DANGEROUS! Motomaster Car battery charger – Amp gage melted! Fire hazard – canadian tire

I took this video after opening up my battery charger to check why the amp gage needle was not moving anymore. I ended up discovering the gage had melted in the charger, luckily for me not taking fire.

This charger is a motomaster bought at my local Canadian Tire store.

I had the charger for a bit over 2 years now, while the warranty covers me for 2 years. not sure you can see from the video but I’ve probably used it 3-4 times every year to charge a small 12v battery I have (for RC stuff). I’ve always used the charger as it is supposed to, and as you can see the battery I’m using it with is not really huge.

This is clearly a defective problem and as most people knows this circuit should have been protected with some fuse or something. Amp gages are well known to catch fire (google it up, amp gage fire car).


Harbor Freight Battery Charger Smoking and Buzzing

This happened when trying to use the charger for the second time. WARNING! This charger is clearly of questionable quality. If you must use it, place it well away from anything that could catch fire. I was extremely lucky to be in the garage when the charger first did this. I had carelessly placed it within about a foot of a gallon of model airplane fuel. If I had left it unattended and the charger had burst into flames, I am quite certain my I would be homeless right now.

UPDATE: One of the diodes was burnt out. That’s what was causing the problem. I went to RadioShack and bought a 25A 50V rectifier to replace the diodes. Surprisingly, the charger works fine again! I would suggest using 2 of the RadioShack rectifiers in parallel just to be safe. This should make the charger far less likely to self destruct in 55A jumpstart mode.