This is unboxing video of bosch c3 charger.
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Bosch Ovens

There are various types of ovens introduced by Bosch. Over the years, Bosch has maintained its position as a market leader by introducing new features, increasing the efficiency of the products, using quality materials in the products and designing the products in user friendly manner.

Let us see a few of the Bosch Ovens:

Combination Ovens : There are 4 models in this segment and are available in stainless steel, black and white color. The size is 30 inches. The price ranges from $ 3100 to $ 3800. The features of this oven are:

  • Quick cooking saves your time by 30%
  • Faster preheat saves your time by 7%
  • Gourmet cooking modes facilitates ease of cooking. These are 14 special cooking modes.
  • 30 auto programmed recipes enable cookies quickly and with ease.
  • Auto clean feature cleans the entire oven in 2 hours and saves you of manual cleaning work.

Bosch Single Ovens : These are available in two sizes – 30 inches and 28 inches and are available in stainless steel, black and white colors. There are 10 models in the single oven segment and the price ranges from $ 1500 to $ 2650. The features of the basic model are:

You can bake, broil and roast in this oven. The auto clean feature will clean the oven in 2 hours. The window is large enough to see the food as it is being cooked.

The premium model has much advanced features such as preprogrammed cooking, Gourmet cooking convection cooking in addition to all the basic features.

Bosch Double Ovens : There are 8 models in this segment with sizes of 27 inches and 30 inches. The price ranges from $ 2650 to $ 3750.

The double ovens are ideal for large families as it facilitates bulk cooking quickly. The auto clean feature cleans the oven in 2 hours. The basic model id equipped with 10 cooking modes and allows baking, broiling and roasting. The premium model is equipped with speedy convection, faster pre heat, pre programmed auto settings etc.

Features of Bosch Oven :

Whichever of the Bosch Oven you select, you will find certain features as:

  • The doors are heat resistant and do not get heated while cooking.
  • The knobs on all the premium models are pop ups style and are easy to clean.
  • The door is portable so that it can be removed for cleaning purposes. Since the door is made of glass, it can be cleaned easily.
  • Child lock featurevents accidents. There is a provision, where by the oven will not function at all. This is useful especially you are going to leave kids alone at home for some time.
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Fixing the Bosch battery charger #2 and new project and nixietube multimeter

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Fixing the Bosch battery charger #1

Fixing the Bosch battery charger and upgrade #1 Bosch l2416


ОНЛАЙН ТРЕЙД.РУ — Зарядное устройство Bosch C1, 018999901M

Видеообзор на зарядное устройство Bosch C1, 018999901M. Номер заказа в интернет магазине ОнлайнТрейд.Ру – №3959164. Ссылка на страницу товара в интернет магазине ОнлайнТрейд.Ру – https://www.onlinetrade.ru/catalogue/pusko_zaryadnye_ustroystva-c924/bosch/zaryadnoe_ustroystvo_bosch_c1_018999901m-199882.html



The second installment of fixing my BOSCH battery charger.

**NOTE: Working with circuit boards and electronic components is potentially lethal if you do not know what you are doing. Capacitors have the ability to stop your heart in the blink of an eye if they are mishandled. DO NOT ATTEMPT ANY OF THIS WITHOUT PROPER TRAINING.


Bosch – New Rotak 43li Cordless Lawnmower

There is no more hassle of destroying or untangling leads with the cordless rotak. The machine itself can cover an area of ​​43cm in width with innovative grass combs that allow you to cut closer to flower bed edges and walls. The Bosch Rotak has been designed to be 40% lighter than normal cordless or petrol mowers making it easier for anyone to handle. The Rotak is as powerful as any petrol lawnmower without the hassle of cables.

The Lawnmower comes complete with two of Bosch's new lithium-ion 36 V batteries which have great life spans and are easily charged. The batteries have no self discharge and are fully charged in one hour and eighty percent charged in 30 minutes. The Rotak 43 Li cuts with a rotary blade on average one hundred and fifty to three hundred square meters with the new 36V lithium-ion battery. The grass box holds 50 liters of grass helping to aid the process of emptying the grass and the job faster to complete. Even if you have long grass the New Rotak 43li has the capability of allowing you to raise your height settings as high as 70mm with 10mm cut settings.

Another feature of the Bosch Rotak is the new energy efficient management which increases the lawnmowers runtime by 10 – 20% depending on the law conditions and mowing action. Due to the small amount of energy required the Rotak causes ten times less co2 emissions than your normal petrol mowers.

Overall the Bosch New Rotak is powerful, lightweight, and ideal for large gardens, sturdy built and easily stored for home use.


Wireless Charging Bosch

check out all videos from electronics freak at:
This Video shows how the bosch wireless charger works.
It is sampling every 3 seconds to sens if the battery is near by.
The battery sends feedback back and shows charging status
This is a very good product of Bosch, I recomend to buy it if you have 18V tools
If you buy it please note that you have charger for 110VAC or for 220VAC (it doesn’t support both!)

Ebay link wireless charger for 220VAC: http://ebay.to/2xvVjmX
Ebay link wireless charger for 110VAC: http://ebay.to/2xg7kxq
Ebay link for Bosch 18V battery: http://ebay.to/2wJa4pa

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Bosch 18v 6.3ah Core 21700 Battery and Charger $50 😱



BOSCH C3 battery charger unboxing

BOSCH C3 battery charger unboxing_full review in Malayalam