How To: Overhaul a Car Battery Charger

If you have an older battery charger and it works apart from having worn out terminals or frayed wiring, don’t throw it away. Overhaul it with new wires, a plug and clip leads. This costs about $15 at the most instead of the $50 for a new unit.


Car Battery Charger ULGD 3 8 A1 Ultimate Speed

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DANGEROUS! Motomaster Car battery charger – Amp gage melted! Fire hazard – canadian tire

I took this video after opening up my battery charger to check why the amp gage needle was not moving anymore. I ended up discovering the gage had melted in the charger, luckily for me not taking fire.

This charger is a motomaster bought at my local Canadian Tire store.

I had the charger for a bit over 2 years now, while the warranty covers me for 2 years. not sure you can see from the video but I’ve probably used it 3-4 times every year to charge a small 12v battery I have (for RC stuff). I’ve always used the charger as it is supposed to, and as you can see the battery I’m using it with is not really huge.

This is clearly a defective problem and as most people knows this circuit should have been protected with some fuse or something. Amp gages are well known to catch fire (google it up, amp gage fire car).


$25 Inverter, Portable Charger, Car Charger & Battery Charger ► The Deal Guy



Looking for the best inverter deal? This mobile charger and power inverter is your ideal car inverter for a dc to ac inverter or car power inverter connection to replace any portable charger or chargers you have. This battery charger, iphone charger, usb charger, portable phone charger, macbook pro charger, macbook charger and android charger is a $25 supercharger and the best portable battery charger or mobile charger we tested at almost 60% off today.


No matter where the road takes you keep all your power hungry devices charged and ready to go with this handy 175-watt mobile Power Inverter from Cyber Power! Simply plug into any 12v DC outlet, cigarette lighter outlet, and you’re ready to go! Converts into a standard AC household outlet for all your small appliances, emergency equipment, and portable tools. In addition, two convenient USB ports can simultaneously charge tablets, smart phones, MP3 players, and digital cameras. Charge securely, knowing the Soft Start Technology will guard against power fluctuations from vehicle startup and shutdown. The ergonomic slim-line, portable design and auto connector lets you power all your electronics on the road or even on a boat!


2.1 Amp Quick Charge Technology
1 AC standard household outlet charging port for small appliances, emergency equipment, and portable tools
2 USB charging ports with 2.1A of charging power is ideal for quickly charging even the most power hungry tablets and smart phones
Automatic-Shutdown: The device will automatically turn itself off to protect your battery from draining
Soft Start Technology: Safely protect your electronics against power fluctuations from vehicle startup and shutdown
Slim-line design: Small footprint allows for convenient placement in tight areas
2-year limited warranty
Voltage: 10.5Vdc – 15.5Vdc
Current: 15A max
Watts – Continuous: 140
Watts – Peak: 175
On Battery Voltage: 120Vac
On Battery Frequency: 60Hz




CTEK MXS 5.0 Car Battery Charger Unboxing and Battery Replacement

CTEK MXS 5.0 Fully Automatic Battery Charger (Charges, Maintains and Reconditions Car and Motorcycle Batteries) 12V, 5 Amp – UK Plug
The CTEK MXS 5.0 is an intelligent battery charger and maintainer, all in one compact, shock-proof unit. This award-winning charger is fully automatic and simple to use – it requires no specialist knowledge for use. The CTEK MXS 5.0 comes with crocodile clamps and also practical ring-terminals for a more permanent connection. Regularly charging your battery with a CTEK MXS 5.0 will prolong battery life by up to 3 times. The MXS 5.0 comes with a 5-year warranty. A range of practical accessories, compatible with the MXS 5.0 are available, including a protective bumper, extension cable, comfort indicator, cig plug adaptor & wall hanger. CTEK is the pioneering and trusted manufacturer of innovative battery management systems and supplier of chargers to the world’s most recognised car manufacturers.


Portable Solar 80 Watt Battery Charger / Car /RV /Boat…Solar Made Simple

Full Time RV Living / RV Travel Videos/RVerTV/Portable Solar Panel /RV Solar/ Portable Solar 80 Watt Battery Charger / Car /RV /Boat…Solar Made Simple With Lensun 80 Watt Solar Panel
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Car Battery Chargers

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NOCO Genius® is a brand of Wicked Smart™ Multi-Purpose Battery Chargers and Accessories.

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Automatic Car Battery Charger with Pulse Desuphation – Ultimate Speed ULG 3.8 A1

7 mode intelligent charger:

1 – Polarity and damage check
2 – Recharge / Desuphatation
3 – Start charge with maximum current
4 – Charging up to 80%
5 – Absorption – up to 100%
6 – Trickle charge and monitor
7 – Demand recharge

Working Modes (Voltages, Currents and Battery Compatibility):

Mode 1
6V Battery
Charging voltage 7.3V – 0.8 A – Batteries from 1.4 Ah to 14 Ah

Mode 2
12 V Battery
Charging voltage 14.4V – 0.8 A – Batteries from 1.4 Ah to 14 Ah

Mode 3
Charging voltage 14.4V – 3.8 A – Batteries from 14 Ah to 120 Ah

Mode 4
Charging voltage 14.7V – 3.8 A – Cold conditions or AGM Batteries from 14 Ah to 120 Ah

Other specifications:
Working temperature 0-40 degree C
IP65 Dust and Water protected
Power consumption: 60W

Ultimate Speed Brand from Lidl

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nice charger for you car


MotoMaster Battery Charger -Boosting Car

In this video I will be showing you how to use the boost function to boost a dead battery in my jetta.

Also take a look of my unboxing video for this product –

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