Wireless Without the Wires: Bluetooth Cellular Phone

They may call it a wireless phone, but standard cellular phones still require wires at some point. Besides the clunky charger, you also have to fumble with cords to use a headset and to transfer data between your phone and other gadgets. But there is an answer for anyone looking to cut the cord almost completely. With a Bluetooth cellular phone, you can chat on a wireless headset, transfer data magically through the air to a handheld, or connect with a Bluetooth-enabled car. But take care, as each Bluetooth cellular phone is not created in the same manner. While some carriers let you use a Bluetooth cellular phone for almost any means, others restrict it to a headset only.

Bluetooth is a standard developed by a group of electronics manufacturers that allows any sort of electronic equipment – from computers and Bluetooth cellular phones to keyboards and headphones – to make its own connections, without wires, cables or any direct action from a user. A Bluetooth cellular phone works at two levels:
It provides agreement at the physical level – Bluetooth is a radio-frequency standard.
It also provides agreement at the next level up, where Bluetooth cellular phones have to agree on when bits are sent, how many will be sent at a time and how the parties in a conversation can be sure that the message received is the same as the message sent.

While it may sound complicated, a Bluetooth cellular phone works in a simple manner. A Bluetooth cellular phone communicates with different devices by sending data via a secure, low-cost short-range radio frequency. Using the technology, a Bluetooth cellular phone can connect to headsets, PCs can connect to printers or keyboards, and handhelds can connect to each other without any wires. Up to seven connections can be made at one time, at a speed of 1Mbps. All that's needed for any Bluetooth cellular phone to connect to another Bluetooth-enabled device is for them to be paired – normally, a hassle-free "handshaking" process for establishing a connection that takes seconds and can be found in most wireless connectivity menus .

What's in a Name?

In case you were wondering, what's "Bluetooth" in the term "Bluetooth cellular phone", Bluetooth gets its name from a 10th-century Danish king, Harald Blatand (or Bluetooth) who unified Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. According to legend, he had an affinity for teeth-staining blueberries.

Bluetooth Frequency

A Bluetooth cellular phone communicates on a frequency of 2.45 gigahertz, which has been set up by international agreement for the use of industrial, scientific and medical devices (ISM).

A number of devices that you may already use take advantage of this same radio-frequency band. Baby monitors, garage-door openings and the newest generation of cordless phones all make use of frequencies in the ISM band. Making sure that a Bluetooth cellular phone and these other devices do not interfere with one another has been a critical part of the design process.

Pairing up

Before you start talking on a Bluetooth cellular phone, you do need to know a few facts. A Bluetooth cellular phone has a range of 30 feet (10 meters), and the devices in question must use compatible versions of Bluetooth. The majority of Bluetooth cellular phones is currently in the marketplace works on Bluetooth 1.1. (Two previous versions, 1.0 and 1.0B, were plagued with compatibility issues and have since been discontinued.) The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), a trade association and development group, is releasing new versions that promise several upgrades and backward compatibility. Bluetooth 1.2, includes the addition of an anonymity mode, which masks the hardware address of the device to protect from identity snooping and tracking, and adaptive frequency hopping, which cuts interference by avoiding crowded frequencies. Bluetooth 2.0 has some enhancements; among them are narrowband channels, which will enable messages to be broadcast to a high number of devices without the pairing process, andhigher connection speeds of up to 12Mbps.

When no other means of connecting to the Internet is available, mobile workers can use their Blue tooth cellular phone as a modem. An advantage of using a Bluetooth cellular phone is that it can remain in your laptop carrying case or pocket, and a Bluetooth cellular phone does not require a direct line of sight connection. If your laptop is not already Bluetooth enabled, you can purchase a USB Bluetooth adapter.
A Bluetooth cellular phone makes it easy to transfer or receive information from other Bluetooth-enabled devices, eliminating the need for extra cables. A Bluetooth cellular phone can be used with a Bluetooth-enabled headset allowing for handsfree operation. You can put the Bluetooth cellular phone in your pocket or carrying case and still take calls. This is especially useful if you need to use your Bluetooth cellular phone while driving.

Be secure

As with any wireless device, a Bluetooth cellular phone has some minor security concerns. The SIG has admitted that bluebugging, where a hacker secretly accesses a phone's commands (such as eavesdropping on conversations), and bluesnarfing, where a hacker can access a phone's data – such as the contacts – are possible, yet the group downplays both actions. While they work through Bluetooth, they also require the hacker to use a PC and to be within range of the victim's Bluetooth cellular phone (10 meters). Still, Nokia and Sony have said these issues affect only older handsets that are available mainly outside of the United States, and Nokia is promoting a software upgrade. To help combat both, a Bluetooth cellular phone can be locked with a code or simply turned off or put in hidden mode when not in use. Another concern, depending on how you look at it, is bluejacking. This often involves creating a flirtatious introductory message, then sending it to another Bluetooth cellular phone (that is discoverable) narby as a text message.


BlitzWolf BW-BS2: Extendable Selfie Stick With Bluetooth Function

I think most people like to take selfies. When people go traveling, it is a good time to take a selfie with the beautiful scenes. Also, it is very good to take photos with friends. At this time, it is necessary to bring a selfie stick. At this article, I would like to recommend an excellent product BlitzWolf BW-BS2 to you. This new product has a tough construction with a portable design. The article involves three parts, including designs and shows, feature and battery.

Designs and Shows

It has a 19cm / 7.48 inch body length with a one-piece design. This portable selfie stick easily slides into your bag or pocket and it is designed to be taken anywhere. With the touch construction of aluminum alloy shaft, it is not only light but also corrosion resistant. Beside, the handle uses ABS and PC materials to bring the comfortable gripping.

Most importantly, three-in-one button provides convenient and quick operations. If you want to power on the selfie stick, you press the button for 2 seconds, and the blue LED will flash. While when you press the button for 3 seconds, the blue LED will quickly flash 3 times. That means you powering off the selfie stick. The third operation is taking photos. When you connect it to the smartphone, you can take a photo by pressing the button.


The obvious features of this product are adjustable and wide compatibility.

First of all, its body length is adjustable. The total length is between 27cm / 10.62 inches and 74cm / 29.13 inches (with the clamp). And the stepless shaft can be extended to any length between 19cm / 7.48 inches to 66cm / 25.98 inches.

Moreover, the phone clamp is adjustable. It fits any phone with a width between 56mm / 2.20 inches to 85mm / 3.34 inches. In other words, it is suitable for the phones with a screen size between 3.5 inches to 6 inches. Except for that, the clamp's angle can be tilted up to 270 degrees, which enables you to perfectly frame your shots.

In terms of the wide compatibility feature, it comes with Airoha Bluetooth 3.0 technology, which is compatible with Android and IOS systems. Without the need for installing any specialized software, you can use it immediately.


It is built in a rechargeable 50mAh lithium battery. It supports up to 20 hours of continuous use. When in standby mode, it can last for up to 72 hours in a single charge. By the way, on the bottom of the stick, there is a micro USB port for charging. And a full charge only takes 30 minutes.


To sum up, BlitzWolf BW-BS2 is an outstanding Smartphone Monopod, which meets your need in taking a selfie with beautiful scenes or friends. If you like it, you can have a try!


Bluetooth Headphones Review: Plantronics Voyager Pro Bluetooth Headset

Among the many Bluetooth headphones that the company has ever unleashed upon a drooling market, Plantronics declares its Plantronics Voyager Pro Bluetooth Headset as the best ever yet. A quick preview of its feature highlights will reveal why it is so.

Quite bluntly, its noise-cancellation technology is the major reason that the Voyager Pro extends the frontiers of Bluetooth headphones. Up to 80 percent of ambient sound can be discharged out by the headset's AudioIQ2 feature, which is essentially consistant of two highly sensitive microphones that work in harmony to achieve the effect. The feature simply translates to clear quality of sound for voice calls – both the speaker's and the listener's. Of the many other Bluetooth headsets featuring similar noise-reduction features, nothing beats the Voyager Pro yet in drowning out the most annoying sound to anyone making voice calls: wind noise.

The device sits comfortably behind the ear. You would think that behind-the-ear headsets are bulky and uncomfortable for all-day use. But, not this one. Its lightweight composition has been carefully engineered for comfort, safety, and durability. The earpiece would never grate at your ear or ear canal simply because it is covered in a rubber gel that is either too soft nor too inflexible. That makes the earpiece fit perfectly and sit snugly in your ear, but minus the discomfort. With this convenience, you can easily wear the Voyager Pro all the time you are in the office, in your car, or where your business may bring you.

Besides the foregoing features, the Voyager Pro also boasts of a swivel boom mic, a rotating earpiece (very handy if you want to use either ear), and easy-access multifunction buttons. In addition, the Voyager Pro will sound out an audio alert whenever it requires its battery to be recharged. For anyone who wants to focus on the most important tasks of any business day, these features will certainly go a long way in terms of work productivity.

Despite the fact that it does not seem to be a problem, it does not need to worry about it. Although it looks like it comes straight out of a movie from the 90's, this device means business and simply does business. It is a tool you can depend on.

Overall, the Voyager Pro is worth every penny, and placed side-by-side with other Bluetooth headphones, it will definitely outshine them all when you compare audio quality and comfort.


Mini Bluetooth Speaker With Suction Cup

ROCK Bluetooth Speaker is a compact and portable product. It is made of soft silicone material so that it is easy to stretch or shrink. Most importantly, it saves space. When you go out, you can even put it into your pocket to take out. The article content involves four parts, including designs and shows, function, battery, and specifications.

Designs and Shows

It has an excellent expandable design so that you can shrink it in a small volume and carry it out. The diameter is only 95mm and the minimum height is 35mm. As a result, it can be carry-on in pocket, handbag, etc. It offers two colors options, including gray and green.

Moreover, it has a unique suction cup design. The powerful suction cup on the bottom enables it to be attached to the smooth surfaces, such as windshield glass, shower door, etc. With an IPX4 splash-proof feature, it perfectly pairs with any on-the-go lifestyle.


First of all, it will provide the deep bass sound. The stretching parts include three layers, when stretch the resonator, the bass will enhance 3 times for deep lows. The hollow objects may be your subwoofer. You can place the speaker on the subwoofer (such as wooden box, carton box, suitcase, etc.) to enjoy the deep bass.

Moreover, it can be used as the hands-free speakerphone. If you get a call, you can press the Bluetooth button to answer it.

Furthermore, it provides four LED modes to bring different playing effect, including the Beats Mode, Party Mode, Atmosphere Mode and Lamp Mode. And you can press the Light Button to change the light modes.

Additionally, it has the kickstand function. It can be attached on the back of phone / tablet to be a phone / tablet stand. And the angles can be freely adjusted.


It is built in the 600mAh rechargeable battery to provide approximately 5-hour use time (at 50% of volume). And it needs about 2 hours in a single charge via USB cable.


Brand: ROCK

Model: RAU0520

Color: Gray, Green

Material: ABS, Metal, Silicon

Weight: 170 Grams

Dimensions: 9.2 * 9.2 * 3.5CM

Connectivity: 3.5mm Audio cable + Bluetooth connection

Bluetooth Version: 4.1

Transmission Distance: 10M

Output power: 4.5W

SNR: 75dB

Frequency Response: 50-20000Hz

Battery Capacity: 600mAh, 3.7V

Charging time: Approx. 2 hours

Working Time: 5 hours (at 50% of volume)

Microphone: Support


This ROCK Bluetooth Speaker is the portable product that it is convenient to carry anywhere. If you like it, you can have a try!


EWBTS0105 bluetooth speaker wireless charger

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ISDT H605 Air Review : Simple Bluetooth Charger

The H605 isn’t a power monster at 50/60W. It is convenient and a nice touch to charge simply at a race however.

Available from Banggood ($29.99) : https://goo.gl/21Jp14

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Bluetooth, battery charger, phone adoption how to?

I connected my Android charger cord to my Bluetooth c Charlie basically so then I looked on the other side in the Bluetooth with extra charger so I can make it back to my portable battery charge my phone battery right so my portable battery is also a charger so I can use that to connect it to my phone now I don’t have to waste any battery energy and I can just leave it in and play it all night thank you guys for letting me share


DEWALT 20V MAX Bluetooth Jobsite Radio and Battery Charger (DCR025)

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DEWALT 20V MAX Bluetooth Jobsite Radio and Battery Charger (DCR025)


Rowkin Ascent Charge – Bluetooth 5.0, 50 hrs. battery, Wireless Charging

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Radio with Bluetooth and Smartphone Charger, FRX5BT

Radio with Bluetooth and Smartphone Charger, FRX5BT
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Stay in tune and up to date: This AM/FM/NOAA weather digital radio includes a display and alarm clock. Use it for direct access to news or stream your music while you are on the go.

Have peace of mind: Always have a quick charge for your smartphone and tablet. Simply plug your device into the 2.1A USB port and power from the unit will automatically ‘dump charge’ into your device.
Rugged and reliable: With a splashproof rating its performance is ideal for any outdoor adventures such as camping trips, hiking expeditions, or long road trips. Tune in to the radio for news and weather alerts.

Ready to Stream: Listen to your favorite podcast or music from any smartphone, tablet, or Bluetooth device wherever you are. Integrated Bluetooth makes streaming easy with the FRX5 BT. Perfect for today’s lifestyle and fun.

Always on Alert! With Specific Area Messaging (S.A.M.E.) the FRX5 BT automatically broadcasts weather alerts for your area. Be prepared and keep your loved ones safe with alerts in advance of any emergency.

Stay Informed: Depend on the FRX5-BT to provide you with news, weather, and music. Continuously and automatically charge the unit with its high efficiency solar panel for use all day long.

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