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How to Charge 12 volt Bike Battery with 5 volt Mobile Phone Charger

how to charge 12 volt bike battery with 5 volt mobile phone charger /adjustable power supply /

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1) 5v mobile phone charger

2) voltage boost converter module


Bike ki battery change karane se phele ye video dekhe le,battery repair all solution,charger repair

In this video we learn about the working of bike charger how it works and charge the battery

dosto hum sab bike ki battery ko change karwa late hai par kai baar aisa bhi hota hai battery tab bhi kaam nahi karti hai iske peche ki ek wajah hai ki Jo bike mein charger reheta hai WO kharab ho jata hai aur battery charge nahi hoti hai


Electric bike banggood motor and charger for 24 V lead acid battery final video(s)

Final video’s about the bike, “electrified” with a 24 Volt 250 watt (Banggood China) motor & the charger that charges the 24 Volt (18 Ah) battery, made with two 12 Volt (18 Ah) lead acid batteries (closed types, maintainance free) in series.

The bike worked very properly with that 24 V motor, I biked 8 kilometers without any problem (say 15-20 km/hour), the battery surely will last for (say) 16 km or even 24 or more km because I don’t switched the motor on constantly.

Earlier video’s:

Electric bicycle part one 16 May 2019 https://youtu.be/MDXekW1NvR8

Electric bicycle part two 21 May 2019 https://youtu.be/3QAdK6u_sRk

24 VOLT lead acid battery charger part one https://youtu.be/Ln3QT5E2mtI

24 VOLT lead acid batter charger part two https://youtu.be/0kjf21hikvc

The charger proved to give out (only) 750 mA in practice, anyway, it means a somewhat longer time (say 24 hours) when charging a completely depleted lead acid battery in this case (20 Ah).

The 24 V transformer (bought as a 2 Ampère type) got hot on its metal core, even with 750 mA continiuous charging.

So a ventilator will be mounted in the future. A 5 Amp Silicon diode (voltage drop say 0,8 V) was mounted at the output (+ line) to the battery, to prevent discharge of the battery “over” the charger, when the charger is switched off from the mains (here 230 V- 50 Hz).

All the circuits of which I am talking here are on my YT channel: Darlington, universal Darlington, battery chargers, etc. So I don’t give the schematics now, because they were already published many times.

All the videos hat I have published on You Tube can be found via my Channel Trailer: Link is

In thematic order you can find these video’s under the “comments” section.
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There is an important video via which you can buy a document where I give links to many of my video’s, published between 2010 and 2018.

Link is: https://youtu.be/XXRsA24NUE0

My books are also available via Barnes and Noble and via Amazon.
Regarding all my video’s: I constantly keep them actual, so the original video’s with the most recent information are always on YouTube. That is the source, and search there. When my video’s are reproduced or re-edited on other websites/channels you can not (!) be sure about the original content (=really working electronics) and important adaptations to the circuits.

Be aware of that, I saw on the internet my circuits reproduced in a poor or even not proper way. I can not help that, sorry. Upload 31 May 2019.

nb: watch my earlier video’s. Never use this charger to charge Lithium cells of any kind, Lithium polymer etc, they can explode and or take fire and or cause fire in your home. 31 May 2019.


how to repair smps charger? how to repair rickshaw charger? how to repair bike charger? electronics

if you want to repair your rickshaw charger you can watch this video. you can get knowledge for rearing your charger


bike mobile charger kaise lagaye | bike me charger kaise banaye |Technical Rahim |Rahim Mansuri

bike mobile charger kaise lagaye | bike me charger kaise banaye |Technical Rahim |Rahim Pinjari

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Running Your Pit Bike Engine For the Very First Time!

This article concerns everyone who just bought a pit bike online and are wondering what to do after assembling it!

Most manufacturer manuals and other sources will tell you the same thing about running the engine for the very first time:

Do not run your bike at more than two thirds of its full throttle and avoid high rpm’s during the first two hours of running. Often you are advised to drain the oil AFTER these two hours and use quality semi synthetic 10W40 4-stroke engine oil.

Because I just got myself a two new ssr pit bikes , I was browsing a very reputable pit bike forum (pitbikeclub.co.uk) looking for some info on assembly and breaking in and I stumbled upon some VERY valuable info. This article is a short summary of a newsletter article I found written by Motoman. Motoman is a very experienced superbike tuner who has his own newsletter (Power News Magazine).

This article “Break-In Secrets” is very controversial.

“Links to this article now appear on hundreds of motorsports discussion forums from all over the world. The reason is that over time, large numbers of people have done a direct comparison between my method and theowner’s manual method, and the news of their success is spreading rapidly.”

“The results are always the same… a dramatic increase in power at all RPMs. In addition, many professional mechanics have disassembled engines that have used this method, to find that the condition of the engine is much better than when the owner’s manual break-in method has been used.The thing that makes his page so controversial is that there have been many other break-in articles written in the past which will contradict what has been written here.”

Motoman wrote “break-In Secrets” after successfully applying this method to approximately 300 new engines, all with great results and no problems whatsoever. So I advise you to consider his advice!

According to Motoman, by just following the instructions from the manufacturer, you risk a permanent loss in power of about 2 to 10 percent. The direct result from a too gentle break-in will be leaky piston rings. This will allow pressure to blow by into the crankcase on acceleration, and to suck up oil into the combustion chamber on deceleration. In other words: loss in power and permanent contamination of the engine oil. The only solution to a bad break in will be: re-honing the cylinders, installing new piston rings and starting over again. In other words..you will have to take the engine apart!

You only get ONE chance to break in your engine correctly! I will explain you why and how.

Correctly breaking in your engine is all about the piston ring seal. A correct break in will result in a better fit of the piston ring against the cylinder surface. This will prevent leaky pistons. New rings  must be worn in quite a bit in order to seal all around the bore. If the gas pressure is strong enough during the first miles of operation (open that throttle!), then the entire ring will wear into the cylinder surface, to seal the combustion pressure as well as possible.

So what is the problem with a too easy break in?

The honed crosshatch pattern in the cylinder bore acts like a file to allow the rings to wear. The rings quickly wear down the “peaks” of this roughness, regardless of how hard the engine is run.There’s a very small window of opportunity to get the rings to seal really well … the first 20 miles! If the rings aren’t forced against the walls soon enough, they’ll use up the roughness before they fully seat. Once that happens there is no solution but to re hone the cylinders, install new rings and start over again.

SO…the best advice i found about breaking in your engine is

1)Run it hard! (for specific methods: breaking in on a dyno, on the streets or on the racetrack…check Motomans 14 page article!

2)DONT use synthestic oil! Refresh your oil immediately when receive the bike, BEFORE breaking in, as you cannot be sure about its quality. Use Valvoline, Halvoline, or similar 10W40 petroleum CAR OIL. Cange oil and oil filter after first 20 miles!! After two days of hard racing you can change to your favorite brand.  Check the article to find out why.

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Mileage: 70 to 80 km per charge
Break: front disc & rear power drum
Wheel: Alloy
Motor: 48/60/72V compatible 250W
Battery: 60V 25Ah
* Anti theft alarm
* Key less entry
* Back rest
Speedometer: Digital
Warranty: 1 year
Headlight: Dual
Side light: Led
* T&C Apply
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Dear All ,
Electric Vehicle(E-Bikes) are expensive and need to be taken care very well.
The Vehicle Chargers are very important companion of the EVs.
It fills the fuels in your EVs, it is the life line of your EVs, So Chargers must be respected very well, because without a good Charger your e-bike is down. Is not it? Actually it is.
Unfortunately many of the E-Bike Charger being supplied with e-bikes or available in the market are not doing justice with your expensive Electric Vehicle.
Guys you are paying thick money for EVs but your Charger is making your expensive Vehicle down.
You know why, because many of us are not at all respecting the e-bike Chargers and always hunting for low cost, poorly designed chargers.
Hey Guys, come on, when you are paying so much money for the e-bike, I am sure you will be happy to own good Charger provided you the robust, reliable and efficient e-bike charge, Right…
So No worries Now,
We are from “Dream Electric Bike” offer you The “Power Nucleus E-Bike Charger” : The True Companion of your E-Bikes.
Trust me it will never let your EV down.
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Open:10am, Close: 08pm, Everyday.
We Sale/Repair all types of ELECTRIC BIKE, SCOOTY & CYCLE.
dreamelectricbike@gmail.com Watch “dream electric bike” on YouTube/facebook
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For E-Bike & E-Rikshow Battery, Charger, Booster, Electric Conversion-Kit, Contact Mr. Dey: 9088880000, 9088882222.


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How to Build an Electric Bike

Today, most of us own a bike. They are fun to ride and faster than going for a walk. Bikes do not pollute the environment and are effective for moving from one place to another. Kids enjoy riding them and it is very entertaining to teach youngsters how to ride a bike. Bikes are highly beneficial and exist in mobile and non-mobile versions to help exercise and keep in shape. Employers are adding showers in their buildings so that commuters can go to work by bike and then take a shower to get ready for work, save gas and help reduce traffic pollution.

Riding a bike contributes to a whole range of benefits from better health to lower cost. However, it is understood that riding a bike to work or for shopping takes more time than driving a car. Bike fans have found a solution! The solution is an electric bike. They are more expensive to buy and commercial ones do not have very much power according to some bike fans. What if you could build your own? There are many online sites and information on how to build an electric bike.

An electric bike is still beneficial as you still have to pedal but it is not noisy, does not use gas or oil and does not need a lot of maintenance. The electric bike can be used on short trips when driving a car does not make a lot of sense or on long trips for recreation. Riding an electric bike is an amazing mode of transportation, particularly in large cities with limited and expensive parking spaces and traffic congestion.

Research some of the interesting web sites to learn how to build an electric bike. It is not easy task and is very time consuming but if people are handy, find the right parts and tools, they can complete the task successfully. Most of all, you need a regular bike to convert it to electric. You need some major parts first: a motor, a motor controller, batteries, a throttle and a chain for linking the motor to the wheel or pedals. Other parts are needed for the task: metal plate to attach the motor to the bike, a master link, a rear rack for the batteries, a single and a multi-speed chain and connectors and clamps. The compatibility of the parts is important. Individuals should select a web site that provides instructions and pictures. The idea is to put together the motor with the controller and the batteries, test it to see if it works and then attach to the bike.

An electric bike allows for healthier living and more time outside in the environment. It is recreational and there is no air pollution. It may not be easy for everyone to build an electric bike. However, if you search online, you will be able to find many instructions and pictures on how to build an electric bike.

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