The 5 Best Portable Jump Starters for Cars to Buy in 2019

5 ► NOCO Genius Boost HD GB70 2000 Amp 12V UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter
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4 ► Weego 66.1 Jump Starting Power Pack MEGA BUNDLE includes Weego 66.1 High Performance Lithium Ion Jump Starter
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3 ► Schumacher JS1 Electric Digital Portable Power Station 1200-Amp Jump Starter
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2 ► Rugged Geek RG1000 Safety Plus 1000A 2019 Model Car Jump Starter
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1 ► Suaoki U28 2000A Peak Jump Starter Pack
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The Audi's e-Tron Got Electric Car Charging Right – And Other Cars Haven't

When charging an electric car from a rapid charging station, the latter part of the charge always takes a lot longer than the first bit.

That’s because of basic battery chemistry — and the need to keep battery packs healthy and operating safely.

But Audi’s e-tron SUV doesn’t charge like other electric cars out there. It’s capable of higher-power charging until it’s almost full. Here’s how Audi’s charging cycle is possible, why it’s the right methodology for electric car charging in general — and why other automakers should follow Audi’s lead.

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Real vs Fake Magsafe 2 Charger Macbook Pro | Cars and Tech by JDM City

Real vs Fake Magsafe 2 Charger Macbook Pro.
How to spot a fake charger:

1) the text is darker on the fake charger

2) the manufacture is NOT Delta ot LiteON… such as dongguan samsung electro-mechanics.

Please note:
At one point years ago, Samsung Electro Mechanics did manufacture chargers for apple for a very short time and was made available internationally only (outside the United States). So depending on how old your charger is and where it was purchases it could be real. This is why many modern fakes print that company on the Charger since it can be confusing as to whether or not it is real and so its one thing that is different than a real charger produced today so that they can produce and sell these fakes with a justification.

3) the sticker printed serial number located underneath the removable piece has thin text and the label color does not match the plastic

4) there is a lip around the female plug

5) slightly thicker cable and it is not as smooth as the real one

These knock-offs are getting very good. Most people would never be able to tell the difference because they wouldn’t even think to look.
This fake was purchased on amazon and happen to be one of the top rated. So please stay away from amazon and eBay. If you want an authentic charger make the purchase thru apple. It’s not worth risking your macbook over a fake charger.

If this video was helpful please give it a thumbs up. And if anyone you know is looking to buy a charger, send them this video to let them be aware of the fake ones that are out there.


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SanDisk Extreme Pro 32GB Card

SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB Card

Panasonic HC-V160 Camcorder


8 Straightforward Tricks to Lengthen The Lifetime of Your Car’s Guide Acid Battery

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8 Straightforward Tricks to Lengthen The Lifetime of Your Car’s Guide Acid Battery

Trick 1: Do a monthly inspection with the battery terminals to make certain They may be clean and corrosion no cost

Just one of the main challenges most individuals have with their car battery could be the Construct-up of corrosion around the terminals.

Corrosion destroys the relationship among the battery and the car or truck and plenty of batteries are replaced resulting from a lot of corrosive build up.

The acid from the Cola or even the alkaline Attributes while in the DIY anti-corrosion paste will try to eat the corrosion away.

Trick 2: Don’t run any vehicle components (radio, lights, or electronics) prior to turning on the vehicle ignition and driving the car

If the vehicle is on, the vehicle alternator generates electrical energy and prices the car battery once the battery features a voltage fall.

But if the vehicle is not on, so you are using the auto’s electronics, you are just counting on the vehicle battery to electrical power Those people electronics.

This can be harmful to the car battery mainly because car batteries will not be meant for this kind of use.

Trick 3: Ensure that the car battery is safe and it has great battery cables

The battery needs to be secured all of the time. If a battery is jostling about Will probably be impaired and could quick circuit.

This tends to ruin the battery – and in some cases induce damage to your vehicle though creating a security possibility.

Trick 4: Insulate your automobile battery from Intense alterations in temperature

Protecting your car battery from massive variations in temperature should help increase the battery’s lifespan.
To do that You may use a vehicle battery insulation package.

Just be sure it suits your automobile’s battery compartment. Generally the companies providing these battery insulation kits can have a variety on their Site the place you can place in your automobile model and 12 months, and it’ll tell you When your battery will in good shape their kit – like listed here (leading of webpage).

Trick 5: Fully charge your car battery not less than after a week (make use of a motor vehicle battery charger or interchange batteries if You need to)

Your vehicle battery drains even though the vehicle is off.
This happens simply because existing is drawn through the battery by car or truck components (radio, lights, etcetera.) or the car computers.

This can be why persons occur house from extended holidays and obtain their car battery dead.

But to circumvent this, You can utilize both an auto battery charger or maybe a photo voltaic battery charger.
Car or truck battery chargers (frequent or photo voltaic) will manage the the best possible charge degree of your car battery when the vehicle isn’t in use.

They do this by providing enough power for the the vehicle extras and motor vehicle Laptop or computer, in order that they don’t repeatedly attract recent through the auto battery once the automobile is off.

As you’ll be able to picture, these chargers are incredibly helpful …especially if you go on a trip or go away your car unused for a while.

They’re also beneficial in case you go on many short motor vehicle visits (like to operate and back again daily) and in no way give your battery a chance to fully recharge. Repeatedly accomplishing this could considerably shorten your battery’s daily life.

Trick 6: Verify your vehicle battery’s drinking water level

Most auto batteries point out when there is a need for water.
So Verify the car battery water level indicator regularly and if water is needed, refill the battery with distilled water (Which’s vital, ONLY use distilled water to refill your automobile battery).

Trick 7: Do NOT overcharge your car battery
Never ever overcharge your vehicle battery. Direct-acid batteries release oxygen and hydrogen gases after they’re overcharged.
This triggers two troubles:
It might be explosive.
Additionally, it breaks down the composition of the drinking water while in the battery – which shortens its lifespan.
Trick 8 : Test your car’s alternator

If you’re executing every little thing we’ve recommended in the following paragraphs but your vehicle batteries are still dying early, you’ll want to examine your car’s alternator (or receive a mechanic to check it).
8 Straightforward Tricks to Lengthen The Lifetime of Your Car’s Guide Acid Battery


Electric Cars and the Energy Grid – Five Facts to Combat Hybrid Car Charging Myths

Just a few years ago, the idea of electric cars was met with complete skepticism. Oh, sure, people said, the technology is there to make the cars, but drivers aren’t going to buy a car that can only drive 40 miles before you have to plug it in. The argument hasn’t changed much even as ranges increased in mileage. Now that hybrid electric cars are in the mainstream — and their acceptance is growing with each passing day — the conversation is turning to the next hurdle in the acceptance of electric cars. Where the heck do you plug them in to recharge? Here are five facts that help answer that question.

  • Most electric vehicles will get all the charging they need at home.

    • Many of the newest hybrid batteries can be charged from a low-cost 220V outlet, similar to the one used by any electric clothes dryer. Some can even be charged from a 110V outlet. An overnight charge is more than enough to power most cars for their daily driving needs.
  • The driving range per overnight charge is up to 100 miles.
    • The standard wisdom says that most electric cars get about 40 miles to a charge — far less mileage than most drivers typically drive in a day. However, most of the newer vehicles actually get between 70 miles and 100 miles to a full charge – about double the daily driving mileage of the typical driver.
  • Many businesses are planning to install charging stations on site for customer convenience.

    • Whole Foods and McDonalds are just two high profile examples of companies that see the benefits of making it convenient for customers to charge up their vehicles. Some other places you might expect to see public charging stations for EVs include parking garages, mall parking lots, hotels and motels and restaurants. In fact, anywhere that people park their cars for more than half an hour is a good candidate for one or more public charging stations.
  • You don’t need a special plug and expensive equipment to charge an electric car.
    • A lot of older information on the net tells you that you need a special, dedicated plug and costly equipment to charge your EV. That’s no longer true. The newer models of EVs in development can be charged on standard household current.
  • The grid is already ramping up to support EV traffic.
    • California is leading the way in the US, with charging stations installed along hundreds of miles of highway. In Vancouver, zoning regulations require that new apartment construction must include vehicle charging stations to support the tenants’ need for EV charging. Private companies are recognizing that they can attract business by offering charging for electric cars free or at nominal cost, and fast-charging stations – stations that can recharge a battery in 30 minutes or less — are no longer a pie-in-the-sky dream.

The newest developments in electric vehicle technology have overturned some of the most commonly held myths about the barriers to the wide adoption of electronic vehicles. As more people are inspired to buy EVs like the Chevy Volt and the Nissan Leaf, they’ll find that the infrastructure they need to support their new cars is already growing to meet their needs.


Universal Battery Charger for All Bikes and Cars

iMars™  LCD Battery Charger :
Banggood app (10% off new user coupon)  :

2. This is a fully automatic battery charger with 3 charge stages.
3. Automatic charging protects your battery from being overcharged. So you can leave the charger connected to the battery indefinitely.
4. 3-stage chargers are suitable for most battery types including Calcium, Gel and AGM, Wet batteries. They may also help restore drained and sulphated batteries.
5. Types of batteries: Most types of lead acid batteries including Calcium, GEL and AGM, Wet,EFB, etc.

This Charger is for battery capacity between 4AH to 100AH
Pls check the capacity (AH) of your battery before buying the charger.

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RC Vehicles – A Guide to Cars, Trucks and More

Remote control cars have been around since the mid 1960's. Over the years, the technology has advanced and now there are many different kinds of RC vehicles out there for machine enthusiasts, as well as those who have a love for high tech toys. You can find any number of types of remote control vehicles including boats, cars, trucks, airplanes and helicopters. All of them have some things in common, like most are powered either by electricity (using battery packs) or gas. Yet each type provides a vastly different experience depending on whether you are flying, driving, or sailing.

Nikola Tesla cave a demonstration of a remote control boat back in 1893. Over 100 years later, people are enjoying buying a boating RC vehicle in one of many sizes and taking it out on the water. There are different kinds of boats available, the main difference being the type of power used. An electric powered RC boat uses a battery pack and can get speeds of around 15 to 20 mph. A gas powered boat can use a gas mixture like used in weeders or a special mixture made just for a model boat. This kind of boat gets a speed higher than an electric boat, depending on the mixture used.

If you are more into cars and trucks than boats, that's fine too, cause there are a variety of these RC vehicles available. Model cars are available in the form of many different real life cars, everything from an ordinary day car to a more exotic Lamborghini or Ferrari. Model trucks used to resemble stadium trucks, but most of them today are based on giant monster trucks. While the cars may be limited to only being able to drive on a flat surface, the model trucks are designed to handle much rougher terrain.

If you have ever dreamed of being a pilot, then you only have to go as far as your own backyard. That is if you get a remote control airplane or helicopter. These RC vehicles will probably cost you more than a model car or boat, but offer a whole new experience. Model helicopters can be small enough to fly indoors. The model airplanes come in the electric and gas varieties too, however if you get the gas airplanes, do not be surprised if you are required to have a license and flight insurance before you can fly them. If you are looking to buy an RC vehicle, have a look at [], for more information.


Battery Charger for motorcycle and cars top pulse repair lead acid battery charger details

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Battery Charger for Motorcycle and Cars etc 12 volt pulse repair lead acid battery charger review

My Youtube Review products devices & equipements
Banggood product…
NightEye S2 COB LED Car Headlights :
Xiaomi 17pin Juicer :

Xiaomi 70mai Dashcam :

Banggood New Year Sale :

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Self-Charging Electric Cars, Ford EVs and Tesla Model 3 price update | Fully Charged

A mildly manic news update, with some sad stories, some mad stories and and all electric Ford Transit. In a couple of years.

00:33 Ford EV report from their recent Amsterdam launch event including Ford All Electric Transit but their frustratingly absent Mustang inspired electric SUV.
04:47 ‘Self-charging’ hybrids, electric cars and lies.
08:14 Scientific study of long-term mental health impacts of air pollution:
09:45 Classic car tragic mishap: “Couple poisoned in car storage bag”.
11:58 Tesla Model 3 cheap deal in the USA, sort of.
15:01 Patreon supporter shout out, thank you!

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