Top 7 Best Battery Tenders in 2018 Reviews. Best Accessories for Cars 2018

Amazing compilation of latest and new battery tenders in 2018 reviews.
7. KeyLine Chargers KC-125-MPXP 12V 1.25 Amp Automatic Mini Pro-XP
6. Schumacher SE-1-12S-CA Fully Automatic Onboard Battery Charger
5. Morange MBC010 12V/1A Smart Battery Charger
4. NOCO Genius G1100 GV/12V 1.1A UltraSafe Smart Battery Charger
3. Deltran Battery Tender Junior 12 Volt 3-Pack
2. Black & Decker BM3B 6V and 12V Battery Charger
1. Battery Tender 021-0123 Battery Tender Junior 12V Battery Charger


Baterai cas untuk mainan mobil remote | Ni-MH Battery Chargers for rc cars

Baterai cas untuk mainan mobil remote | Ni-MH Battery Chargers for rc cars

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Baterai cas untuk mainan mobil remote | Ni-MH Battery Chargers for rc cars
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Self-loading graphene batteries for electric cars that triple the autonomy

Method of obtaining and storing energy unified in the graphene battery itself, in electric cars, which are self-loading by means of mechanical pressure.
Now imagine also having a smartphone, with flexible screen and also a rechargeable battery, we would no longer depend on the electrical network and chargers.


The CTEK MXS 5.0 battery charger can charge both cars and motorcycles. ราคาพิเศษ

สั่งซื้อ : ขาย ราคาพิเศษ ราคาล่าสุด ราคาโปรโมชั่น CTEK เครื่องชาร์จแบตเตอรี่ รุ่น CTEK MXS 5.0CTEK เครื่องชาร์จแบตเตอรี่ รุ่น CTEK MXS 5.0 เป็นเครื่องชาร์จแบตเตอรี่รุ่นยอดนิยมสำหรับผู้ใช้รถทั่วไป เป็นรุ่นที่ขายดีที่สุด อเนกประสงค์และราคาไม่แพง ชาร์จได้ทั้งแบตเตอรี่เปียกและแห้ง ชาร์จได้ทั้งรถยนต์ Super Car มอเตอร์ไซค์ Super Bike เรือ เอทีวี หรืออุปกรณ์อะไรก็ได้ที่ใช้แบตเตอรี่ 12 V ใช้งานง่าย ไม่ต้องถอดแบตเตอรี่ออกจากรถไม่ต้องมีความรู้ทางช่าง ตัดไฟอัตโนมัติ ปลอดภัยกั


Battery Tender: How it works and how I have it setup on my cars

This is a quick video about the battery tender. These are very nice to have for cars that sit, or for those that may be out in the cold

Battery tender available here:


Бустер RavPower Peak Current Portable Car Battery Charger with Smart Jumper 400A RP-PB008

Бустер RavPower Peak Current Portable Car Battery Charger with Smart Jumper 400A RP-PB008
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Macquarie Shopping Centre Electric Car Charger is tricky to find

There are two ChargePoint Type 1 J1772 chargers located at the Macquarie Shopping Centre carpark. These chargers are difficult to reach as they are ‘hidden’ behind the valet parking area. This video shows you how to get to these chargers (without having to pay for valet).


Why Electric Cars Are Becoming More Popular

Electric cars are not a new idea. They have come about many times through the years but have not stuck around. Today's concerns about global warming and the expense of gasoline may have finally changed that. Several major companies are catching on to the possibilities of providing a clean running car and have added hybrid cars to their production lists.

One of the largest obstacles, range, has been a huge deterrence for the purchase and development of these cars. Battery cell research has finally overtaken most of this obstacle. New batteries are smaller, stronger, longer complaining, and recharge faster than ever before.

Less weight and more power will equal greater range. It may even be possible to take a trip and charge your battery while stopping for lunch with the faster charging models.

There are many advantages in driving an electric car, and even the hybrid cars offer great benefits. The ones listed below are the more commonly known:

Easier Maintenance: There are fewer moving parts in an electric motor than there are in a gasoline engine. Fewer parts equates to easier maintenance (less parts to break). Also, with electric cars, oil changes are a thing of the past.

Tax Benefits: The federal government has been giving tax credits to anyone buying a new electric or hybrid car since 2006 – $ 3,500 can be obtained for certain models. Tax credits get put towards the your resulting tax obligation; they directly reduce it instead of just reducing the gross income.

Cleaner Running Car: Electric cars are 100% emission-free – in the industry, they are known as zero emission vehicles (ZEVs). Because they do not burn gasoline or diesel fuel, polluting exhaust is not scattered out into our air and heat does not get radiated from the engine.

Better Fuel Efficiency: Producing, transporting, and refining petroleum fuels is more expensive that just producing electricity. There are many renewable sources for electricity such as solar panels and wind mills. Gas prices have gone crazy, if we use less of it, the price will go down.

Cleaner Environment: The procedure of pumping oil out of the earth, then transporting it from one continent to another, and refining it into usable form creates other harmful effects. For instance, abandoned equipment and wellheads littering the landscape.

Quieter: Electric cars do not require the ignition of explosive fuel, like gasoline burning engines, to make the car move; therefore, they are much quieter. Sometimes the loudest noise for these cars is the wheels rolling. Imagine our cities without the sounds of cars and trucks to understand another benefit of electric cars.

Less Dangerous: Because the car is not carrying 15 gallons of gas, it is much safer. Even in small accidents, fuel lines can break. Gas engines are also unsafe in operation due to the high temperature at which they operate. Radiators in gas cars are under extreme pressure due to the boiling water inside them. These dangerous temperatures under high pressure have caused many people to be scarred for life.

The cooling fan on the radiator can also cause serious injury. Every year, thousands of family pets are killed by these fans because the animal has crawled up next to the engine to get warm.

Utilize Existing Infrastructure: Our country already has electric networks that reach out to every city. Electric cars could be charged just about anywhere. Hydrogen supply sites, another idea for clean burning fuel, requires a new infrastructure to be built that could cost billions.

Parking and HOV Lanes: Some cities have donated electric and hybrid cars an exemption from carpool requirements restricting access to HOV lanes. Other incentivies that cities have offered is free parking by meters and in pay lots.

Our Country's Security: By lowering our need for foreign oil, we will no longer support regimes in third world countries that do not have our best interests at heart. There might no longer be a reason to wage war in the Middle East and lose our soldiers defending other countries.

Our nation has energy problems and electric cars offer a safe, clean, low cost solution. By combining electric cars with nuclear power plants, our country can generate clean electricity and eliminate the pollution from gasoline powered cars and coal-burning generating plants.


A Guide To Electric Car Charging Networks (UK)

Charging your car at home is easy, but on the road it’s a minefield of different networks and ways of accessing them. This is a UK guide to the national networks across the UK.


NRMA Electric Car Charging Network (Oct 2018 Update)

The NRMA is rolling out 40 electric car charging locations across NSW and ACT as part of its Social Dividend Reinvestment Strategy. The plan is set to cost the NRMA $10 million dollars and will account for 95% of road trips taken by NSW and ACT motorists. Each charger will be spaced at most 150km apart on major roadways. The latest location to go online is Mittagong, located at the Mittagong RSL Club carpark. All NRMA chargers are supplied by Australian company Tritium Veefil who have also supplied charging networks across Europe, USA and locally in Australia. Tritium chargers are rapid DC chargers using either ChaDeMo or CCS2.

More details:
NRMA installs charger in Southern Highlands:

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