Things to Know Before Buying HHO Generator Kits

If you have heard about these amazing hydrogen or H2O or HHO gas generators and planning to buy one soon, then this article is for you. This is because there are a few things that you need to understand first before putting your money on it. This is also in order to make sure that you will not just be a victim of some marketing strategies of its distributors or sellers. As a matter of fact, there are three (3) aspects that you need to know. These are specifically about how these hydrogen gas generator kits really work, as well as its perceivable perks and even getting a legitimate unit.

How does the HHO generator really work?

Firstly, you must always know how these hydrogen HHO generator kits really work. This is for you to have a good understanding on how it will really benefit your vehicle. In this regard, this kind of kit serves as a supplement to your fuel economy. Well, this is due to hydrogen burns too. As a matter of fact, it burns more efficiently than your gasoline. This was developed by Dr. Yule Brown, which is also popularly known as the brown gas. There are claims that around 1,800 liters of HHI gas can be generated from just a liter of water.

What are the perceived perks from this?

Secondly, it is also worth your time to check about the accepted benefits of using hydrogen gas generator kits for your vehicle. Generally, these kits are believed to be less expensive, as well as non-polluting and even more efficient than your ordinary gasoline. It is in this regard that these are widely marked already as an efficient energy resource for vehicles. Aside from that, there are also some reports that it can also produce a cleaner burning engine. This can make the life of your engine longer than the average too. Of course, there will also be fewer costs on maintenance of your car's engine.

How to get a legitimate unit?

Thirdly, but not the least, once you had been persuaded to buy your own hydrogen HHO generator kits , you must always keep in mind to get it from authorized sellers. There are already some industry standard markings that will let you know if it is a legitimate unit or not. Well, this is extremely important because it will have a great impact to the efficiency of the unit that you will have. If it is a fake one, then you must never expect to enjoy all of the potential benefits that other people have enjoyed from the genuine ones.


A Few Things You Must Check Before Buying An Air Purifier

If you are looking to buy an air purifier, do not miss the following buying guide.

A few years ago we had to resign ourselves to accepting the conditions imposed on us by nature itself, which also controlled the atmosphere that reigned inside our houses.

We spend 90% of our time in closed spaces, so defying it and controlling the particles suspended inside these spaces is practically indispensable for people suffering from allergies and asthma.

The cleaners of the interior of the rooms of a home are the purifiers of air. They are a kind of robots, more or less autonomous, that connected to the electrical outlet are able to quantify and manipulate – to the point of eliminating or eradicating – the dirt of the environment that reigns in the room in which they are.

  • The importance of the capacity

When we buy an air purifier, we can see that one of its specifications is that of the cleaning capacity. It comes given in square or cubic meters, depending on the brand. This information indicates the maximum size – in surface or volume, respectively – of the room to be cleaned so that the result is optimal; that is, unbeatable according to the characteristics of the purifier.

  • The Importance of Power

The power of a purifier is closely related to its capacity. The more power we have, the faster it will clean room air the size indicated by the specifications.

If the purifier is located in a larger room, the power will be a less relevant and ultimately later in accomplishing its task, this will not be to leave the perfect room, but to leave as clean as possible.

If the air purifier is instead placed inside a smaller room than the instructions dictate, the power can be reduced to perform the same work as in a larger room: clean the room thoroughly.

  • Suitable dimensions

What dimensions are appropriate?

With air, purifiers happen that as a rule, the larger they are, the more work capacity they usually have.

It is not a determinant factor to evaluate the quality of a purifier, but it is with regard to the decoration of our house and comfort of transfer.

  • Filters

The filter is like a motor to your car. It is what marks its quality, although up to the moment there is not a huge variety as happens with the motors of the automobiles. The filter par excellence of air purifiers is HEPA.

  • Speeds

Almost all models have built-in speeds of operation. They serve to regulate the speed with which we want our air purifier to act. We often meet with night mode, with turbo mode and intermediate mode. Of the intermediaries, we will say nothing because the name says it all.

  • Ionizing function

The ionising function is also present in almost all air purifiers, although there are some low-end ones that still do not have it. What it does is emanate negatively charged ions, which through chemical bonds are joined to positive particles generated by electromagnetic devices, normally the most harmful to our health.

  • Coal layer active

The active carbon layer is responsible for removing the odoriferous particles. The carbon of this filter is treated with oxygen, which causes the opening of many pores between its atoms. These pores, when releasing the molecules, exert of absorbent and are the cause that the odours, the gases and the liquid contaminants disappear of the environment.

  • Noise

And here we come to one of the key points of this guide. It is what will determine how annoying an air purifier is, without any doubt.

One aspect to consider is whether we intend to have the purifier connected in our bedroom while we are sleeping. If we are very light of sleep we can have problems to keep us asleep, so it is very convenient to consider the opening hours.

  • Programming air purifier- The programming

Interestingly, not all devices have a function as a priori simple as programming in advance. To us, it seems like a most useful application when we have decided to sleep with the air purifier on, as well as when we want the environment to be clean when we get home from work.

  • Autonomy – The best of the best

This is the element that only the high-end purifiers have. It is tremendously comfortable because it allows the device to operate independently without having to worry about the bill of light


Hikers Are Buying the WRONG Battery Banks

Generally on a backpacking day I will use between 30-40% battery while using my phone for music, GPS, and cell service.
My current QQC set up is:
10,000 mAh Battery:
QQC Wall charger:
Using the included usb cable the battery charged in 3 hours 8 minutes, which is a very reasonable length for a trail town stop.

All in one (Non QQC for iPhone) battery bank:
my smaller (Non QQC) Battery:
Want a single port QQC wall charger?

to figure out what size battery you should buy is to check out the size of your phone battery and multiply that by 3 or 4. then add any additional batteries like your camera or flashlight. (if they’re USB rechargeable)

A few popular battery sizes are:
iPhone 6s – 1715 mAh
iPhone 6+ – 2915 mAh
iPhone 7 – 1,960 mAh
iPhone 7+ – 2,900mAh
iPhone 8 – 1,821 mAh
Most android phones pack a much larger battery
Galaxy Note 8 – 3,300mAh
Galaxy S8 – 2,800 mAh
Google Pixel – 2,770 mAh
Sony RX100 1,240 mAh

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Download my Forest LUT:


What Not to Ask Motorcycle Dealers When Buying Your First Ride

Just imagine this scenario. You’re sitting atop a gorgeous new motorcycle strapping your helmet on. You start it up, hearing and feeling the roar of the engine as it cuts through the air. You kick it into gear and give it some gas. A few minutes later you’re on the freeway going 70 miles per hour. The wind against your leather covered arms and legs liberates something inside of you. Passing other motorcyclists, you quickly extend your arm in the customary gesture of acknowledgement. You enjoy the ride for hours and return home. Shutting everything down, you close your eyes as you remove your helmet… only to open them and realize you still haven’t bought a bike yet!

You’re still browsing the various motorcycle dealers in your area. You realize the excitement got to you as you sat on a parked bike. Slightly embarrassed, you stand up and go over the list of questions you want to ask. While you’re sure to be careful to ask the right questions, to avoid being the laughing stock of the shop, here’s a list of questions you certainly want to avoid asking any motorcycle dealers.

“What Happens If It Rains?”

You’re on a motorcycle. You’re out in the open. That means you’re in direct contact with all of the elements. You feel the heat from the sunshine, you feel the bite from the cold, and you certainly get soaking wet when it rains, unless you use another method of transportation when the skies are questionable.

“Are You a Biker?”

If a person works with bikes in a shop or at a dealer, chances are they enjoy motorcycles enough to want to be around them all day and enjoy the company of their fellow bikers.

“This is the Same as Driving a Manual Car or Truck, Right?”

Wrong. Very, very wrong. There’s a reason you usually need to get a separate motorcycle endorsement from your state on your driver’s license in order to legally drive one.

“How Do I Look?”

You’re just opening yourself up to anything here. Asking your shopping partner is one thing, but asking motorcycle dealers how you look is likely to get all sorts of sarcastic responses. Or some that may even be a little too honest…

“How Fast Does This Go?”

Most motorcycles are pretty fast, but just like with a car, you’re limited on how fast you can drive. Speed limits and police are there to knock you back into a more appropriate speed.

Before you ask any potentially embarrassing questions and become the laughing stock at all the motorcycle dealers in your area, think twice for your own sake.


Buying Mobility Devices For Disabled People According to Requirements

Mobility equipments are playing a major role in shaping up the life and living of disabled people. A majority of disabled people have gained independence as well as lost momentum of their life with help of scientifically developed mobility devices. In fact, different mobility equipments are the best friends for physically challenged people.

Buying mobility devices for disabled people of your family needs answer of some very important questions as well as some pre-analysis of requirements. There are different varieties of mobility devices available in the market like, wheelchairs, mobility scooters, lift chairs, lift vehicle lifts, walkers, and ramps. However, to serve the main mobility requirements of your disabled loved ones, you need to analyze their requirements first.

Suppose you have to purchase mobility equipment for self-mobility of any of the members in your family who is physically disabled. Now the suitable mobility equipments to serve your requirements will be manual wheelchairs, powered wheel chairs, or mobility scooters. The basic differences between all these three mobility devices are the external force required for their movement. Manual wheel chairs are driven by the physical force applied by the disabled people or some caretaker for them, whereas powered wheel chairs are battery operated. Mobility scooters are one-step ahead, they are like automobiles specifically designed to use by disabled people.

Now, you have to assess the suitability of above said devices. If the person is able to apply regular force to move the manual wheel chair, you can select it. However, if it is a long-term deal then you have to presume that whether they will be able to drive these manual wheel chairs five or ten years down the line. If your answer is negative, you should go for powered wheel chairs. However, if the disabled people for what you are going to purchase mobility equipment have to travel a lot in order to perform their daily active routine like going to office for work, or shopping for vegetables and fruits from nearby places then mobility scooters are best buy .

The type of mobility devices also differ depending upon the type of disability. Like if someone is your family got several injuries in any accidents and not able to move then you should select a manual wheel chair for him / her. Sometimes, physiotherapists' advice for regular physical activities to such injured people in accidents for speedy recovery. In such cases, a walker will have the best mobility equipment for temporary disabled member of your family, which not only provides them mobility, but also helps in speedy recovery of their physical injury. You can also think of renting mobility equipment for them, because spending money for a very short span of time is not advisable.

Therefore, next time when you think of buying mobility equipments, must remember these facts. It will help you in making right decision of buying mobility devices for your physically disabled loved ones.


HTC HD3 – Cheapest Way Of Buying Expensive Smartphones

It is a well known fact that the best smartphones are provided by HTC. They have excelled in this field with the best touchscreen sensations. The overall performance of these handsets is very high. They have the best displays, the best cameras, the best processors, the best looks and the best internet reasons. The present winner in the smartphone series is the HTC HD3. It provides the best features and the most striking looks. Network providers are offering a large number of lucrative HTC HD3 deals so that anyone can buy them and flaunt the stylish handset.

This handset in particular has the best display features among other HTC products. It has a very large, bright and vivid 4.3 inches AMOLED capacitive touchscreen which is capable of displaying 16 million colors at a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. Then to add beauty and usefulness to this screen it has features like Multi-touch input method, Accelerometer sensor for UI auto-rotate, Proximity sensor for auto turn-off, Optical trackpad and HTC Sense UI.

Leading network providers are offering a great number of lucrative HTC HD3 deals which are very exciting and mind blowing. There are free incentives like free calling minutes, free monthly texts, free data, free connection, free rentals and much more.

To pinpoint your present location and to store all kinds of maps and routes there is a very accurate GPS embedded in HTC HD3. It has advanced A-GPS support and Digital compass to accurately locate your position. Then the Google Search and Google Maps make it easy for you to find you way back out even from a penny evergreen forest. All the processing is smoothly handled by the Qualcomm Snapdragon QSD8250 1 GHz processor. This much of speed in a mobile phones is enough to perform super-fast processing and rum heavy applications as well. But the only problem with such processors is that they drain the battery very fast. But the Li-Ion 1400 mAh in the HTC HD3 gives it a talktime of 6 h 40 min in 2G network


FAKE VS REAL Samsung Wireless Fast Charger – Don't get fooled into buying fake products!

Check out the 1:1 Samsung S9 Plus Clone:
In this video i will show you how to spot a fake Samsung Fast Wireless Charger. Always buy your products from authorized re-sellers!
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Buying a Motorcycle Battery Tender

A battery tender is a device which fully charges a battery and when the charge is full, it automatically switches to maintenance mode. There are chargers and maintainers available separately, but this product does both the functions together. Most of the these products are programmed with microprocessors for optimum charging of the battery and for switching to a maintenance or float mode.

Uses of a MBT

If this product is not used for charging the battery of your vehicle there are chances of overcharging and burnout. It is better to keep the battery of your motorcycle charged when it is not in use, because a motorcycle battery is not as durable as a car battery. The indicators in this product give you peace of mind as it lets you know whether the charging process is proceeding in the right way. This product is a portable device which can be stored within the storage facility of the motorcycle. This enables you to use it when and where you are in need of it.

A MBT fully charges the battery automatically and maintains the charge within it. Another benefit of this tool is that it will not be damaged easily. They make no sound at all as there is no fan attached to it. They will prevent the battery from overheating and overcharging.

Working of a BT

The basic BT is a 1.25 amp charger. This charger switches to float charging mode when the battery starts accepting only 0.5 amps and it decrees the voltage and current of the item. The current will be around 10ma the voltage will be maintained at 13.2V. Maintaining the voltage below 13.8V is very essential as a voltage of more than 13.8 for a longer period of time will certainly damage the battery through gassing action. They come with alligator clips and quick connect cables for easier use.

Battery tender vs. regular charger

The MBT is always a better option than a regular charge because of the following reasons. This has a got great warranty period. It has a warranty period of 5 to 10 years; this is longer than what others in the market are offering. This shows the confidence of the manufacturer on the product.

The second reason would be that it significantly increases the life of you motorcycle battery. Usually most batteries wear out in three or four years due to constant overcharging and overheating. Use of a BT will increase the life of battery significantly.

The third reason is customer satisfaction. Products of BT have got the highest percentage of customer approval and satisfaction than any of the battery chargers available in the market.

Some of the MBT available in the market are BTJR 12V, BTJR 6V, BT Plus 12V, and Water Proof Power Tender Plus 12v. Before buying the products, check for the cheapest online sale and go for it. Look for the authentic trademarks of Battery Tender products when they are delivered.


The Major Things to Consider When Buying Portable Speakers

When it comes to choosing portable speakers, there are thousands of speakers available in many different shapes and sizes. With all the available options out there, it can be tough to select the best one. So, we have listed out the important things that you should look for in portable wireless speaker. This helps you to select the perfect ones that offer you good value for money in addition to excellent performance, portability and convenience. Let’s have a look at the checklist:

1. Sound Quality

The first and foremost feature to look for in portable speakers is the sound quality. As portable speakers are small, thus compromising the overall loudness of the music. So, it is essential to strike a good balance between the size of the speaker and the loudness. The drivers should be tuned to optimum efficiency so as to allow the system to play loud. They should produce quality sound, especially when used in noisy environment.

2. Cost

Portable speakers come with a wide variety of features and thus, the price differs accordingly. It is wise to choose the speaker that offers you good value for the money spent. The more features included in the speaker; the more likely it is going to be expensive. The good thing is that many companies are offering well designed speakers with great audio quality and at an affordable price.

3. Battery

The built-in battery feature in portable speakers is a great plus. Though most wireless speakers have built-in speaker batteries but again, they are not created equal. So, having a good battery life of the speaker is also an essential feature to look out for when buying one. Lithium ion batteries can provide you high power with long battery life.

4. Bluetooth

Bluetooth connection has also become a vital feature of portable speakers. The ability to support Bluetooth lets you stream music from another Bluetooth device directly to the speakers. This offers added convenience and versatility as one can use them with tablets and smartphones as well.

5. Size of the Speaker

Size plays a pivotal role when it comes to portability of the speaker. Some think that large ones are not powerful. But, these days even the small-sized portable speaker systems are capable of offering clear and crisp sound quality. So, look out for the ideal size of the speaker that suits your needs.

6. Durability

Durability is another feature to look for in portable speakers. The dust-proof and screw-less casing are more durable. Ruggedness is not just limited to the looks but also gives you the peace of mind during unfavorable weather conditions. For example, water-resistant speakers are more in demand as you can easily carry them anywhere.

7. Additional Features

There are many additional features that one requires in a portable speaker. For example, if you are using NFC-enabled smartphone, you might want speaker with NFC. This lets you connect your smartphone in a single tap. Some speakers come with accessories as well such as woofer to meet the needs of music enthusiasts. Then, there are speakers that can double up as battery bank.

We hope that these tips help you in selection of right portable speakers with confidence.


Things to Know Before Buying a Laptop or Desktop Computer

From the beginning to now, computers have always been a part of our life. People use them for different purposes in their day to day life. In today’s busy life, it is almost impossible for us to pass a day without a computer as they are involved with almost every single task.

Particularly, there are two types of computers. One is a desktop which means the normal, usual computers and the other one is laptops which are actually portable computers. Though the demands for laptops are growing day by day, but the need of desktop computers will always be there. Laptop computers won’t be able to replace desktops completely as desktops are more comfortable to use and they are reliable for powerful works.

Things to Consider

If you are thinking of purchasing a desktop computer or a laptop, then there some things you need to decide first. In other words, you need to take the decision according to your needs.

Think of your Requirements

Firstly, you need to ask yourself that what you actually need. If you want reliability and hardcore performance, then go for a desktop. But if you are a moving person and you want portability with performance, then go for a laptop. So, first decide what is your demands and what do you actually need.


After deciding which is right for you, the second most important thing is budget. Because this is the thing in which all the other facts depend on. So, first decide your budget and then go for a choice between the ranges of your budget.

If you are going for a Laptop

If you have decided to go for a laptop, then there are some consideration facts before you make the purchase. The 3 major facts are:

1. Size

2. Specs

3. Battery Life


The size of a laptop is the first thing to consider. Decide what display size you want and what should be the size of the actual laptop.


Specifications are the second most important thing. It includes processor, ram, hard disk, motherboard, etc. Go for the best specs that suit your requirements.

Battery life

As laptops are portable so they have a limited battery life. Some laptops offer a medium battery life and some offer heavy battery life. But they make some compromises according to price range.

If you are going for a Desktop

Desktop computers are more reliable and comfortable to use in various places. But they are not portable. They are perfect for power users and for users who wants better performance. But if you are thinking of purchasing a desktop, here are the things you need to consider.

1. Hardware

2. Software

1. Hardware

The hardware segment includes parts such as a monitor, keyboard, sound boxes, CPU and other parts. Choose all these parts according to your budget.

2. Software

Choose the OS platform you want to work on. There are different OS platforms such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux etc.