installed on the door’s face to allow the mechanisms to work together efficiently.

As soon as the magnet is connected to an electrical source, there is a strong magnetic attraction that is built due to that connection. This helps to hold the magnet tight onto the plate that facilitates in a secure locking of the door. There are two ways in which the door lock is powered: 1) the use of a separate battery pack, or 2) the electrical system of the building. It is also possible to use DC power for the magnetic locks, which would require the additional use of a converter unit. There is also the ability to design these locks to become fail safe, which will ensure the door remains unlocked even if there is a power outage. Hence, occupants can exit the building safely even during such cases.

Employment of Electromagnetic Theory

The magnetic locks utilize the concept of electromagnetism for designing this particular device. It employs that principle wherein current is allowed to pass through the wire in order to produce magnetic force. The force that is then produced will provide the strength needed to keep the door from being opened, especially if a specific amount of pressure is applied onto it.

You could also use multiple wires in order to boost the amount of magnetic force that is produced in this process. The rate for magnetic locks are computed basing on the amount of force it can take before the door fails and opens itself up.

Operation of Magnetic Locks

There are several benefits to employing the use of magnetic locks for building security systems. One of them is the fact that it is tamper-proof, which makes it a better and more secure option than traditional lock cylinders. There is also no need to use keys and is tied with an electrical security system.

There are four basic methods of operating this type of lock. The first one is connected through a buzzer and operated manually to release the lock and open the door. The second one requires the use of a keypad system that required numerical code to activate the lock. The third one involves the use of card readers and is commonly used for commercial establishments. And finally, magnetic locks can be operated using fingerprint scanners that limit access into a building. Some more complex systems involve scanning various parts of the body such as the eye, facial features, among other things.


Top Six Benefits of Solar Panels

Global Warming is one of the major concerns of today's world. It is clear to all that a number of factors are responsible for this problem. Fossil fuel is one of those causes, which is the number one source of generating electricity. If you can refrain yourself from using fossil fuel generated electricity, it will be a great psychological relief for you as you are not intensifying the global warming. Now, you may ask a question – "how is it possible?" Yes, it is possible. Just use the power of sunlight, install a solar panel on the roof of your house.

Now, the question is "what is a solar panel?" Simply, a solar panel combines a number of solar cells that absorbs the power of the sun. Also, there is a battery connected to it. Usually, silicon is the main raw material in producing a solar cell. A small cell may generate a very little amount of electricity, but when you assemble them, these small amounts will certainly be larger. A battery stores the electric current. Make connections between the battery and your electronic devices like TV, bulbs, AC, and PC or Laptop. Now, your duty is to make sure that the solar panel is getting enough exposure to sunlight. If everything is okay, just enjoy!

Installing a solar panel on the roof of your house will certainly decrease or even exclude your electric bill. Let's have a look at the benefits you can get from a solar panel:

1. Uninterrupted electric supply, no matter whether the national grid produces adequate amount of electricity or not.

2. Have you ever seen that someone is paying a bill to sun for its light? This is absolutely free.

3. We all know that this is the most Eco-friendly power generation process. So, you are totally free from the guilty feeling of your contribution to the global warming.

4. The value of your property will unduly be increased if you setup a solar panel on the roof of your house.

5. Even, it is possible to earn a handsome income if you can generate a surplus amount and sell them to your neighbors.

6. Finally, you can get a tax exemption from the local government in return for your Eco-friendly attitude.

Now you know how a solar panel works and what are the benefits you can get from it. So, you are going to install it on the roof of your house. Right? You have two options in your hand. Firstly, you can hire a professional who knows everything about the technology. If you hire a professional, you will have to pay for a reasonable amount of money.

So, you can think of the second option ie install by yourself. Undoubtedly, this second option will save your pocket. Solar panel is not so complicated technology as people think. As there are usable solar cells available in the market, you need not know the nuts and bolts of the technology. Firstly, estimate the amount of electricity you need. Secondly, estimate how many panels necessary to generate that amount. Once you do these two steps, you are almost okay. Just go to your local market, bring the estimated number of panels and install them. Oh! Do not forget to take the manual from the producer.


Benefits of a USB Charging Station and What You Need to Know

A USB charging station is a convenient device which can benefit you at the office and at home. It is a high powered desktop device that will make your life easier in a digital world where you have multiple items that need charging at the same time.

Most people these days have a mobile phone, a tablet computer and maybe even other items that require charging via USB. In most instances a family of ours can have up to eight devices that all require USB to charge, as you can imagine this results in a lot of USB adapters and wall plugs to keep everything fully charged and operating at all times.

With a USB charging station you have the ability to charge multiple devices simultaneously. They come with up to four USB ports, all ready to take on your device and charge it to full as and when needed. The station can be used to charge one single device or more devices, all at the same time and with complete convenience and ease.

The main benefit of the USB charging station is that it is neat and compact. You can place it on your desk or on a table in the home and it can help hide unwelcome cables and a volume of wall adapters. When needed, you simply plug the device into the unit to enjoy a charging effect.

Another benefit you will find with these devices is that each of your products that require a USB to charge will have different amp requirements. The USB charging station should recognize what amps are required for each device and then allocate the correct amount to ensure the best charging experience at all times.

Further it should provide you with the ability to save time and energy. With so many devices in the office or home relying on USB to charge, it's easy to lose cables or wall adapters, it can leave you frustrated and spending countless hours searching for cables. With the USB charging station, you can leave it on your desk as it looks neat and smart, it is always there when you need it, simply plug in and allow to charge.
It is quick and easy to use. In addition to it being neat and tidy and giving you the ability to use it in the office or at home, you will find that the simplicity of using this device can save you time on a daily basis without having to read through detailed manuals or trying to find the right charger for the right product.

Always ensure when you purchase an item such as a USB charging station that you only purchase from a reputable supplier that provides quality products from top manufacturers. You need peace of mind when it comes to charging the items you rely on daily, you need to know that they will charge without any damage and to the highest standard.

Shop around for products and compare them against each other to find the ones that are going to meet your particular charging requirements. Whether you have one mobile phone or a number of devices, you need to know that the USB charging station you use is going to provide you with years of use, convenience and ease moving forward.

Focus on quality over price to ensure that you purchase the best of the best. High quality products should come with a good warranty to provide you with peace of mind and give you years of use and enjoyment in the future.