Best Bay Area Bike Shops of 2010

Here are some of my favorite bay area bike shops of 2010. This is not a comprehensive review of their quality of service. This is just a survey of all the shops that kept me coming back for more in 2010.

There are so many great bike shops in the San Francisco Bay Area. In this post, I'm not even profiling some of the all-time greats. For instance, the Missing Link Cooperative. Its store and annex have been institutions in the east bay for years. Likewise, the chain store Mike's Bikes is great in many ways. It carries a nice range of Cannondales, Specialized, and other assorted bikes. Also, they have some great sales: where I got my last 3 bikes. Neverheless, as great as these stores are, they leave room for lots of niches. These niches are filled nicely by the shops I'm about to feature. I love to just visit them every couple of months whenever I need anything or not.

The niches appears to fall into 2 categories: style and function. This is not to say any bike shop is lacking in either of these. However, when I think about what keeps me coming back to a given store it is one or the other these qualities. Regarding style, a reliably new shop is at the top of the list.

Points of Style

That is Public Bikes. The Public Bike shop is actually a chain of stores selling Public Bikes. There are already 2 locations in San Francisco. The shops themselves are very unique and visually interesting. Outside of their surprisingly minimal South Park location, sit some of the trippiest bike racks I've seen. I've only seen these racks one other place: in Palo Alto while researching bike parking and security. I have not used one yet but they are pleasing to my eye. Instead of turning locked bikes into a cluttered pile of metal the way most racks do, they turn them into something pretty. Regardless, they look way cool outside the Public Bike storefront.

The second thing I like about Public Bikes is the hallway when you first enter. It's not full of bike accessories, just wall-mounted magazine racks full of books and magazines, some of which are not directly related to bicycles. This is seriously the hard sell storefront. It feels more like a library at first.

Once inside, you are awarded to a sparse but elegant display of bikes and accessories. Some of the accessories are quite unique. For instance, they have bike helmets disguised as hats. The helmets have textiles wrapped around them to minimize that safety geek look that so many cyclists seem to hate.

The final thing I like about Public is the Public Bike itself. At first glance, it looks like just another sturdy ride bike: large seats, high handlebars, lots of fenders and racks. However, most intriguing to me is the internal shifting that many of these bikes feature. They use Shimano's Nexus internal shifting hub in 3 and 5 speed versions. These are not the lightest bikes but the elegant shifting is very cool.

For style of a different sort, I like to visit Manifesto. It's centrally located in a flat part of Oakland so it is easy to get to by bike. It is also nicely located next to a great espresso bar and a nice assortment of other interesting shops. Perhaps all this is why cyclists tend to congregate here.

Manifesto has an eclectic mix of bikes: from cool commuter bikes (including internal shifting), to fixed gear, to regular road bikes. It also has a nice collection of accessories made out of recycled materials. It's fun to stop, grab some coffee, and have a look around. I just like the whole vibe there.

Finally, in the stylish category Pacific Bicycles in San Francisco. The shop itself is not particularly stylish but they carry some of the most stylish bikes. The Bianchi Pista is a classic fixed gear beauty and this shop has scads of 'em. Just seeing so many Pistas in one spot is a visual pleasure.

Pacific Bicycles also carries scads of Cervélo road bikes. These are beautiful, mostly carbon fiber, bikes and they all look cool. I love their "squoval" and blade shaped frames and find their high contrast graphics and paint jobs to be a visual pleasure. Lifting the carbon ones is a pleasure as well.

That sums up my top 3 bike shops for a stylish shopping experience. What follows are bike shops that are not the least bit lacking in style but have a wealth of functional aspects that have me frequently coming back for more.

Points of Function

First up is Recycle Bicycle in Berkeley. The name says it all. The "pre-owned" nature of their bikes makes their bikes way affordable. Even so, this is no "land of misfit toys". They've got some cool bikes in here.

Perhaps due to their focus on pre-owned bikes, they are also great at thinking creatively about all your existing bike issues. I came in asking what it would take to make an old 10 speed a fixie and theyave me a lot of details that saved me a lot of pain.

Next up on the functional side is Tip Top Bike Shop. First of all, it has a great location. It is in the heart of a major cycling neighborhood in Oakland: The Temescal. This neighborhood is, in turn, located on a major cycling corridor, Telegraph Avenue, which stretches between UC Berkeley and some hip parts of downtown Oakland.

Perhaps its just me and where I bike but when I urgently need supplies or some work done, I consistently find Tip Top to be in the right place with the right stuff. The other day, they replaced my gear cassette while I hung out at a nearby café with my niece and nephew. I was going to schlep over to Mike's Bikes but Tip Top could do it when and where I was already going for pretty much the same price. Love that.

Tip Top also has great gear I can not find anywhere else. In particular, they have Endura bike clothing. Endura is British rain / wind gear. Their jackets blow away anything else I've seen. No one else in town looks to carry it so I love to swing by Tip Top to try on their latest.

Finally, the guys at Tip Top are just very friendly and fun to talk to. I do not feel like they are selling the whole time.

For function of a different sort, I like Bay Area Bikes. Although it also has a great location near downtown Oakland and a great bunch of guys doing sales and service, the thing about it that really stands out is its selection of folding bikes, particularly Dahon.

Folding is a big deal. It dramatically expands where you can use a bike. You can fly with it and ride off from the airport. You can park it under your desk at work. Best of all, you can take it on the metro at rush hour.

As of this writing many metro systems will not let you take your bike on the train during rush hour periods: the exact time when they should be helping people get out of their cars and on their bikes. Folding bikes are the exception. Hopefully, metros will fully recognize their symbiotic relationship with the bicycle and let them on their trains at all times of the day. Until then, folding bikes are a great solution.

Folding bikes also have the advantage of providing all the fenders, racks, and high handlebars you find on any commuter bike but with a lot less weight. What's more, folding bikes are getting pretty stylish. Dahon's Speed ​​Pro TT is pretty cool and fast looking. I saw one at Bay Area Bikes but it did not stay there long. I want to take one for a spin if they get one in again.

Last but not least, is Wheels of Justice. This place wins lots of points for both style and function. On the functional side, it's tough to find any bike shops up in the east bay hills except for Wheels of Justice. The hills are where both road and mountain bikers spend a lot of time so it is great not having to schlep all the way down the hill to get something.

For parents, the place has one of the best selections I've seen of bikes for little kids. Neverheless, it also has a great selection of supplies and unique accessories for all bikes.

I found my Ergon pack at Wheels of Justice. I had not seen anything like it anywhere before nor have I since. These Ergon packs have straps that are mounted on a U-joint. The pack is also incredibly water-resistant. You can not dive with it but you can stand in the shower with it. Between that and the unique strap suspension system, no other bike pack comes close. When I needed to adjust the fit, Wheels of Justice was great about ordering parts and installing them at no charge.

Although the cool products, location and customer service are great at Wheels of Justice, what I like about this shop are the people who work there. It's their personal style that I find pleasing and useful.

First of all, there's Justice Baxter, the owner, who is super cool. I asked someone about the name and all I was told is "his parents were hippies". Fair enough. Anyways, Justice solicits more customer feedback than any shop owner I've seen. He's constantly using facebook to survey what his customers want most from his store.

If that were not enough, the store regularly hosts "customer appreciation parties", group rides, and bicycle lessons of all types. Sometimes, it feels more like a club than a store. That is my favorite kind of bike shop.

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How to Choose the Bike Rear Lights

As we can see, bike lighting makes the bike not just a means of transportation, but also a significant part of the image in the dark. Except for the aesthetic function, bright bikes are easier to be seen at night, which means more safety for bicycles and bicycle owners. Whatever it was, a complete set of bike lighting devices can not do without a powerful rear light, because this lighting system makes it possible to focus the attention of the traffic on the secure area around the bike. So, how to choose a rear light for your bike?

How to Choose the Bike Rear Lights

Typically, lights for bicycles should have weatherproof housing. And other important performance indicators are as follows.

Firstly, the light source had better be LED lighting. The rear lights with LEDs are more reliable and capable to work for a longer time than, for example, halogen lights. They also have the ability to reproduce a moderate or strong light. Moreover, LED lights are at low power.

Secondly, lumens, the determining unit of luminous flux, is another thing we should take into account as well as. It characterizes the intensity of light and measures it at the same distance from the object.

Finally, it would be a very good option if there are multiple modes. This will greatly save battery power to continue the work without recharging.


If you are badly in need of this, I would recommend you the 3-in-1 bicycle wireless rear light. It is a smart device with intelligent sound and anti-theft alarm. In addition, with IPX5 waterproof housing, COB light source, and 800mAh lithium battery, it gets a long lifetime and supports longtime continuously working. And it has 3 modes for adjustment, which is really energy-saving and provides more convenience for users. Moreover, this novelty supports remote control and USB charging. This undoubtedly provides more convenience in finding your own one among the large quantities of bikes at the parking lot. And the USB charging makes it no need of battery replacement.


The rear light is an essential thing that helps to ensure the safety of cycling at night, especially in the city traffic. Powerful rear lights will help to feel comfortable at all intercity roads. To install bicycle lights, you may need simple mounting, soldering skills, patience, and the necessary tools. With these, you may not feel difficult during the whole installation.

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Xiaomi MiJia QiCycle Folding Electric Bike, a Great Option for the City

As we can see, Xiaomi, a Chinese company specializing in the release of Xiaomi smartphones, is stepping up the pace with the incredible number of devices for smart home and lifestyle. Not long ago, Xiaomi released a smart folding bike called Xiaomi MiJia QiCycle Folding Electric Bike, which is claimed the first intelligent bicycle.

That’s one of the freshest novelties from China, providing a fast way to get around the city. As the name suggests, the Xiaomi MiJia QiCycle is foldable and electric. And it seems to be very compact, as the manufacturer insists that when folded, the bike can be small enough to fit into the trunk of most cars.

Simple and Compact Body Design

Firstly, let’s take a look at the body design. Its frame and front fork are made of aluminum via forged processing. The entire part is forged and molded integrally. And the overall design is also very simple. And the whole bike weighs 14.5 kilograms. That is quite tolerant, although it is not the smallest weight.

This folding bike adopts 16-inch small wheel set, which provides a high degree of flexibility for riding. By the way, it might be less fit at the very beginning for those who are accustomed to large-diameter wheel bikes. In the main beam, there integrates the headlights and rear lights. It looks a full sense of design.

With the adjustable seat design, users can adjust the seat height according to their heights. And the seat tube has been given with height scale for different users. This design is simple but saves users from the trouble of repeated testing.

The frosted handlebar grips provide comfortable hand feeling. On the left handlebar, there is a little bell. Although it is a small design, for actual ride, that would be very useful. While on the left handlebar, there is a trip computer. The rider can view the time, distance, speed, power and other data at any time.


The bike is powered by a 250W 36V motor which gets its juice from 20 Panasonic 18650 batteries providing 2900mAh each. The entire battery is built in the main frame beam. The drawer-type and detachable design supports battery replacing and independent charge, which is convenient for users to charge. And on the whole, it works very well.


Size (after folding): 1000mm*450mm*650mm

Size (before folding): 1247mm*556mm*928mm

Frame material: Aluminum Alloy

Front fork: Aluminum Alloy

Dental plate: 52T*170mm

Seat tube: 33.9*580mm Aluminum

Drum: Shimano

Weight: 14.5kg

Wheel size: 16 inches

Wheel rim: 1250mm

Rated motor power: 250W

Motor maximum speed: 20km/h

Bluetooth: 4.0


Xiaomi MiJia QiCycle Folding Electric Bike is a great option for the city. It is not very big, and with smart features.


Top 5 Best Cheap Electric Bike Chargers Five Fast Facts

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How to Charge 12volt Bike Battery with 5volt Mobile Phone Charger

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