Simple DIY 18650 Battery Charger – TP4056 Review (Everything Explained)

18650 lithium-ion cells.

These type of batteries are very popular nowadays. And a good charger is very expensive.
This is the most detailed tutorial on how to make your own cheap but very good – 18650 battery charger.
For each cell you need a charging module and a battery support.
For a charging module – TP4056 is the best choice.
you need to connect every battery holder to a charging module. Then connect every module inputs to a power supply of 5 volts.
You can glue all the parts to a plywood base, or connect them on a single plated copper clad board.

Charging module:
Battery support:

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DIY: Lithium 18650 Cells Charger By Using TP4056 Modules

In this video i will show you
how to make 8650 lithium battery charger,


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iMax B6AC or B6 Battery Charger/Discharger Inconsistent Capacity Tests and Other Problems Solved

Are you considering buying a knock-off iMax B6AC or already have one and are getting erratic operation and inconsistent capacity mAh tests? Perhaps your unit is acting crazy and you are about to throw it away and your money. Then you need to see this video and maybe I can save you money. I explain some design problems I encountered and how I solved them. Also I explain a better way to test continuity of any connection by NOT using the unreliable Ohm’s resistance function of a multimeter which can trick you in to believing continuity is good in all cases when it is not always true. I show a better and 100% reliable way that will never fool you.



Clarification of issues with first video:, and how to check the bebop 2 battery condition.

Also, my thanks to Craig Erickson ( for bringing my attention to the difference between the Parrot Bebop 2 Skycontroller 1 and the Skycontroller 2.


Battery Charger for 18650 Lithium Cells

Build your own 18650 lithium cells battery charger 😀

*Check the description for MORE!*
In this short video i’ll build a 18650 lithium charger. This tool will be used to recover some cells from dead laprop batteries. If you don’t know where to get this cells, check the link below 😀

Make your own charger 3 bay 18650 holder 2 bay 18650 holder TP4056 1A charger module Slider witch wires

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Liitokala Lithium ion 18650 NiMH AA AAA Smart Battery Charger Shows TRUE Capacity Vape E Bike Cells

This video is about the intelligent Digital Li ion, NiMH, AA, AAA, A, SC LiitoKala Engineer Lii-500 Battery Charger,

I have used the cheap & dangerous low quality chargers that are supplied with torches from China,

And I didn’t want to risk using them they are so badly made,

The rare feature on this charger is it drains your battery and re fills it and tells you exactly what the battery holds,

It is more than likely nothing like what is stated on the wrapper of the battery,

This feature is very difficult to find on a charger,

This charger will charge all of the following batteries,
3.7 volt Lithium ion batteries,

It will charge Nickel Metal Hydride,

Input = DC 12 Volts,
DC 4.2 Volts for Lithium ion,
300MA, 500MA, 700MA, 1000MA

DC 1.48 Volts for NiMH,
300MA, 500MA, 700MA, 1000MA

Discharge MA current,
Only 250 mah & 500 mah,

These are not selectable any other way than when you choose the charge current,

The charger will select 250 mah discharge automatically,

If you select 700 mah or 1000 mah charge rate it will choose the 500 mah discharge rate,

Power bank output = DC 5 Volts 1000MA,

Information from the seller I bought from,

I have bought 2 now and 1 had a 2 pin adapter and this one had a UK 3 pin plug,

To get the correct one for your need check what there pictures show and ask the seller before you but to get the correct one for your needs,

Search for liitokala charger on ebay,

I paid £20.94 for the first one and £19.99 for the 2nd one price correct November 2016,

I have just checked today and there is one on for £17.99,

So prices do seem to fluctuate,

There is also a 2 slot version of this charger which is cheaper

Suitable for
3.7V Li-ion cylindrical rechargeable battery
1.2V Ni-MH cylindrical rechargeable battery

accepts batteries size between
(diameter: 0-26mm, height: 34-70mm),

Capable of charging 4 batteries of different size and with different capacity simultaneously,

Each of the four battery slots monitors and charges independently,

4 optional charging current: 300mA / 500mA / 700mA / 1000mA.

USB output can charge your 5V electronic devices (powerbank) when putting the Li-ion batteries in the slots.

Before using this as a powerbank make sure it will not overcharge your device

fast test = drain and recharge

normal test modes = drain and recharge and drain, this is for installation in a battery pack for things like E bikes,

test modes = test the TRUE maximum capacity of the batteries.

LCD displays charging current,
impedance and charging time,

Features over current protection,
short circuit protection,
and battery polarity reverse connection protection,

Automatically stops charging when complete,

Besides the power adapter,
one spring car charger cable is included,

Color: Black

Material: Plastic

Charger input: DC 12 Volt 2.0AMP

Charging current:

Charging current for Li-ion battery: 300mA / 500mA / 700mA / 1000mA (4.2V)

Charging current for NiMH battery: 300mA / 500mA / 700mA / 1000mA (1.48V)

Discharge current: 250mA & 500mA

Termination mode: Intelligent voltage monitoring
USB output: 5V 1000mA

Power adapter
UK Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz
Output: 12V 2.0A

Car charger cable: 70cm / 2.3ft (max.)

1 x Battery charger
1 x Power adapter (UK)
1 x Car charger cable
1 x Manual(English & Chinese)

Thanks for taking the time to watch my video it is much appreciated.


Overview Revolectrix Cellpro PowerLab 6 v2 6S LiPo battery balancing charger 40A 1000W PC interface

BrunoPOWEEER is everywhere:

Revolectrix Cellpro PowerLab 6 v2 balancing charger for up to 6S LiPo batteries fast charge and discharge at 40A 1000W + MPA board + FUIM3 PC USB Interface Overview

Fantastic device if you are running large LiPo packs, connected to your PC via USB and compare charge and discharge curve in each cell.

Connect up to 6 same count cells at same time with different capacity or charge state, it saves you a lot of time!!!

I paid USD$257 on eBay (link below)

COMBO 7 Revolectrix Cellpro PowerLab 6 v2 6S/40A/1000W BATTERY CHARGER MPA FUIM3


Panasonic (Tesla) 52v 14.5Ah battery pack with Fast charger (14s 5p NCR18650PF) Bafang BBSHD BBS02

BrunoPOWEEER is everywhere:

Check out more Battery videos here:

Panasonic PF cells:

Cell holders:

Battery Chargers:

BMS (battery management system) for 48v 13s packs:

Anti spark connector XT90-S

Battery On Your Back Or Battery On The Bike, Which Works Best For You?

Panasonic 18650PF Specifications:
Battery type: 18650 High Drain | Hybrid IMR
Capacity: 2900mAh
Max Discharge (constant current): 10A
Max Discharge Pulse Current (5-6 sec.): 18A
Full charge: 4.2V
Charging method: CV/CC
Minimum charging current: 0.6A
Rapid Charging current: 1.35A
Nominal (storage) voltage: 3.6V-3.7V
Minimum discharge voltage level: 2.5V
Dimensions: 18.5mm x 66.5mm *18 mm x 65 mm
Weight: 46.5g
Button Top: Yes *Not
AC-IR 21 mΩ

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Technical Description:

•1,5 hours safe fast charge
•70x 18650 Panasonic High Current cells bare pack for better cooling
•14.5Ah battery pack capacity
•Range: +/-26km in the city / 36km continuous full throttle with few stops
•14S 58.4v cut-off BMS (lithium battery management system) 57.1v at 100% charge

•Bafang 8fun BBS02 750w 48v (1427.5watts at 57.1v)
•Custom controller settings with maximum throttle enabled
•52 tooth chainring (85.5km/h top speed)

Throttle / Brake Sensor:
•Left thumb throttle adapted to road bike handlebar (almost invisible)
•Magnetic sensor for mechanical rear brakes

•2x 15 watts LED headlights (two modes: normal or high bean)
•Red LED Voltmeter for battery performance monitoring

•Trek Road Bike


Cycle Satiator • Complete Tutorial Review • Programmable Universal Battery Charger 12v to 103v

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CYCLE SATIATOR website / info:

Cycle Satiator Family of Battery Chargers 12-103VDC:

Cycle Satiator Ebike Charger Review

Satiator’s official video:

Playlist with more battery videos:

This video was recorded at eMax-eBikes Australia

Please Note – Most battery management system (BMS) use a balancing algorithm that balances towards the end of the charge cycle. If you plan to use 80% and 90% profiles please charge to 100% every 7-10 charges.


The Cycle Satiator is not limited to charging a specific battery type. Instead this one charger model can be configured for virtually any lithium, nickel metal hydride, or lead acid battery pack.

Available in 3 models:
2415 – 12-36v 15A max
4808 – 12-63v 8A max
7205 – 36-103v 5A max

Informative Display

A large and bright OLED display screen shows all your realtime charging statistics; you can see the total amp-hours and voltage along with a clear graphic indicating the approximate charge in the pack.

Impressive Power Density

At almost 0.5 watts / cm3, the Cycle Satiator packs 2-3 times more power per volume than most other chargers available. This translates into big league charging currents in a portable size device.

Fan Free Efficiency

The power electronics were carefully designed to reach 95% efficiency at full load, eliminating the need for a fan to get rid of waste heat and keep things cool. no more buzzing fan noise and no risk of charger meltdowns if the fan fails.

Sealed and Watertight

A gasketted enclosure and connector design strategy keeps the charger electronics protected in the face of rain, road spray, dust etc.

Compact and Narrow Size

The charger is less than 5cm high and 8cm wide, allowing it to fit easily in a saddle bag, under the rear rack, inside a frame triangle, or screwed to a chassis.
Most lithium batteries are capable of vastly improved cycle life if they are not fully charged to saturation all the time, but at the expense of reduced range.

With the Cycle Satiator, you can program your primary profile to give an 80% charge, and have a secondary profile that does a 100% charge when you need full range. Then have the best of both worlds, a battery that lasts thousands of cycles but still goes the distance when you need it.


How To Make 18650 Battery Charger [MOD YOUR OLD POWERBANK]

DIY Lithium-ion Battery Charger Using A PowerBank Module [Easiest Way To Make!!!]

Hi Friends! In This Video I Am Showing You How To Make A 18650 Lithium-ion Battery Charger At Home Using Your Old PowerBank Circuit. I Hope You Enjoyed Watching This Video. If You Found This Video Is Helpful.!! Please Give👍🏼Thumbs Up! And SHARE This Video. And Please SUBSCRIBE My Channel For More… THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!

1. Plastic Sheet (Acrylic,plexiglass)
2. Hot Glue Machine
3. Soldering Iron
4. Battery Connectors (easily find in old toys.etc)
5. PowerBank Circuit (module)
6. Wires

18650 Lithium-ion Batteries Are Very DANGEROUS. Even A Single 18650 Cell Has The Potential To Start FIRE!! [Do This At Your Own Risk]
Please Don’t Confuse About Plus And Minuses And Don’t Put Batteries Into Wrong Direction!!!.And Make Sure About Battery Health Before Charging It. Avoid Leaked Batteries..Be Safe.Be Happy

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