Ultra High Capacity 50000mAh 185Wh 6 Port (5/12/20V) Portable Charger, Kayo Maxtar

Something I did not add to the review when first noted is a note on a USB load inducer, which is also utilized in testing. 34000 MaH at 5V, and higher at the 3.7V rate (around 46,000), which is a huge output level.

The Kayo Maxtar 6-port 50,000 mAh ultra-high capacity charger is a force to be reckoned with, and I say that as someone that is obsessed with power banks as of late. This is the 31st power bank I have owned and the largest by and far, and it is also the only one I have truly been able to keep multiple devices including a laptop charged with because of the sheer amount of charge this is capable of holding.

Before beginning the review, I want to note that this is the 3rd item I have tried from this manufacturer and each one has done remarkably well. I utilize a variety of testing methods to make certain that all ports are within their parameters, that everything works properly including regulation and powering down, and they have all done remarkably well here. I take the testing of items that I place my devices in contact with VERY seriously, too, because any subpar performance is unacceptable. I have also been happy with their ability to fielding questions and in relating information.

Here, you have a 50000 mAh charger with 6-ports suited to charge quite a few different device types. You have 2 5V/1A USB outputs for action cameras and phones, 2 5V/2.1A USB outputs for charging tablets, a 12V output for cameras, and a 20V output for laptop charging.

With regard to laptop charging, you need to check the power bank attached to your laptop and figure this at +/- 5% (or equal) to see if your V will work. If you have any questions on fit, you can contact Kayo Maxtar and they can help you there as well.

When it comes to mAh and device charging, you should consider the battery type to determine the amount of charges supplied. This is a simplified method and does not take into account a number of variables, but say the Samsung GS5 has a 2900 mAh battery in it and your camera has a 2100mAh battery in it. If both are almost depleted, you can get a feel for how long 50,000 mAh will last. Some items tout huge numbers, too, but this actually does deliver on the numbers it is touting, which is very impressive.

Equally impressive is the way this is designed, with it being nice quality and durable and also smaller than I envisioned. It is going to be larger than a 13,000 mAh charger, per say, but it was far lighter and more compact than I envisioned. I say this as a great thing, too, and something I was impressed by.

This comes with a number of ends for device attachment, and a power plug for the device, a carrying case as well.


Panasonic NCR18650G 3600mAh – the mysterious cell’s capacity test

Panasonic NCR18650G Li-ion battery’s capacity test

Text/image version of this review: https://thunderheartreviews.blogspot.com/2019/02/panasonic-ncr18650g-mysterious-3600mah.html

Battery was bought from Queen Battery: http://queenbattery.com.cn/
Sales manager: wangxin570@gmail.com

• 3600mAh 18650 Li-ion cells’ comparison LG M36 vs Samsung 36G: https://youtu.be/hImXmm86IzU
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• Four 3500mAh 18650 batteries (Sanyo, Panasonic, Samsung, LG) capacity test: https://youtu.be/fJDuKyXfrQY
• Miboxer C4-12 Li-ion and Ni-MH charger review: https://youtu.be/X-ww1YALjvU
• XTAR Dragon VP4 Plus charger review: https://youtu.be/S6yVMsIuauE
• Miboxer C2-4000 charger/discharger capacity tester review: https://youtu.be/jrbJceNXv1g

All my reviews in one place: http://thunderheartreviews.blogspot.com/

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Bird Charger Scooter Garage Set Up (Super Charger Level Capacity) up to 48 scooters

#bird #scooters #chargeSetUp

Supercharger status garage set up for Bird or lime scooters. Although I was just told that the guy rented it out to the first person who you spoke with so I’m not going to be able to get it right now but I’m hoping they fall through and I’m able to rent it next month because this would be a perfect set up.
Fingers crossed that the other person falls through, and that I can rent out this garage soon because it’s perfect for doing the scooter charging.

Scooter charge cables: http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/txkH6qy
Battery to Outlet: https://amzn.to/2ReSVhE
300W Power Inverter: https://amzn.to/2Cvtwbr
Orange Box: https://amzn.to/2QJEXFc
12V 26AH Battery: https://amzn.to/2RguT5O
12V 2Amp Battery Charger: https://amzn.to/2LxwizQ
Screws and Washers to be bought at a local hardware store

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Efan 18650 3 7V Li-ion batteries (3100/3500mAh): Capacity Test

A very quick test of the Efan 18650’s I got in from the company with the recent charger I looked at. Both cells are IMR high drain unprotected, suitable for vaping or other uses. I see how close the 3100 and 3500mAh rating is to the actual capacity.

Samples supplied via Efan for testing


Mobile chargers and cable identify # Voltage Current Detector Battery Capacity Tester# KCX-017 LCD

https://sa.pricena.com/en/product/3v-5v-12v-to-15v-lcd-voltmeter-current-detector-voltage-tester-meter-power-tester-Kcx-017 LCD USB 3V-7V Voltage Current Detector Power Tester


Anker PowerCore II 20000 – The Ultra-High Capacity Portable Charger

The Ultra-High Capacity Portable Charger with Upgraded Compatibility. Access unrivaled charging speeds—for Apple, Quick Charge, and more—with PowerIQ 2.0, the newest generation of Anker’s advanced smart-charging technology. PowerIQ 2.0 adapts to your device’s unique charging protocol to deliver a tailored, blazing-fast charge. PowerIQ 2.0 is now multidirectional, allowing PowerCore to take advantage of rapid input charging. Get fully juiced up in as little as 5 hours when using a Quick Charge charger, and spend more time away from the outlet.
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54000mWh Portable Car Jump Starter Emergency Car Battery Charger High Capacity Booster 14800mAh Petr

More at: http://ali.pub/2wylpk

54000mWh Portable Car Jump Starter Emergency Car Battery Charger High Capacity Booster 14800mAh Petrol 6.0L Diesel 3.0L


Moxnice Power Bank for iPhone Android – 2.4A High Capacity USB Battery Bank – Best Battery Bank

Moxnice Power Bank (Black): https://amzn.to/2KNID20
Moxnice Power Bank (Grey): https://amzn.to/2rvkrcS
Moxnice Power Bank (Red): https://amzn.to/2wBKRPd

Stylish gadgets always catch my eye and the Moxnice Power Bank is definitely sexy looking! It’s really thin and sleek and black! When I first picked this up, it felt like a nice smartphone and the only opening on the outside is a micro USB port.

The reason the Moxnice power bank feels like a phone is because it’s basically the same size as a phone. And it’s great for charging iPhones, Android phones and other devices. The Moxnice is a 10,000Mah power supply so it has high-capacity. This power bank has dual 2.4a high speed charging ports.

iPhone users can also use this charger without having to carry around a Lightning cable because there’s a handy Lightning adapter included. To me that’s really convenient to have a storage space for the adapter so I don’t have to worry about losing it. And I can charge a second device by plugging it into the main USB port.

In addition to cell phones, the Moxnice Power Bank can also charge devices like action cameras and Bluetooth speakers. I can even use it to charge my wireless headphones! This package includes the power bank, carrying case, micro USB cable, Lightning and USB C adapters. And that’s nice if you own a USB C phone! You can charge the power bank using a computer or any standard USB wall adapter. So if you like your gadgets to have style, definitely check out the Moxnice Power Bank!

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Average Cell Capacity tested with the iCharger X6

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This little charger is impressing me and really changing the way I think about making my packs wish I had of used it in my DIYPowerwall from day one! Would have made for some better-balanced packs. You can pick up one of these great little chargers here iCharger X6 – https://goo.gl/GtBtW9

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MPT-7210A Solar Charger – https://goo.gl/7q7VMp
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Clamp Tester — https://goo.gl/z8b4uJ

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5 Best High Capacity Power Banks On Amazon 2018 – ( Universal Outdoor Travel )

5► Portable Power Pack Power Bank Charger Ultra Rugged 86Wh/24,000mAh Saber by Romeo Power Technology
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4► Portable Laptop Battery Pack by ChargeTech – 36,000mAh Capacity (TSA Approved for Airline Travel) – USB Type-C, Universal DC Output, & 2.4A USB Ports – Compatible w/ All MacBooks & Laptops
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3► LIFEPOWR A2L: The Original Portable Wall Outlet. Battery with 120V AC output. Exclusive Aluminum casing. Universal power supply for laptop, MacBook, Camera, Camping, CPAP, Audio 120W, 99Wh, 27000mAh
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2► MAXOAK 50000mAh 5/12/20v Portable Charger External Battery Power Bank for Laptop & Notebook-Most of Sony Dell Hp Toshiba Samsung Lenovo Acer IBM NEC Mobile Phone Tablet
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1► AC Outlet Portable Laptop Charger, Jackery PowerBar 77Wh/20800mAh 85W (100W Max.) Travel Laptop Power Bank & External Battery Pack for MacBook, HP, Thinkpad, Notebook and other Laptops
●●Amazon US : https://amzn.to/2IMC5mR
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