These Are the Reasons That You Need to Have a Mains Power Inverter on Your Boat

Modern technology is just amazing, and this has never been more true than in the case of the mains voltage inverter. All you need is a car battery connected to an inverter and Hey Presto! You have mains voltage available without the need of any moving parts!

Before inverters were readily available to the public, it was necessary to use a bulky petrol generator to produce mains voltage. This was, and is, okay on a building site, but not good on a camping site, or on your boat except where there is no choice.

When inverters were first commercially available they were incredibly expensive and inefficient. Those days are long gone. Modern inverters are compact and far more efficient than they ever were before.

The system I have on my boat is simple and straight forward and can be easily duplicated on your boat, motor home or even your house!

The system, in my case, is like this.

1 – A decent battery set fitted to my required mains power usage. The batteries are, and must be, 'deep cycle' or traction type batteries. They are capable of deep discharge and recharge. Engine starter batteries are an absolute NO! They are not fit for this purpose.

2 – An inverter beefy enough for the power I intend to draw.

3 – Since we normally have shore power available I have a 'smart charger' to ensure that my precious batteries are kept at optimum charge and condition.

4 – My engine has a high output alternator output so that when we cruise we can recharge both the starter and domestic battery banks quickly.

5 – In our case, because we usually have a shore power connection when on our mooring, we also have a device, manufactured by the German company Siemans, that flips from mains power to inverter power in the event of a shore power failure. This happens so fast that neither of our computers, or the television, even notice the change.

The Siemans switch is important because mains power and inverter output, though at the same voltage. May be at slightly different frequencies and so should be isolated from each other to prevent damage.

Although my own main interest is in boats, the system itself will work anywhere. This also includes the use of solar panels both on the boat and especially at home.

I mentioned above, and must stress again, that an absolute key to the success of your experience with independent mains production using an inverter, will only produce long term acceptable results if you use the correct batteries. Starter batteries and 'so-called' starter / leisure batteries do not have the ability to cope with repeated deep discharge and recharge. The architecture of your car's starter battery, though similar to deep cycle batteries, is not the same as that of real deep cycle batteries. Both battery types are there to do a specific job. The starter battery provides a 'burst' of high energy for a short time. A deep cycle semi traction type of battery, is meant to supply energy far more slowly but over an extended period of time. Golf buggies and electric fork trucks are perfect examples of proper deep cycling. You charge it through the night and spend all the next day gradually discharging it. This happens repeatedly, day after day. A starter battery, used this way will be dead in a very short period of time.


How to install: Onboard Solar Powered Battery Charger & Tender for Boat or Camper

One of the main problems people can have when they are out on their boat is a dead battery. On open water and in lakes and rivers, you anchor to swim or fish, listening to music, your electronics are running and before you know it, when you turn the key to crank the motor… nothing. Or the night before you get ready to take the boat out, you remember to do everything but plug the boat in and get to the ramp and nothing… trip is ruined… So I decided to install a solar panel and charge controller so the boat batteries will always be charging or topped off and ready to go. Cost of this was about the same as a plug in charger but no electric bill or need to find somewhere to plug it in!


Review of the new QC 3.0 USB charger for car, motorcycle, boat

Did test these two excellent USB QC 3,0 chargers, and compare them to a standard USB charger.
Links to the USB chargers under here:
USB switch 3.0 QC US:
USB ammeter 3.0 QC US:
USB dual 3.0 QC US:
USB tester US:
USB switch 3.0 QC DE:
USB Ammeter 3.0 QC DE:
USB dual 3.0 QC DE:
USB tester DE:
USB switch 3.0 QC UK:
USB ammeter 3.0 QC UK:
USB dual 3.0 QC UK:
USB tester UK:



Trashed Boat Clean-up #4 – On-Board Battery Charger Not Working

#trashedboat #boatcleanup

My on-board charger was not working so i had to pick up a new one. This is my first time installing a charger.
Quick video on the install

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Two Boat Battery Setup – A Better Battery Switch

Two battery boat setup with wiring diagram. Blue Sea two battery switch & ACR dual charging system. This dual battery setup for boats uses the Blue Sea add a battery kit for charging marine batteries. Charges both boat batteries automatically. It’s superior to the old manually switching system.

Add a battery kit :
Boss stereo :

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AIMTOM 4AMP 12V & 6V Smart Battery Charger for Car, Truck, Motorcycle, Boat, RV, SUV, ATV

AIMTOM IBC-4000 Smart Battery Charger is ideal for charging and maintaining most 12V and 6V batteries ranging from 12-120Ah, such as Motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, Snowmobiles, Jet Skis, Cars, RVs, Boats, Trucks, Tractors and more.

Fully automatic, the IBC-4000 provides a charge when needed, stops charging when battery is fully-charged or topped-off and offers built-in circuit protection guards against overcharging, reverse polarity or short circuiting.

Has auto-memory, which returns to last selected mode when restarted, and also automatically adjusts itself to changing current needs.
6V/12V compatibility, and charges 6V and 12V batteries.
Detects the voltage of the battery and automatically select 6V or 12V to charge. Automatically shuts off if charger remains in bulk charge mode for an extended period of time and turn itself to a battery maintainer.
Includes safety features such as reverse polarity, short circuit, open circuit, spark proof, overheat, overcurrent and overcharge.
Switch mode designed with high-frequency and high-efficiency for a lightweight, compact charger.
Recovers deeply discharged and sulfated batteries with pulse charging.
Multiple battery chemistry, safely charges WET, GEL, Maintenance Free and AGM batteries.
Smart 8-stage MCU controlled charging processes utilize sophisticated levels of intelligence to alter the charge process based on feedback from the battery.
Includes battery clamp connectors, eyelet terminal connectors, and user guide.


Boat Battery Chargers Upgrade journey to Minn Kota!

Quick video discussing my boat charger journey. Hope you enjoy. Ask questions, comment below what kind of videos you want to see. Giveaway coming soon!!


25% OFF – 4-200ah Smart Battery Charger For 12v 24v Car Boat Motorcycle Truck Automatic Power …


4-200AH Smart Battery Charger for 12V 24V Car Boat Motorcycle Truck Automatic Power Charging Automotive 12 V 24 Volt 10A 100AH

25% Discount
25% Discount
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25% OFF – 4-200ah Smart Battery Charger For 12v 24v Car Boat Motorcycle Truck Automatic Power …
4-200AH Smart Battery Charger for 12V 24V Car Boat Motorcycle Truck Automatic Power Charging Automotive 12 V 24 Volt 10A 100AH
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Be Sure to Choose the Right Battery Charger For Your Boat

When selecting a marine battery charger, particularly if you're going to be using it on your boat, you need to be sure that you find the proper device. You'll need to know what type of battery you have, the input voltage and the capacity before you even start looking, and there are other key factors that you'll need to remember whenever you charge your battery. The wrong charger could easily shorten the life of your battery whereas the proper charger can ensure a much longer life.

Remember, a marine battery charger will probably be used in circumstances that are far different from those encountered when charging a car battery or other similar type. Since these are marine chargers, you'll most likely use them on water rather than on dry land, which can present some unique situations that you would not find on land. It's important that the charger you choose be one that can be easily loaded on your boat and can be kept in a safe, dry spot until needed.

You'll also need to be sure that the charger will not either overcharge or undercharge your battery. The number one reason for battery death is overcharging, and undercharging is a very close second. The best charger for your battery will have an output that only produces 20 percent of the battery's total Ah capacity. More than 21 percent and you run the risk of overcharging, less than 20 percent and you'll probably undercharge. So if your marine battery is rated 100 Ah, you should look for a charger that only provides 21 ADC.

If you're unable to find a battery that will provde the twnty percent of total Ah capacity, then you'll need to look at how long it will to recharge your battery with the chargers that are available. Consider the 10 ADC charger, which will require just over six hours to recharge a one hundred Ah battery. Along the same lines, a twenty ADC charger will require almost as much time to recharge a two hundred Ah batter. Compare this to a forty ADC battery charger, which will fully recharge a two hundred Ah battery in three and half hours at most. You can extend this formula to any marine battery, although the time to recharge will depend on the battery size.

The best way to get a long life for your battery is to find the right charger with the proper strength. This becomes very important when you consider the cost of a marine battery, and recognize that a good charger can prevent you from having to buy a new one too soon. If you do not want to have any regrets about the charger you've invested in, then make sure you know the size and rate of your battery. Do the research on the available models before you decide which one you're going to buy, because there are many "standard" sizes and charge rates for just about every type of battery.


Automatic Battery Maintainer Tender Trickle Charger Desulfator for Car Truck SUV Boat



Product Details :

Automatic Battery Maintainer Tender Trickle Charger Desulfator for Car Truck SUV Boat

12V Automatic Battery Maintainer Tender Trickle Charger Desulfator | 1.25 Amp 5 Stage Smart Conditioner for Perfect Battery Charging & Maintenance by KeyLine Chargers | Best for Car Truck SUV Boat.

✔️ [WORKS GREAT FOR YOUR CAR, BOAT, RV, ETC.] KeyLine automatic charger is compatible with automobiles, motorcycles, ATVs, personal watercraft, RVs, boats, airplanes, golf carts, back-up generator systems lawn mower, etc. Feel secure in knowing it’s going to charge all of your favorite toys!
✔️ [NOT YOUR AVERAGE CHARGER] While other battery chargers can ruin your battery or last a short time before failing. The Mini Pro 5 Stage Charger has automatic overcharge protection and desulfation prolonging battery life up to 4x. Imagine the comfort and reassurance of knowing that your battery is maintained for absolute peak performance every time.
✔️ [PROLONG YOUR BATTERY LIFE] Did you know that in order to extend your battery’s service life, your battery needs to be fully charged at all times? The Mini-Pro Float stage maintains your battery at a perfect 13.3 Volts for maximum battery health and life. Save yourself time, frustration and the cost of buying new batteries often. Instead get 1, or even 2 Mini-Pro automatic smart 12 Volt chargers today.
✔️ [SUPER EASY USE] No Settings, No Buttons, No Switches, Simply connect the leads and plug it in. Measuring 2″ x 3 7/8″ x 1 1/4″, this compact charger packs best in class performance, safety and also is IP65 weather proof rated. That means you can use it and leave it almost anywhere. This sealed charger is great for outdoor and weather exposed environments unlike other trickle chargers on Amazon. So you know that this charger will perform anywhere.
✔️ [OUR PROMISE TO YOU] We are real people who use our chargers every day, we expect the absolute best out of our chargers and we want the same for you! We know you’ll love this charger so much that we back them with an industry leading 5-year warranty. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, simply take advantage of the No Questions Asked, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!


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