CES 2018 – Energen Portable Battery Chargers

Abt Electronics checks out Energen portable battery chargers for drones and other portable devices.


CES 2019: Ampere Unravel Qi Charger

Allison Sheridan interviews Chase Larson, Co-Founder of Ampere, about their new Unravel Qi charger. Unravel is a travel wireless charging station with three 10W Qi-charging pads that support fast charging of your Apple, Samsung, or any Qi compatible mobile device. With a unique hinged design, Unravel can be laid flat, folded up, stacked or used as a stand. With a USB Type-C PD input, the charger can be powered with the Unravel Adapter or your MacBook charger. Unravel comes in black, blue and red colors and includes a compact travel carrying case. The setting is the Pepcom Digital Experience show floor at the Mirage in Las Vegas.
Learn more at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ampere/unravel-wireless-charging-station-travel-charger/
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Yeti Lithium Fast charger improvements, 12v + auto charger options, CES 2019 Link + Tank expansion

This is an update to my previous video showing my fast charger setup: https://youtu.be/uXKUGWiETMM

Since my 4x wall charger fast charger outputs close to 300 watts, it generates some heat. My original rubber spacers couldn’t handle the heat so I added some new extruded aluminum spacers from Makerbeam for better airflow to keep things cool. I walk through how I did it.

I have some info for people asking about whether it’s possible to use a standard 12v power supply to charge a Yeti instead of ganging up multiple wall chargers like I did. I also cover some info I gleaned from Goal Zero on upcoming products: a fan-cooled 300 watt wall charger, a 12v 150 watt auto charger, and the upcoming Link and Tank expansion packs announced at 2019 CES for Yeti Lithiums.

Makerbeam 40mm blank anodized beams (40x10x10mm size) I used as spacers:

Gorilla clear mounting tape, heat resistant to 250 degrees F:


Autel Robotics: New Evo Accessories at CES 2019

In this episode, the Roswell Flight Test Crew catches up with Andrew St. Pierre, the creative product manager at Autel Robotics about two new accessories for the company’s Evo drone. The first is a multi-charger for the aircraft batteries, allowing up to four batteries to be charged in sequence. However, unlike other multi-chargers, this unit charges each battery to 80 percent of capacity, then begins charging the next battery while continuing to trickle-charge the first. This approach saves time and stress on the batteries. Also introduced at CES 2019 is the Live Deck: a video receiver separate from the aircraft controller capable of independently receiving video and telemetry. Intended primarily for use by the public safety community, this allows the signals to be shared with a command post or other observers not standing next to the pilot. Both products are set to be released in early 2019, with the price to be determined.


This Case Charges Your Phone Wirelessly Over-The-Air | CES 2019

Charge Wirelessly With This Over-The-Air Charging Case
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CES 2019 | Zendure Battery Backups and Charging Accessories

in CES Zendure had a full product line up for us to see. Power your mac book pro , smart phone any device

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