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Hi friends welcome to my channel. My name is itham prasad. here are Top 3 tips charge phone faster android. In this video I will tell you how to charge battery faster and to increase the android mobile battery life. You can charge android mobile faster telugu. I hope you got how to speed up charging android. Friends please do subscribe my youtube channel for more videos. aluminium foil does not charges mobile faster. That’s fake. They will try to increase their video’s view count. You can also use third party charger if in case your charger was damaged or lost. But the configuration must be the same. Use reputed branded chargers for best results. Keep your mobile in airplane mode or switch off while charging.


Use Fast chargers. Fast chargers are available in all e-commerce sites.use the fast charger and keep your smartphone in airplane mode or switch off so that mobile charging will be much faster.

Fast charger links are given below. click on the links to buy if you are in need.

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Every phone battery has life cycles. if you charge from 0 percent to 100 percent, that’s called as one life cycle. Mobile batteries might have 1000 life cycles or more. Keep your battery charging between 20 percent to 80 percent to keep your smartphone battery healthy and long life. It’s best for the battery life.

Don’t play with your phone while its charging. Do not plug to computer or laptop for charging purpose. Turn off bluetooth, wifi, gps and all other networks while charging to increase the battery life. Reduce the mobile brightness, disable the adaptive brightness. And also reduce the display sleep time.

Reboot your android mobile or phone once in a week. Turn on the Stand by battery saving mode in settings. turn off the auto-update option in the playstore for all apps. If your display is amoled then use the black colored wallpaper to increase the battery life. If you have TFT or IPS display then do not use animated wallpapers that is, live wallpapers. just use static wallpapers.

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How to charge Arlo Pro Camera Battery

A how-to video on charging the Arlo Pro Camera Battery.

The process is very simple to do in charging the Arlo Pro camera.

However, in the future Netgear may release the charging station to charge 2 batteries at one time but for now, it would have to do.

All you need is the power adapter, usb cable, camera with battery inside. Connect them all together and plug in to wall socket for it to charge.

Blue flashing light means charging. When it’s completed charging, you will see a solid blue. The other way is to turn camera on to see the battery if fully charged.

Item featured – Arlo Pro Security with 2 cameras:

Please check out the video.

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Magic Tags Wireless Charge Receiver (UMIDIGI F1)(Razer Wireless Charger Test)(Requested Video)

Magic Tags Wireless Charge Receiver (UMIDIGI F1)(Razer Wireless Charger Test)

*This is a requested video for a Friend of the channel:) to see if we can get the Razer Wireless Charger to charge a phone in an up/down position. But This cable works perfectly for any other wireless charger I have tested…

Magic Tags Wireless Receiver-Short Ver.

Hi Friends:
This is to test and see if we can get a standard cell phone that is not a Razer 2 Phone to wirelessly charge in the Up/Down Position.

The Razer Phone 2 coils are located at the bottom part of the phone (Lower end) While Galaxy phones are located in the middle.

We are trying to see if this Short USB-C cable while being a bit on the lower side will make it possible to charge with the Razer Wireless Charger in the Up/Down position. As you can see it still does NOT charge in that position, In any other position it works but NOT in the Up/Down position.

I will continue to look for a better cable or fix for that Specific Razer Wireless Charger. But for every other Charger it works perfectly. I tested both on the Umidigi F1 and Galaxy s8 plus and it worked perfect on the Samsung Wireless Chargers (2017/2018). This is a specific video for a friend. Thx…

* Again this cable Does work with an Offical Samsung Wireless charger in both positions. So I’m sure it will work with many others… This video is specifically to see if the Razer Wireless charger could work. This is an awesome product and I recomend it. thx…

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Green Ranger summons the Raptor Zord | Power Rangers Dino Charge | Velociraptor Dinosaur

Green Ranger summons the Raptor Zord.

This scene is from Power Rangers Dino Charge “Return of the Caveman” episode. .

#PowerRangers #GoGoPowerRangers #Hasbro

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All-new episodes of Power Rangers Beast Morphers premiere on March 2nd on Nickelodeon.


CHEAPEST Way to Charge Tesla Model 3?

Want more? check out my latest video! “What Tesla Can Learn from Facebook” –~–
Charging a Tesla Model 3 won’t be free, but it doesn’t have to be expensive either. Let’s explore some options to see which is the cheapest. Don’t miss these updates, subscribe at

// First Charging Option – Your House

If you can’t install a charger this won’t apply. In my research I found that my local electricity provider offers special discounted rates for EV owners. Make sure to check with your local power company about this as well.

My rate during Super Off-Peak time = $0.22

// Second Charging Option – Public Networks

Public networks like Chargepoint, EVGo, and Blink offer various rates depending on the area. Check out for info on options near you.

Another interesting option in this space is EV Match which pairs hosts with chargers with drivers. The economics don’t always work but the convenience may overrule a few cents per kWh.

Check out for options near you

My rate for public networks were between $0.25 – $0.60

// Third Charging Option – Tesla Superchargers

Assuming there is a Tesla Supercharger near you this could very well be your best option. It’s going to be the fastest for sure, and in many states/countries they offer a competitive price.

Check out my video and map with these details –

My Tesla Supercharger Rate $0.20

// Fourth Charging Option – Free Networks

As you may have guessed these choices aren’t super reliable because of how popular they are. The network I’ve seen in SoCal is called Volta and while you charge they display an advertisement.

// Fifth Charging Option – Home with Solar

The cheapest option I found in my analysis was using solar panels on my house. If you’re looking to get Solar the site I used to help decide is

On EnergySage they let installers bid on your project and give you a beautiful dashboard breaking it all down.

Check out my video breakdown on this here –

My Rate with Solar $0.09

Let me know what your options look like and which you found to be the best in the comments!

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How To Trickle Charge Your Battery | by DieHard

Find out how to avoid a dead snowmobile during the snowy season.


Rush Charge Set of 2 2000 mAh Portable Chargers on QVC

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Portable Solar Phone Chargers 15000mAh Solar Power Bank Charge for iPhone iPad Samsung

ortable Solar Phone Chargers 15000mAh Solar Power Bank Charge for iPhone iPad Samsung
Product On Aliexpress:

Brand Name:ALLPOWERSType:Emergency / PortableQuality Certification:EMC,CE,RoHS,FCCOutput Interface:Double USBSupport Quick Charge Technology:One-way Quick ChargeWeight:420gOutput:5V/2ASupports Solar Energy:YesBattery Type:Li-polymer BatteryBattery Capacity(mAh):10001-15000mAhIs LED Lamp Illumination:YesInput Interface:Micro USBSize:162*80*20mm/ 6.4*3.1* 0.8inchColor :Black Orange, Black BlueCigarette Lighter:yes

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How Long Does It Take To Charge A 12 Volt Battery?

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