BEST Pokemon GO Battery Bank? // Battery Pack Review

Could this be the BEST Pokemon GO battery bank? Follow me as I go on a 2-mile walk to catch ’em all and see how well I can preserve my battery life!

The ZeroLemon SolarJuice 10000mAh Dual USB Port Portable Solar Battery Charger Outdoor Solar Power Charger is the ULTIMATE battery bank and phone charger for Pokemon GO players!

Battery Bank:
– CA

All-In-One USB Cable:
– UK
– CA

Cross-Body Bag:
– CA
– UK

Pokemon Badges:

Music by A Cloud Called Klaus:

DISCLOSURE: I was NOT sent this product for review. I bought it myself on Amazon Prime Day for $9.99, but I would still recommend it at full price!

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Cygnett 45W PD Power Bank vs 15″ MacBook Pro | Best Portable Charger

I’ve been looking for a battery bank I could use with my 15″ MacBook Pro however most brands only charge between 18-30W which is too little juice. However, I found a 45W battery bank and wanted to share my test results with you in case you were looking to extend the battery life of your Macs.

Cygnett 45W PD:
Cygnett 60W PD:
MacBook Pro:

Usually I get 2-4 hours battery life on my 2018 MacBook Pro depending on how heavy I push it. To get longer battery life I tend to always disable Turbo Boost which makes it run slightly slower but doubles the battery life.

One thing to note about these Macs is that when Turbo Boost is being used the battery drains by 0.2% per minute even with the Official Apple 87W charger is plugged in – make sure you plug it directly into the laptop and not via a USB-C adapter as it drains a lot more through one of those – yes even the official Apple USB-C adapters.

With one of these 45W battery banks plugged in the internal laptop battery still drains by 0.9% per minute when being maxed out but if you’re just using apps normally it does indeed still manage to charge the Mac. For example I had Final Cut playing back a video with the iOS simulator and YouTube open at maximum brightness and it was charging at 0.3% per minute. Which is great.

They are a bit expensive, but they seem to work as described. Something to check out is their new 60W PD power bank – they are a little bigger in size but they’d be even more suited for a higher spec’d 15″ than the 45W.

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Top 10 Best PowerBanks You Should Check Out! Portable Battery for Smartphones, Tabs and alot (2018)

Top 10 Best PowerBanks You Should Check Out! Portable Battery for Smartphones, Tabs and alot (2018)

If you are looking for a super cool and useful powerbank, here is a list of 10 power banks that power your gadgets anywhere and anytime. The powerbanks featured in this video range from a normal smartphone powerbank to a solar charged, a super strong and also super duper powerful and smart bank that can not only give life to your smartphone, but also your LAPTOP, that’s crazy. All of these powerbanks are very well rated and has good reviews online.Power banks are the most important piece of tech these days. We often run out of our smartphone batteries and in such situations, these battery banks are life savers. We thought of listing out 10 of the best Power Banks that are available online at a reasonable price that also have a very good rating.In this video, we listed the top 10 best power banks in 2018. I made this list based on my personal opinion, and i tried to list them based on their price, quality, durability and more.
Don’t you just hate it when your phone dies on you when you need it for something important? I do too. Getting a portable charger can be an easy solution to that.
The power banks i mentioned in this video are all very high quality, and some of them can even charge drones, laptops, cameras etc.
Thank you for watching guys, i hope you liked this video. You can find details about (on Amazon) them from the detail below.

Zendure A8 (26,800mAh) $89
Link :

MIPOW Power Cube 10000S (10050 mAh) $40
Link :

PISEN Ultra Slim (10000mAh) $24
Link :

Anker Astro Slim 2 (4500mAh) $29
Link :

RAVPower iSmart (6700mAh) $14
Link :

RAVPower 22000mAh with iSmart ($41)
Link :

Omnicharge – Super powerful and Smart ($299)
Link :

Anker PowerCore 26800mAh ($61)
Link :

Solar Power Banks:⤵

SOS20K 20,000 mAh Solar – Waterproof, ShockProof ($139) ★★★★★
Link :

Dizaul 5000mAh Solar- Waterproof/Shockproof/Dustproof ($23) ★★★★☆
Link :

AyyieSolar Charger 10000mAh($21) ★★★★☆
Link :

Zendure Ultra-durable Powerbanks (from $47)
Link :

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External Battery Pack Roundup 2016

BeQuiet! Silent Wings 3:

Viivant PB031 5000 mAh:
Aukey PB-T9 16000 mAh:
EasyAcc Monster 20000 mAh:

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External Battery Pack Roundup 2016