Full automatic 12V/24V battery charger

a intelligent e-bike scooter car battery charger,used to 12V and 24V lead acid batteries.


CTEK Multi XS 3600 battery charger teardown & repair

In this video, I reveal the sheer horror that resides inside one of these CTEK chargers, and I track down and remedy an issue that causes the charger to be unresponsive to the mode switch. When done, it does a good job of charging batteries at 4 or 0,65 A, but I’m not sure if one should rely too heavily on one of these.

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How to make 12v bike battery charger – easy step by step with circuit diagram

in today video we share amazing idea that How to make 12v bike battery charger at home easy step by step with circuit diagram.
its very easy and cheapest project. i use simple 12v transformer, some diodes and one capacitor. see full video and make it same.


Charging car battery with a 4 Amp battery charger.

Charging my car battery with a 4 Amp battery charger.
The battery was not fully charged because I had been doing a lot of short distance stop and start driving, including some short distance driving at night.

I used a 4 Amp “Motogard” battery charger (made in New Zealand), which I purchased about 20 years ago.for around $30.


CAT 12 Volt Wheeled Autmatic Battery Charger, Model CBC40EW

This is the new CAT 12 Volt Wheeled Battery Charger, Model CBC40EW


Electric scooter 48V charged on 12V battery charger

this is my electric scooter it runs on 48v 10a battery,my original charger has burnout so instead buying new one i modified to disconect 48v to 12v with wires,on each battery i soldered 4 wires,4 on positive and 4 on negative,i use connector in black for positive and white for negative,wires in connector are separated,another part of same connector fits in but with 4 wires soldered togeather for 12v charging,after charging is complete you disconect 12v and connect 48v,please subscribe comment and thnx for watching


how to make simple 12v automatic battery charger at home

hello friends today i am showing how to make simple 12 volt battery charger . It is easy to make and low cost

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circuit diagram :-https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6rqfDBG5DHLMTN0LVlHajFWLTA/view?usp=sharing

Connotation diagram :-


1. zero pcb
2. bc547 transistor
3. 2 1k resistor
4. 5k preset resistor
5. 12v relay
6. 330 ohm resistor
7. 22uf/25v capacitor
8. led
9. 10k resistor
10. connector

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7DayShop Smart NiMH Battery Charger – 12v Solar Shed

In this video I show how I use my solar energy to charge AA & AAA cells for use in the house. I use this 7dayshop smart charger which is based on the Technoline BL-700 family of chargers.

This charger allows you to charge, discharge, refresh or determine the capacity of each cell. It can charge at 200, 500, 700 or 1000 mIlliamps depending on how quickly you want your cells.

I also explain and demonstrate the single-end primary-inductor converter (SEPIC) I use to regulate 12volts.

Thanks for watching – It’d be great to hear your comments.

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Technoline BL790, La Crosse RS 700, Youshiko YC4000,


DIY – Solar Battery Charger

Hi Everyone, I am back again with this new video tutorial.
In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to charge a Lithium 18650 Cell using TP4056 chip utilizing the solar energy or simply the SUN.

Wouldn’t it be really cool if you can charge your mobile phone’s battery using the sun instead of a USB charger? You can also use this project as a DIY portable power bank.

The total cost of this project excluding the battery is just under $5. The battery will add up another $4 to $5 bucks. So the total cost of the project is somewhat around $10.

For more amazing projects like this please visit: https://diyfactory007.blogspot.com.au/


How To Make A 12 Volt 5 Amp Battery Charger – DIY Technology Tutorial – Guidecentral

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About this DIY project:
– Title: Make a 12 volt 5 amp Battery Charger
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– The power supply
– Clips
– Switch
– Soldering iron and solder
– Screwdriver and pliers

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