Amazon Unboxing Enegon NP BX1 Battery Packs & Dual Chargers for Sony Handycam HDR CX405 Camcorders ⚡

This morning the postman knocked on my door with a parcel for me from I ordered 2 Enegon Battery Packs and a Dual Charger for each of the Sony Handycam HDR CX-405 camcorders hubby and I just got. In this video I unbox them on camera and show you just how easy it is to have batteries charged and ready to keep our camcorders rolling. You can find the products that I purchased here through this link (not an affiliate link)

I am in Canada so this is for but you could search it out to find out if the Amazon you order from for where you live carries this same item.

Shipping was fast and everything arrived and works just as it should. Initial charge time was just 45 minutes and now I have three batteries ready for shooting videos. A single replacement Sony branded battery NP-BX1 would cost us $70 but I managed to find these off brand batteries for just over half of that for FOUR batteries and TWO dual chargers!

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