Solar Powered Onboard Marine And Boat Trickle Battery Chargers

Solar energy, is always considered a very practical choice compared to the use of fossil fuel as an electricity source. Solar energy is the change of sunshine in to electrical energy. It’s also a practical way to save lots of money on electricity. However, not so many people are mindful of many of its practical applications, such as making use of solar battery chargers, which are more more viable compared to the standard charger, that most persons use, mostly every day, all over the world. The best example is the solar powered trickle charger, which is created to maintain the batteries of any motor driven vehicles to stay always completely charged and always available to use.

Many individuals believe solar powered battery chargers, are expensive, but that is not always the situation. Particularly when you think about the ease of the installation of most of these portable and compact charging devices. You can also save money on the overall cost of these units by buying them as well as their essential accessories on the internet or at factory reduced costs. The latest technology provides, many modern items, that give more wattage of electricity out of a marine battery charger, for instance. Using a solar powered marine solar chargers may seem a bit expensive, at first, but you need to think about it as a good investment, in time and convenience.

A solar powered, deep cycle battery trickle charger is intended to preserve the electrical batteries of any marine vehiclevehicle to stay always charged and available for use, and to power up the electronic devices. And this is all done quietly, by using only the energy of the Sun. Solar powered chargers have fewer circuits and needs minimal amounts of maintenance. Once the Sun’s energy strikes the solar cells of the solar charger, many chemical reactions will take place during the process of making electricity, which then transmits electricity to the batteries and provide electrical energy when needed. The average life span of solar trickle chargers, is approximately 5 or 10 yrs., which provides more value to the solar trickle charger.


100w Flexible solar panel installation on Boat with Victron MPPT charger

In this Video I show at test run a Victron MPPT controller with a 100W Allpowers flexible solar panel I purchased on Amazon. I mounted the controller and DC sub panel on starboard so I can easily move it around the Catalina 320 sailboat. The charger sub panel I made from Starboard 1/2 inch. The Sub panel was later mounted inside the port locker next to the shore battery charger where the solar charger and the battery charger shared the connection to the battery from the locker.

Parts List:
Victron BlueSolar 75/15 MPPT Charge Controller – 15 Amps / 75 Volts
Victron VE.Direct Bluetooth Dongle
ALLPOWERS 100W 18V 12V Flexible Solar Panel Charger(with ETFE Layer, MC4 connectors) Semi Bendable Water-Resistant Solar
Blue Sea Systems ST Blade ATO/ATC Fuse Blocks


1 Cell LiPo & LiHV Battery Multi Charger – You Need This!

Ultra Power UP-S6AC. If you are like me and have many small drones or RC planes, trucks, cars, boats that use a 1 Cell Lipo Battery, then you need this simple multi charger to charge up six batteries at once. For those living in North America, you probably already have the correct AC cable for this device in your home connected to many of your existing electronic devices.

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If you need a North American plug converter, there is one here:

This is the North American AC power cable (you may have one around your home for other devices):

CAMERA: Panasonic 4K Camcorder:
LIGHTING: Studio Softbox:
LIGHTING: FalconEyes SO-40TD:


Emergency Hand Crank Solar Auto Car Boat Camping 12 Volt Battery Charger Station

New GoGEN Hand Crank and Solar Auto, Boat and Airplane 12 Volt Battery Charger and Mobile 12 volt Power Station. NEW 2016 GO GEN KIT! Portable, rugged 12 volt human power charging station for Auto Emergency and Camping.


Schumacher SC-1000A Battery Charger Review – Quick Overview

Schumacher SC-1000A 2/6/10A 12V SpeedCharge Battery Charger

–For car, light truck, marine, RV, farm equipment, AGM and deep cycle-batteries

–10 Amp Fast Charge ─ charger monitors battery condition and adjusts charge rate downward to prevent battery damage

–6 Amp Medium Charge ─ self-adjusting charge rate for everyday charging needs and to keep your battery in peak condition

–2 Amp Slow Charge ─ for charging and maintaining small batteries, such as motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile and lawn tractor batteries

–Fully automatic, microprocessor-controlled charger with electronic push button controls to select Charge Rate or Battery Type


FOR SALE – Minn Kota MK-210 Battery Charger $119.95 J-3

$119.95 – Minn Kota MK-210 Battery Charger

This is a battery charger that will charge two batteries at the same time and cut off once the batteries are charged. We have been using it on some of our shop batteries and it works great!

Please check with us for your used parts needs, as we part out boats and motors on a daily basis. All of the parts we sell have been used in freshwater only. Please check with your local mechanic to clarify that this is the correct part you need. Most of the parts listed here have many more pictures available upon request.

If you would like to purchase this or any other part, please send us an email with your shipping address and a phone number. We
will then call you to move forward with payment and shipment! We understand that it’s unconventional to purchase items from youtube, so please note the 100% positive feedback on both of our eBay usernames: shipshapeparts and shipshape8968804.

All of the parts we sell are represented thoroughly and accurately to the best of our ability. We gladly accept returns if you feel a part was misrepresented. Restocking fee of 15% may apply in other circumstances. No returns on electrical components, as they are all tested and working properly when they leave our location.

Feel free to visit our web site: ShipShapeTN.Com
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Give us a call: 615-459-7202!

We are Ship Shape Marine
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Thanks for your interest!



CTEK MXS 5.0 Auto Batterie Ladegerät / Car battery charger

Kurze Vorstellung vom CTEK MXS 5.0 Ladegerät mit 5A max. Ladestrom für Blei-Säure oder AGM Batterie. Ich bin mit dem Ladegerät sehr zufrieden, ist klein, handlich und mit mit div. Zubehör erweiterbar.


Radio Controlled Boats – 3 Things Veteran RC Boat Nuts Wished They’d Learnt Before Their 1st Boat

This is a beginner’s guide to buying your first Radio Controlled Boat. WARNING: Please don’t buy your new RC Boat before you read this guide.

OK let’s get started with 3 imperative things you need to consider before getting into the wonderful world of RC Boating.

Where are you going run your boat?

OK the first thing you need to consider when purchasing a Radio Controlled Boat is where you are going to run it. This is a very important consideration because it will help you determine what type of boat you should buy.

RULE NUMBER 1 – Consider the surface area of the water where your boat will run.

Large Areas; Ocean, Lakes or Rivers

If you live near a lake, a large river or even a calm ocean bay then you are indeed fortunate. You can really take your pick as to which type of boat you want to start with.

Your only real concern is whether wind is a factor in creating waves or chop for your electric or nitro RC Boat or whether you’ll have enough wind power for your radio controlled sail boat.

TIP: Before you buy your RC Boat make sure you are allowed to run it. Speak to any necessary authorities and make sure there are no noise (or other) restrictions that will affect you.

Small Areas; Swimming Pools, Ponds or Small Rivers

If you don’t have any large bodies of water close to you, don’t despair you can still get into RC Boats. There is more than likely a swimming pool, smallish river, or even a small, man-made lake where you can run your new boat.

In this case you are probably restricted to electric radio controlled boats as they are slightly slower and therefore much more maneuverable.

TIP: It’s much better to have a heap of fun running an electric RC Boat in a small area than it is being out of control and risking your expensive Nitro RC Boat.

Electric or Nitro Power

Before you determine what sort of boat is best for you, consider your level of interest and your history of following through.

RULE NUMBER 2 – Buy a boat that suits your level of interest.

How serious are you?

So before you begin ask yourself how serious are you. Is your garage or attic strewn with unused hobby and sport equipment? If so it may be better to start off with a fun, electric boat and move up to a more serious nitro radio controlled boat when you get into it a little bit more. That way you’ll have a spare boat later if you do decide to pursue the hobby further and you don’t risk an expensive boat sitting idle in your shed.

Electric Radio Controlled Boats

Electric Radio Controlled Boats are fast, quite and tonnes of fun. They run off powerful re-chargeable batteries similar to the ones in a mobile phone. A typical battery charge (and therefore running time) lasts around 10 – 15 minutes, smaller toy boats may run for up to 45 minutes. Electric RC Boats have running speeds right out of the box of around 15 to 20 mph.


  • Cheap to purchase (easy place to start to see if you like it)
  • Easy to maintain (no messing around with fuel and tuning)
  • Low Running Costs (much cheaper in the long run)
  • Quiet Electric Motor (can run where Nitro boats are not allowed)


  • Slower than Nitro Radio Controlled Boats
  • Your running time is limited to your battery capacity

Nitro Radio Controlled Boats

Nitro Radio Controlled Boats are fast, load and exhilarating. They should come with a warning label stating that they are addictive, beware you’ve been warned! Nitro RC model boats run off a specially blended fuel mixture of nitro, methanol and lubricating oil. They use real, miniature engines that are capable of propelling them to speeds of around 25 to 35 mph right out of the box.


  • Nitro powered RC boats can run for longer (a quick top up of fuel and you’re back on the water)
  • Nitro RC Boats are faster than electric RC Boats (and therefore some would say more fun)


  • Can be expensive to set up
  • Fuel is more expensive than regular fuel / oil mixture
  • Engines require regular tuning and maintenance
  • Nitro boats are noisy! You will likely be restricted from some areas due to the high noise levels.
  • Need a wide, open water area due to increased speed

Hull Design

There are basically two different hull designs on Radio Controlled Model Boats;

  • Deep V (or Mono-hull)
  • Flat-Bottom Hulls (also called a Hydroplane hull or sometimes a Catamaran Hull)

RULE NUMBER 3 – Choose a hull design that complements your environment.

Typically boats with Deep V hulls are easier to control than boats with Flat-Bottomed hulls, however once you get used to racing your model boat then you may choose to buy a more powerful boat with a fast hydroplane hull.

TIP: If you’re a beginner or the area where you are going to run your RC Boat is choppy or has high winds then consider a boat with a Deep V hull, it will be much easier to control.

General Tips

Know your battery life

It’s not really very cool to run out of juice in the middle of the lake or a fast flowing river. Get used to your battery life while practicing close to the shore. You won’t regret it.

Know your Radio Control System’s range

Again stay near the shore when testing the limit of your Radio Control system – don’t head out to sea to see how far you can make your boat go.

Return to shore system

Some boats are equipped with a sophisticated return-to-shore system that allows you to bring the boat home if you run out of gas. You may want to consider one of these.

In conclusion, to make a wise, experienced decision on your first Radio Controlled Boat make sure you buy a boat that suits the area where your boat will run and that suits your level of interest. Also make sure that your hull design matches your environment.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll no doubt get hooked on your new model boat.

All the best on the water and off.


Marine Grade Boat Carpet Vs Outdoor Carpeting

When it comes time to replace your boat’s carpet, the most common question consumers have is “What is the difference between marine grade boat carpeting and the outdoor carpeting offered at local carpet and hardware stores?”

Though there are many similarities, and the look or feel is very similar, there are many key features which make these two carpet styles very different. These specific features are the determining factors of how long your new carpeting lasts. Not only will marine grade carpeting last longer, but it will also maintain its look and feel under the harsh marine elements for years to come.

Marine Grade Boat Carpet Features:

  • Rubber Backed
  • Ravel Resistant
  • Fade/UV Resistant
  • Stain Resistant
  • Mold/Mildew Resistant
  • Rot Resistant
  • Weather-proof
  • Polypropylene Yarn
  • Non-Flammable
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Porous Backing for Quick Drying

Though some of these features may also be found in standard outdoor carpet, you will notice one major difference. The one key factor which makes these two styles of carpet so different is the carpet’s rubber backing. Marine grade boat carpet has a true rubber backing which the polypropylene UV resistant yarn is directly woven into. This enables the carpet to be breathable, making it resistant to moisture which causes mold, mildew, and rot overtime. Due to constant exposure of your boat’s carpet to the harsh marine environment, the above features are crucial to look for when searching for replacement carpeting for your boat. Many carpeting suppliers and stores will endorse their outdoor carpet for replacement on boats, but the fact of the matter is when boat manufacturers are installing carpeting, they always use marine grade carpeting.

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t use the outdoor carpeting you find a local carpet and hardware stores. What you will find with almost all outdoor carpeting is that it has an indoor carpet backing with rubber applied to it. This primary backing is a woven or non-woven fabric in which the yarn is inserted by tufting needles. After the yarn is inserted, a secondary backing that consists of another fabric is laminated onto the primary backing to increase its dimensional stability. Due to these organic and fibrous backings, it is almost certain that deterioration will happen quickly with any marine application. Not only will these backings deteriorate, but the threading will disassemble from the rubber applied to its backing. With the carpet having multiple backings it creates breathability issues, resulting in excess moisture underneath the carpet causing sever mold and mildew damage. In most cases not only will the carpet disassemble, but it will also cause future issues with the wood flooring and decking of the boat. Overall outdoor carpet may be a cheaper and more convenient solution, but in the long run it may turn into a much more costly project.

When the time comes to replace your boat’s carpet, make sure you look for the recommended replacement marine grade carpet, manufactured to handle the harsh marine environments and abuse. Not only will it look better and last longer, but it will protect your investment.


Solar boat battery charger, great for marine, or utv atv car or truck I love this!!!

Solar boat utv atv battery charger
I got tired of electric battery chargers and went with a solar panel battery charger for my boat deep cycle battery, it is easy to use I love this
Solar battery charger
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I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (