Business Proposal : E-Rickshaw Battery Swapping & Charging Centre in Delhi || #EVBasics

HASHIKO Lithium Battery (Swapping/Charging) vehicle which is very economical, easy to use, it
has low maintenance cost and zero pollution. We have Company Owned and Maintained
Swapping and Charging battery centres within 3Km in the city and 30Km in Highways.
LAUNCHING in Delhi & NCR 100 SWAPPING CENTRES Phase ONE targeted 1,00,000 autos.
EXPENSES Rs.1 per Km (150Km = Rs.150)
 Existing e-Rikshaw upgraded to Swappable (Swapping Charge Rs.150/- only)
 Exchange Old e-Rikshaw to Swappable e-Rikshaw (Old Rikshaw Rs.30,000/-)
 New Lithium Swappable e-Rikshaw (Rs.99,000/-)
Features of eRickshaw Swapping
EXPENSES Rs.1 per Km
100000 Km Warranty
100Km Swapping Battery
Battery Warranty Unlimited Years
No Charging Waiting Time
No Need to pay Electricity bill

BUSINESS Opportunities
Investment Opportunities
Dealership & Distribution
Job Opportunities

More details
India Distribution Headquarters,
Office no: 2 “A” Wing, Ground Floor, Trade StarBuilding,
J.B Nagar, Andheri East, Mumbai-59, Maharashtra, India.
Branches – Bangalore | Delhi | Tamilnadu |
Phone | 7026 000129 | 7026 000180 | 7777047774

Intro: I am Rajesh Dogra an Automobile Engineer by profession and a Gardener by hobby.

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How to Choose the Best Wireless Intercom System For Your Home Or Business

When deciding to add a new wireless intercom system to the ever increasing portfolio of wireless devices in your home or business, you need to first think about the compatibility with the products you already have (or your close neighbors have). You also need to consider the range and features you need.

Wireless Intercom Frequencies

In the United States there are multiple frequency ranges for wireless products for unlicensed consumer use. They are 49MHz, 900MHz, 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz, and Family Radio Service (FRS) band. Most recently the FCC added the Multi-Use Radio (MURS) service. Radio frequencies for devices are similar in Canada, but MURS can not be used there.

Back when consumer wireless products were first introduced, these wireless products used the 49MHz frequency spectrum. Early cordless telephones used this spectrum and it is still used by cheap baby monitors and other low-end wireless units. It has a short range and is given to lots of interference. You will not likely find wireless intercom systems that use this spectrum anymore, or if you do, you will not want them.

Later, 900 MHz products using analog transmission technology arrived on the market. Either the 49MHz or these early 900Mhz products have any form of security. Anyone with a device in the same frequency can listen in to conversations. Newer digital spread spectrum 900MHz products division digital transmission across a range of frequencies so other devices can not eavesdrop on your conversations. Digital spread spectrum intercoms also have a greater range than the analog 900Mhz units. There are at least two wireless intercoms currently on the market, but only one of them uses digital spread spectrum. The wireless intercom system that uses spread spectrum can communicate up to 1000 feet.

2.4GHz devices were next to market. There are a growing number of cordless telephones and other devices in this range. As far as intercom systems, video intercom systems are the primary users of this range although the only wireless video intercom on the market was recently discontinued. 2.4GHz is also the frequency range used by WiFi wireless data networks (802.11B / G) in homes and businesses so products in this range can interfere with each other.

The Family Radio Service (462-467MHz) is in the Ultra High Frequency (UHF) band and is basically an improvement to the old walkie talkies of long ago. These handheld radios are sold everywhere and used heavily so any intercom systems in this range would have to compete with these handheld radios (and anyone can listen in to your conversations). There are no known wireless intercoms systems that use FRS.

Now 5.8GHz products are starting to make their appearance in the cordless phone arena. No compatibility issues exist between 5.8GHz and 2.4GHz devices so no problems should be experienced in mixing them. However, there are currently no known wireless intercom systems in this range.

You'll also see some intercom systems that claim to be wireless but they really use the power wiring in your home or business to send and receive transmissions from the intercom. These are frequently called "FM wireless intercoms" even though they often transmit over your house wiring in the AM band. To use them, you just plug an AC adapter into the wall. These systems are very prone to humming or buzzing and are not recommended unless you are prepared to live with this possibility. Since house wiring comes in as 240 volts and is split in two languages ​​of 120, you'll also experience problems with the signal trying to cross the sentences. One part of your house or business may work fine, where the other half does not. These intercoms are typically the least expensive intercoms of the bunch.

Long Range Wireless Intercoms

The most recent addition to the wireless intercom market are products in the MURS frequency range. MURS is a service in the VHF (Very High Frequency) 150 MHz radio spectrum. MURS has a power increase of four times that of FRS radio. And unlike FRS, you can add a larger or external antenna to improve range. If you want to put an antenna on top of your house, you can do it with MURS. Some antenna manufacturers claim an external antenna can increase the effective radiated power of a transmitter by a factor of 4. These MURS intercoms can transmit up to four miles, and sometimes more with an external antenna.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the United States does not require you to obtain a license to use MURS frequencies so you will not have to go through that process.

There are 5 MURS channels and 38 interference eliminator or "quiet codes" that can be used on each of these channels. These quiet codes keep your radios quiet without another radio is programmed on the same channel and quiet code. Chances are you will not have to worry about these codes since MURS usage is extremely light. There are only a few makers of MURS radios, so traffic on these frequencies is hard to find in most areas.

The MURS Intercom system is the wireless intercom you need if you have a large property or you need to talk between buildings. You can use a MURS to not only communicate within a home, but to neighboring homes as well. You can even add a handheld unit to your MURS intercom system so you can stay in touch away from your home.

Long Range Wireless Outdoor Intercoms

You can also get commercial-grade wireless call boxes that communicate with two way radios and base station intercoms. These wireless callboxes are water resistant and designed for outdoor use. They can open gates or doors remotely if you have a model with a gate relay. Callboxes also come in vandal-proof housings with stainless steel front panels. The range on these is up to a mile or more if you use an external antenna. These wireless call boxes can be battery powered, powered with a AC-DC converter, or by solar power. Callboxes are available in UHF and VHF frequencies so you can match them with your existing two way radios if you have them. You can get call boxes that work in the un-licensed MURS frequencies so you can use them with your MURS intercoms or radios.

The benefit of a wireless callbox is that you save money by not having to do trenching and running expensive cable to the unit. You also do not have to pay any air-time or telephone service fees with these wireless systems. Another benefit is that since the unit is wireless, people monitoring the units can carry handheld radios that communicate with the callbox. That allows your monitoring people to be mobile.

Wireless Intercom Features

Another thing to consider is what features you need for your particular application. Commercial applications often have needs for a wider variety of features. The MURS wireless system for instance has a wide variety of products that can be used with it. Not only can you get military-grade two-way radios with lots of headset options, but you can get base station intercoms, wireless call boxes with solar power option, wireless public address systems, customer service call boxes, wireless remote switches, and motion detector devices. For less commercial or residential use, a 900MHz intercom system has outdoor intercoms and doorbell intercoms you can use with your indoor intercoms.

So the wireless intercom system you choose depends on the application you have, the wireless devices already in your home or business, the range you need to cover, as well as your budget. But, once you choose the right system, you'll be able to enjoy the convenience a wireless intercom system for years to come.



Found these 2 Dodge Chargers parked along side a building while driving through West Virginia. No narration needed.


Business Intelligence Reporting Tools Give Data Meaning

Your company has data – and lots of it. The data tells you what your customers are purchasing, what your sales trends are, where your inventory is, what your profits and losses are, and more. Or rather, your data would tell you all these things, if only you could take that enormous pile of facts and figures and make sense of it.

Welcome to the world of business intelligence. Business intelligence, also known as BI, describes the tools and technologies that help you understand your data. Business intelligence is vital for any company looking to excel in today’s rapidly evolving business environment. Business intelligence gives your company up-to-the-minute information on your past, present and future by turning a mass of jumbled data into key summaries and detailed reports that can guide critical business decisions.

Business intelligence includes functions such as reporting, analytics and data mining, and one of the easiest and quickest ways to gain insight into your data is to use a business intelligence software solution that will allow you to harvest in-depth data and generate BI reports for internal and external use.

A business intelligence reporting tool can give you the ability to:

– Locate company data quickly

– Connect multiple, dissimilar data sources and quickly and simply and define the relationships between data sets, no matter how convoluted they are

– Locate specific data using a very user-friendly interface

– Select data in a narrative style, which is natural to an individual’s approach in focusing on desired data

– Present meta data as you wish it displayed and described

– Display selected data in a spreadsheet with critical numbers represented by a gauge in a summation cell for each row

– Generate reports on your schedule that can be delivered to multiple individuals in a variety of ways

Business intelligence reports come in many forms, depending upon the reporting software you use. Some programs let you create graphical tools such as charts, gauges and dashboards that automatically refresh to display up-to-date information that is easily and quickly understood. Some of these reporting software packages allow you to really dive deep into your information using sophisticated tables. Also, they can include the ability to include outer information – growth and economic trends for example. This will give you a better grasp on how market forces affect your bottom line.

While business intelligence reporting tools vary in cost and capabilities, they all have one thing in common: the goal of providing your company with the information it needs in order to thrive in today’s competitive environment.


Online Business Mindset

Since you are reading this article, I am sure that you are interested in making money online. Many think that this is an easy way of making quick money and even go further in imagining themselves sitting on their sofa watching TV while their bank account is piling up with money. Well, I am sorry to give you this news but this is all an illusion.

Online business is like any other business – you need to dedicate some of your time regularly to become successful. One of aspects that most people ignore is to have the right state of mind or mindset to run this business.

Having the right mindset means have the ability to consistently focus and act towards you business objectives. You must act like a successful business person even if you are just starting up your project. But your question will be "How will I do that?". There are various ways how to get that business entrepreneurial mindset. You are what you feed your mind. There are numerous books and online forums and blogs out there that will help you in fine-tuning your way of thinking and acting. Read, read and read. Participate in subject related discussion and talk to people who are successful and ask questions. Feed your mind with the right know and gradually you will be molding your behavior into that of a successful entrepreneur.

Your daily routine will most likely change. You may not switch on your TV anymore as you believe that you better spend that hour writing an article to increase you SEO presence and hence have better ranking on Google. But does this mean that I can not rest or entertain myself? It is definitely not the case. In every day you must have time for yourself and time to share with your loved ones and friends. If you spend your entire day on your computer you isolate your self from the rest of the world. Any extreme measure is bad for you: being it business, food, drink etc. Always find a balance in your daily life. Plan your day properly and stick to your plan. Create time to take care of your mind, body and your self.

By myself I mean your inner self, the real you. This has a lot to do in your online business. If you are at peace within you, you will deliver good results in whatever you do. While if you are troubled within you, you deliver twisted unpleased results. So clear your troubles first and then proceed with your daily life with a clear mind. Always dedicate at least 5 minutes a day in silence so you can hear your inner self. This is what I call my battery charger. I normally do this when I start my day early morning before my walk. It is a great way to start your day.

I know that I did not write anything about making money online but your mind is essential in your success. Never forget that your will to make money online started from a thought in your brain. Now it's time to develop that thought into an action plan and with the right mindset you will create the right road map towards your online business success.

I wish you a good day – you deserve it.

Joseph Cale


Increase Small Business Efficiency With Voice Mail To Email

Every business owner has a to-do list a mile long, and setting time aside to listen to and answer all of your emails at one time is not efficient. That's why voice mail to email is a great option for all sized businesses because you can get your voicemail messages delivered directly to your inbox. Voicemail delivery services will send all of your phone messages to your inbox as text and / or a sound file. This way you are able to read your voicemails as an email or listen to them over your computer using a media playback application. The greatest benefits of using this type of service are that you can increase efficiency and improve the overall competency level of your business.

Get Messages Anywhere

Gone are the days of needing to wait until you get back to the office to check phone messages. With voice mail to email delivery, you can check your voice messages anywhere you have access to your email. You can conduct business in a coffee shop or on an airplane, as long as you have email access. If you use your mobile phone as your business phone, having voicemail delivery is great in case of an emergency. If you misplace your phone, leave it at home, or end up with a dead battery and no way to charge it, you can still get all of your messages by checking your email. Voice mails are delivered within minutes, sometimes seconds, after being received.

If you run a business with multi-phone lines and something happens to your main phone system, you do not have to scurry around trying to figure out a backup system for answering client calls. You can have the calls redirected to a direct voicemail line and your employees or administrative staff can organize and file the messages according to client and importance. By having messages delivered to your email box, you reduce the risk of business setbacks due to technological failures.

Voice Mail to Email Allows You to Multitask

One of the greatest skills a business person can have is the ability to multitask. With message delivery services you can check your voicemail while speaking on the phone with another client, read your voicemails on your mobile phone while in a meeting and work on a project without worrying about answering the phone.

Since email lacks emotions, the voice mails will also be delivered as a .WAV file so that you may listen to them over your computer or mobile phone. This works great if you do not currently use a mobile phone as your main business line and your voicemail messages are rerouted elsewhere. By being able to listen to your messages, you can hear urgency, confusion, anger, and happiness in your client's voices, which can affect how quickly you respond to them.

By utilizing voice mail to email, you can also archive all of your voicemail messages in a saved file for future reference. Your clients will appreciate how quickly you are able to remember their past correspondence, and only you know that you have all of them displayed in front of you on the computer screen.


Portable chargers anyone? Unboxing and variety. Apple business ethics, decisions, money and greed


BlackBerry Playbook Applications That Can Be Beneficial to Small Business Owners

One of the newer tablet devices, the Blackberry Playbook, just released in the United States. And while you're planning on starting a small business or are ready to take things to the next level, the Blackberry Playbook will be your handy tool to utilize all the free and paid apps to maximize the true potential of your coming or growing business. Within this article, we will describe some of the applications that will most likely come in handy when planning on using your Blackberry Playbook for business use.

One of the first applications that you might want to get is Layar. Layar was to augment reality. Augmented reality apps are apps that are designed to blur the lines between real life and the internet or the virtual world by enhancing your ability to take advantage of things in your environment that you would not have noticed otherwise.

One augmented reality application is a GPS; it provides you with a map and directional system in the real world through connections to the virtual world. Layar works similar to small businesses by providing you layers for various classes of objects such as restaurants and banks. All you will need to do to make use of it is to hold up your tablet and point it in any direction and Layar will direct you to nearby businesses, chains, and banks that are in your area, which will allow you to do business with them.

Another app to check out is square. What this does is allows you to accept credit cards for your business without having to set up any phone lines, purchasing the software that you will need for expensive credit card machines, and purchasing and setting up the credit card machines themselves. Square helps you take care of all of these issues by bypassing most of them. When purchased, you get a free card reader in the mail. With all of that, you can start a business using Square, without paying any crazy fees or purchasing any expensive hardware.

But do not stop at just those applications because there are tons of other applications that can help your in general. Whether you are interested in software for analysis, design, financial tracking and planning, organization, or marketing, there is probably going to be an app that gets what you need to get done taken care of.

And addition to all of what we've just mentioned, you might want to also pick up a accessories to help you make the most of your time with the tablet. For instance, a battery will definitely help during long hours of work, while a case will ensure your tablet holds in tip top shape and keeps helping you make a good impression with your clients. And of course, a Blackberry Playbook data cable will be quite handy for helping you transfer information and sync files through the day, whether at work or at home or at your home office.


HP EliteBook 850 G3 Overview: A Premium Business Laptop With Excellent Design

This is an impressively thin notebook, yet it still has plenty of impressive hardware packed inside. The EliteBook lineup consists of premium-range business notebooks at relatively inexpensively prices. An Intel Core processor and 7200-RPM SATA hard drive are just two of the many great features found with the redesigned HP EliteBook 850 G3. With its advanced Wi-Fi technology, thin design, and long battery life, it's designed to be a highly portable laptop.

There are no flaws or weak spots with the build. It features a metal casing compose8d of magnesium and aluminum. The base tray can be removed to access the interior. The hinges are designed to keep the lid firmly in place. It outperforms stress tests, so there is no risk of it overheating. The temperatures remain lower than 104 F on all measuring points.

Connect devices to the G3 without the use of dongles, as it comes with 1 USB 3.0 and 1 USB 3.0 charging port, as well as a USB Type-C port. For connecting with a second display, a VGA DisplayPort are both included.

A variety of display options are available. The base configuration features a 15.6-inch LED HD SVA display with anti-glare technology and 1366 x 768 resolution. You can select a better display, including UWVA models with 1920 x 1080 or 3840 x 1260 resolution. A webcam is also optional.

For the processor, the HP EliteBook 850 G3 starts with an Intel Core i5 CPU, but you can opt for i5 or i7 if you need more power. Integrated Intel HD graphics (520) are included. The machine has room for AMD Radeon R7 discrete graphics (1GB). Select anywhere from 4GB to 32GB of memory (2133 DDR4). You can customize the laptop with as much memory as you think you'll need for getting all of your tasks done, be they business related or personal.

HP EliteBook 850 G3 Hard Drive Options

As mentioned above, there is a 7200-RPM hard drive available for storage, with options to go with a SATA-3 SSD if you need something even faster.

The keyboard and trackpad are both designed well and provide good input support. The keyboard is chiclet style and features a full-sized number pad and sleek, backlit keys. The multi-touchpad has a surface area of ​​approximately 4.1 x 2.6 inches, providing ample room for gesture control. Below the pad, two smooth mouse keys allow for the cursor to be controlled and moved more accurately than just using the touchpad alone.

In this HP EliteBook 850 G3 review, it must be stated that this is a quiet machine. A notebook will ideally produce as little noise as possible, and this one meets that criteria. Since this is advertised as a business notebook, it comes with features such as Preboot Authentication, TPM technology, a security lock slot, and optional HP fingerprint reader.

Are you looking for a new HP laptop for school, work, or personal use? The company regularly has big sales going on. Even if it's not on sale right now, you still might be able to use an HP EliteBook 850 G3 promo code to knock money off of your order total.


How IT Support Can Be Helpful For Your Business

Business arena has no limits today because of rapid industrial and technological advances. It would not be impertinent to say that the business world has become unfathomable like a sea due to globalization. Due to technological advances business competition is touching the sky. Markets all over the world have become so dynamic and competitive that only those firms can sustain, which are able to establish and maintain their unique name and worth.

If you are unable to read the changing market trends and make strategies according to them, it means being an entrepreneur you are in a great danger. On the contrary, the success is yours if you move with the rotating fashion of the business world. However, if you want to have a trend setter in the world of business, you have to get help from the well reputed company that offers you the best IT support services.

This is necessary because by availing these services you would be able to concentrate solely on your business.

Why You Need IT Support Services?

The establishment of IT and computer network is a very necessary part in all kinds of businesses because of the global expansion of the internet. If you are a small business owner and planning to establish a separate IT department in the office then you are making efforts in an absolutely wrong way. This is so because you have to spend a huge amount on the recruitment of IT specialists and technicians. You need them to secure your system from the internal and external threats like viruses and many other problems created within the system.

This is the point where IT support companies offer you a great advantage by solving all your issues related to IT anytime around the clock.

What IT Support Offers You

IT support offers you twenty four-hour computer and the internet support, which keeps your system up-to-date all the time. IT support includes various services like data backup, software licensing concerns, security services, virus protection, spam protection, and many more like that.

What you need to do is to put down the names of the top companies offering IT support services from the internet. After that, compare their services with each other like their costs, services packages, testimonials, and availability. Some companies provide IT support via remote access while the other provides telephonic support.

There are few companies that provide both types of IT support. It is better if you select the company that provides you both types of services. In fact, the best company will be the one that offers you good quality services at reasonable rates. The rational rates are those which are not so high and not so low.

In short, focus on your business by availing IT support services of the best company available.