NEVER do what I am about to show you! Ultra power – UPSAC 1s lipo charger for whoops

for charing your micro fpv racing drones and tiny whoop batteries there is a fantastic new 1s charger. the UP-S6AC – Super easy to use, great read out and can be powered from the wall OR a lipo. perfect for anyone who loves flying their whoop drones.

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Goggles – Aomway commanders –
Radio – Taranis QX7 –
Props – cyclones 5046C –
Charger – SkyRC Q200 –
Race gates and flags –
Good value beginner drone – Furibee x215 –

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Mic used –
Camera – Cannon 700D
Action camera – GoPro sessions 5


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ISDT Q6 PLUS 300W 14A Product Review

This is the ISDT Q6 Plus 300W 14A MINI Pocket Battery Balance Charger a great and portable , very small lipo battery charger manufactured by the ISDT company in China. ISDT is known for the great quality and technology in their chargers. In this video here in Drones4You channel we will be presenting another great product that is the Q6 PLUS or Q6 PRO that is great charger , small but very powerful.

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Link 2:

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Equipamentos que utilizo:

Monitor CrystalSky:
Canon SL2:

Óculos FPV FatShark Dom HD :
Óculos FPV FatShark Dom V3:
Óculos FPV FatShark Att V4:

Rádio Controle Spektrum DX8 GEN2:

Rádio Controle TARANIS X9D PLUS NOVO MODELO com Pintura personalizada e Gimbals M9 Hall Sensor
Link 1 BG:
Link 2 GB:



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ISDT Smart Charger Pros & Cons After 6 Months of Usage

Purchase link:
This is the video of iSDT smart charger review after using it more than 6 months, so now I can tell you what are the Prows & Cons of this charger and also is it SMART or not ?? After using it such a long period of time I can assure you one thing, that is it’s a value for money product. First talk about the cons it has just a one fixable cons that is firmware, When it first lunched it lunched with a old firmware as a result when you charge a 4S lipo or more than 4S lipo it starts it’s cooling fan for entire time, which was little annoying but it was fixed after the firmware update. So now it is best charger you can get in the market and also it’s smart because upto 95% it performs a fast charge and after 95% it automatically perform a balance charge.
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Ultra Power UP-S6AC 1S Charger

Ultra Power UP-S6AC Charger

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Input Voltage: AC100-240V/DC 7.0V-17.0V
Charger Power: Max.4.35WX6,10%
Charger Current: (0.1-1.0A)X6
Battery Type: Lipo/LiHV
Battery Cell count: 1 Cell
Indication: LCD Display Screen + LED Light
Support Battery Port: Micro,MX,JST,mCPX
Net Weight: 200g
Dimension: 125X78X42mm

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Find out the best 2018 Lipo Charger that I have used all year.
My “go to” charger of choice.

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ISDT Q6 Pro :
ISDT Q6 Plus :
SKY RC D100 10A Bluetooth Dual Charger :
HobbyMate D6 Duo Pro :
XT60 Parallel Charging Board :

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My current favorite 5″ race quad : EMAX HAWK 5
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Economy $50 pair of googles that have two diversity antennas.
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The Hobbymate D6 Duo is a new lipo charger with AC input (plugs into the wall) and DC input (plugs into a bigger battery or power supply). It’s got two channels of 325 watts or 15 amps each. If you’re looking for an AC-capable charger, I think it just might be the best choice for the money.


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