Minnesota’s 100% RPS bill moves forward to Senate

Source: https://www.solarpowerworldonline.com/2019/04/minnesotas-100-percent-rps-bill-moves-to-senate/


How to Lower Your Phone Bill

Carefully read your phone bill each month.

Handle your phone service as you would any other major purchase. Review your monthly phone bills as closely as you would your monthly bank statements and credit cards.

Ask yourself these questions as you look at your phone bills:

  • Do I recognize the names of all the companies listed on my bill?
  • What services were provided by the companies listed?
  • Are there any unauthorized charges for calls and/or services I did not place?
  • Are the rates on the bill the same as what the phone company quoted me?

Keep in mind that sometimes a call or service listed on your bill may be unclear. If you don’t recognize the call or service listed, call the company who listed the charge and have them explain what services you are being charges before paying the bill.

Small, inaccurate charges for phone-related services add up quickly over time. Make sure you understand what service was provided for even the smallest of charges. Many times crammers sneak a $2 or $3 charge to thousands of customers without being detected.

Keep a file with the records of the phone services you have authorized and used – including calls placed to 900 numbers and other phone information services (i.e.,411=information, *69=last call that rang to your house before you picked up). These records will come in handy when an unrecognized line item charge is listed on your bill.

Carefully review all promotional materials and forms (fine print included) before signing up for a phone service.

Be wise and shop around because the telecommunications business is extremely competitive.

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How You Can Use a Solar Generator to Save on Your Power Bill – And Conserve Our Planet

Who does not enjoy walking or basking in the warmth of the sun on a fine spring or summer day? Why not hatred the sun's heat and light that we enjoy so much for some of the other energy needs we have? The sun is an endless supply of free energy and yet we seem to ignore it as an available source. Given that non-renewable sources of energy are being dramatically depleted and with the cost of this energy ever-increasing in price, solar energy seems to be a logical solution to sourcing economic renewable power that is environmentally friendly.

How can solar energy be used?

There are many uses for solar energy and it is especially beneficial in today's times of energy crises.

Some of these uses include:

• Cooking: A cooking utensil known as a solar cooker uses solar energy for cooking. It only uses the light from the sun as an energy source. They can provided food quantities in a meal for one to five people, and can roast or bake as well boil food. The only drawback is when using the solar cooker the time frames involved are longer.

• Providing power: Using a solar generator it is possible to convert solar energy and store it, so that there is a continuous supply of power to use. All electrical appliances can run from a generator and power is available at night due to power being stored in cells.

• Providing heat: Using solar energy heating systems, you can provide sufficient heat for your home and save on power bills or completely eliminate them over a period of 3-5 years.

What is a solar generator and how does it work?

A solar generator is an independent mechanical device that does two things; it converges the sun's light into electrical energy and stores this energy for use when the sun is not shining. This light energy is captured and converted using solar cells, called photovoltaic cells, into electrical energy, which can be used or stored. An advantage of this unit is that it contains storage cells that enable power to be available when the sun is clouded over. A solar generator is the silver lining on a cloudy day.

What are some other advantages of using a solar generator?

Easy to maintain: A solar generator requires very little effort to maintain, so that you spend very little time and energy on keeping it working well.

Easy on the budget: The solar generator converts free energy into a usable power source, saving fuel costs. After the initial set-up costs have been recouped, the solar generator produces free power.

Easy source of "rainy day" energy: The solar generator can store energy in the event that there is little sunlight to be converted. This means that there is an uninterrupted power supply available to your home on a daily basis.

Easy on the environment: A solar generator works for the environment in two ways, it produces no pollution to further jeopardize the current planet's position and it does not further deplete the earth's non-renewable resources. A user can safely use this source of energy without creating further negative impact on their local and more broadly their global environment.

From an economic and environmental point of view, solar energy is a realistic alternative source of energy not reliant on limited local and national resources and puts the control back into the hands of the people. A solar generator is well within the reach of anyone keen to contribute to helping our planet and at that same time cutting their own energy costs dramatically. Some people have been able to produce sufficient energy to help boost local supplies as well as for their own use.


How To Build a portable solar battery charger for your Aliner Ranger , Boat, RV. DIY

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How To DIY Solar Battery Charger

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How To DIY Solar Battery Charger

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