GoPro Dual Camera Battery Charger & Battery for HERO 7 Black, HERO 6, 5 & Hero 2018

Watch my review on GoPro Dual Camera Battery Charger & Battery for HERO 7 Black, HERO 6, 5 and Hero 2018.

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GoPro Battery charger:

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MIBOTE Rechargeable Battery 3 Pack x 1500mAh and Triple Charger for GoPro Hero 5 Black

MIBOTE Rechargeable Battery 3 Pack x 1500mAh and Triple Charger for GoPro Hero 5 Black
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Compatible with Hero5/Hero6/Hero7 Black and Hero 2018 Firmware v02.51, v02.00, v01.57 and All Future Firmware Updates.
Convenient charge 3 packs Hero5/Hero6/Hero 2018 batteries simultaneously with this upgraded premium triple battery charger.
Each battery rated at 3.85V, 1500mAh high capacity, make your GoPro Hero5/Hero6 Black and Hero 2018 last longer.
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery with premium cells for longer battery life with no memory effect, protect your camera well.
Come with 3 packs 1500mAh battery, triple charger, USB cord, user manual and 90-day Money Back & 1-Year Warranty.

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Black and Decker TRO480BS Review

The Black and Decker TRO480BS is a very popular budget-priced toaster oven in the world of kitchen appliances. It is a compact, 4-slicer with everything you need in the world of toasters.

Here is a general overview of the Black and Decker TRO480BS;

  • Dimensions – 18.1 x 13.3 inches; 9.6 pounds
  • Weight – 10 pounds
  • Functions – Bake, broil, bagel, toast, and keep-warm
  • Timer – Built-in 30 minute timer
  • Additional Features – Slide-out crumb tray, baking pan

The first thing that stood out to me was the sleek stainless steel and black exterior, which really makes it look great along my other kitchen appliances. The handle is securely attached to the glass door, so it will not come unattached and fall off – a common complaint with other toaster ovens. The door is slightly bowed in the center; I suppose this is to help fit a pizza or other just shaped item inside. The toaster oven itself looks sturdy and well built and feels like it will stand up well; no complaints here.

The wire shelf is reversible, and if you turn it a certain way, you can slide the included baking tray under it so that it catches any drippings from the food. If any drippings or messes do occur, the trays all come out, making it easy to clean down with a wet rag. The included cord is shorter than most other toaster ovens, but I find this to be a positive, as with some other models I've found that the cord just gets in the way. It is long enough that you can pull the toaster oven out and clean behind it without unplugging it, though. Also, there are longer cords on the market if you do require one.

One of my favorite things about the Black and Decker TRO480BS is that it's the perfect size to bake an 8-inch mini pizza. I taught my son how to use the toaster oven safely and those little pizzas have become an after-school favorite. It seriously makes the perfect pizza; nicely cooked and since it heats heats up inside quickly, you do not have to wait long for your food to start cooking. It also works great for bagels and toast; it toasts very evenly and I've never had it burn anything as long as I kept an eye on it.

I should note, however, that the outside of the unit does tend to get pretty hot, but this is standard with most toaster ovens. It does not get overly hot, so as long as you keep your hands and plastic objects away from it, you should not have anything to worry about.

Is the Black and Decker TRO480BS Worth the Price?

In my opinion, absolutely! There's no wonder this model is so popular; it's very well made and comes with features that stand out from others at its price point. If you are not in need of a convection oven, this is a great little unit that will definitely suit your needs.


GoPro Hero 5 Black Batteries & Charging [4/30]

Charging your GoPro Hero 5 is easy, but battery life can be disappointing. You might want to invest in extra batteries or a GoPro Power Pack. Let’s discuss on day 4 of 30 Days of GoPro!

Be sure to check out video number 1 for the link to my GoPro Settings Cheat Sheet!

Watch the kick-off video here:



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NITECORE UM4 Intelligent USB Battery Charger – Black

#FlashSale😋NITECORE UM4 Intelligent USB Battery Charger

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AmazonBasics One Port USB Wall Charger 2 4 Amp Black 2 Pack

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Product Name : AmazonBasics One-Port USB Wall Charger (2.4 Amp) – Black (2-Pack)

Product Description :

1-port 12-watt USB wall charger (2-pack) great for charging phones, tablets, and other devices

Built-in device detection; USB port can provide up to 2.4 amps of power (does not support Quick Charge; devices equipped with Quick Charge will charge at normal speed)

Internal safety switch for ultimate protection; automatic shutoff; energy efficient

Lightweight and compact for convenient portability; charging cable not included; black

Backed by the AmazonBasics 1-year limited warranty

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Yukuma Portable Power Bank World's Fastest Recharge 30 Minutes 10000 mAH – Black

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YUKUMA — is a group of companies, engaged in development and implementation of fast charging systems for consumer products and innovative battery cells with special nano-materials. Driven by German engineer and inventor and international management team, reached the real technological breakthrough in batteries technologies and fast charging systems.

Yukuma solutions are not only the battery cell itself but whole charging solution for different kind of products, including cells, packs, BMS, cables, connectors, chargers, software and hardware. Our mission — to change the world of consumer products and EVs. Many companies and universities are working on fast charging technologies today, but only Yukuma is ready to provide ready-for-implementation end to end solution. Yukuma power bank patented technology allows fully charge in ONLY THIRTY MINUTES! We dare you to find one of the big external battery companies who have anything close. LED light status will show you how much charge the battery has left so you do not have to guess.

– FASTEST RECHARGE IN THE WORLD – Most Power Banks Take 10-15 hours to recharge. Top selling ones on Amazon are “proud” that theirs can recharge in “as fast as 6 hours.” Our powerbank takes ONLY 30 MINUTES to recharge! Its 10 times faster than the competition!

– SIMULTANEOUS CHARGING – Two USB ports allow you to charge your phone at the same time as your tablet, digital camera, GPS device, portable gaming system, Bluetooth speaker, mp3 player, iPad, iPod, and more. Or use the extra port as a nice way to meet people, by becoming their savior from a dead battery! Just make sure to invite us to the wedding.

– TRAVELERS BEST FRIEND – Whether you are an adventure traveler, love to go camping, go on airplanes without charging ports, or are just away from an outlet a lot, you no longer have to stress about your battery running out. This charger will recharge your phone up to 3 times or more and charges your devices faster than an outlet anyway.

– FESTIVAL AND CONCERT READY – Whether you’re at EDC, Ultra, Tomorrowland, Coachella, or any other EDM or music festival, you know your phone battery dies quickly due to the big crowd. Just slip your Yukuma powerbank in your hydration backpack or fanny pack and dance until your legs fall off with the peace of mind you’ll have a fully charged phone when its time to call the Uber for a ride home.

– SIZE MATTERS – Only 160 mm tall, and weighs less than 1 pound, this battery charger will fit in your pocket, purse, backpack, fanny pack, travel bag, carryon, and more. Free yourself from the wall outlet already and get the most innovative and advanced power bank on the market!

– NINE PROTECTION LEVELS. Safe for you and your device. A smart system of fast charging identification; Electrostatic protection; Short circuit protection; Temperature deviation protection; Software malfunction and hardware short protection; Input overcurrent and overcharge protection; Output overcurrent protection; Dual output overvoltage protection; Battery over-discharge protection.


GEARBEST – Liitokala Lii – 500 LCD Battery Charger – Black Bare Charger

A great idea to sell this charger without a power supply, making the price more accesible. If you plan on buying this item, chances are very high you already have a 12V spare power supply around the house, from an old broken router or whatnot. The charger itself is brilliant, measuring the capacity for charging the battery, but more importanly for discharging it, as that is the real capacity one will be using from a lithium battery. It can also be used as a power bank, it has a USB out, but sadly only 1A. This is a must have device and is much better than the good old and popular Optimus charger

SKU: 142419704


Fast Charging Wireless Charger Cellphone Holder – Black

#FlashSale😎2 in 1 design of wireless charger and cellphone holder~☺️
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🛒Get your’s here▶️

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