AGM & gel cell battery charger review.

AGM and gel cell batteries should not be charged with regular battery chargers. Most standard battery chargers will not even start if a battery is completely dead or deeply discharged. I have restored batteries that were completely dead for over 5 years by using different techniques. Never use tap water or any other water in a battery except distilled water. Always use eye protection when handling batteries.


Yuneec Typhoon H Battery Charger Modification.

So I have just finished upgrading my stock Yuneec battery charger (2+ hours to recharge) too now use a balance cable and XT60 cable to charge from my 20A charger.
Simple process. Great results.
Can still use the stock setup if I wish.
Thanks for watching.
If you have any questions or comments please post below.
Thanks Haydn
## Edit ##
The order of cables are…
From left to right (power plug to USB plug)
Power Negitive and Balance Negitive (together on large pin)
Cell 1 Positive
Cell 2 Positive
Cell 3 Positive
Cell 4 Positive (On large pin)
Power Positive (On large pin)

The parts I used….


PBM Industrial Battery Chargers

PBM Industrial Battery Chargers, leader nel mercato dei caricabatterie industriali dal 1973.


Energizer Universal Battery Charger Review

In this video I review my new Energizer Universal Battery Charger.


CTEK MXS 10 Battery Charger for lead Acid and AGM Batteries

The CTEK MXS 10 is a 240v 10 Amp Battery Charger to keep all your 12v vehicle and boat batteries in tip top condition. The MXS 10 will also do AGM Batteries. Recondition your batteries every 12 months to get extended life out of them. Simply plug it in and walk away.


2-Power Universal Camera Battery Charger

Universal Battery Charger suitable for charging many types of low voltage battery packs for Cameras, Camcorders, Mobile Phones etc.
Simply adjust the charging pins manually to correspond to your batterys contacts and plug in to the mains or DC Car socket to begin charging. The charger automatically senses positive and negative polarity and is suitable for charging 3.6v, 3.7v, 7.2v & 7.4v Lithium ion Battery Packs.

The unit is also able to charge AA & AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries and USB enabled devices via the 5V 1000mA USB port.
– Suitable for charging 3.6v, 3.7v, 7.2v & 7.4v Lithium ion Battery Packs.

– Includes USB port for charging of most USB enabled devices such as iPod,iPhone, Kindle, BlackBerry.
– Charges via the supplied UK or EU Home Mains Plug or 12V DC car socket.


Solar Powered Battery Chargers

Visit to learn more about Solar Chargers and Maintainers.
Harness the power of the Sun with Quick Cable’s new Solar Powered Battery Chargers and Maintainers. For auto, marine and RV batteries. Quick Cable Solar Powered Battery chargers and maintainers will help keep your batteries fully charged and ready for use.
Ideal for seasonal or intermittent use, Our 12 volt battery maintainer comes with a DC power plug and battery terminal clips to attach to the vehicle’s battery. This handy 2 watt maintainer prevents discharge over long storage periods and is easy to set up.
Our 12V battery trickle charger is larger and offers up to 5 watts of power to extend the life of your battery and easily plugs in to a cigarette lighter or direct to your 12 Volt battery.
Our 15 watt 12 Volt battery charger is made from shatterproof tempered glass and is weatherproof to withstand even the harshest elements. Plug in to a 12Volt DC plug or connect directly to a battery. With 4 pre-drilled holes, this charger can easily be installed as a permanent upgrade to any RV or marine craft. Multiple units can be connected to provide even more power.
Our solar charge regulator is recommended for use with the 15 watt model to prevent overcharging your batteries during extended storage period.
Solar Powered Battery Chargers from Quick Cable.


Make a 12 VDC power supply for RC LiPo Battery Chargers.

Model airplanes and Helicopters come with battery chargers that usually need to be charged off a 12 vdc power supply. They are rather expensive, so the manufacturers do not include them with your models. So if you want to charge your heli and plane batteries in the house instead of in your car, try making your own supply, as I demonstrate here. Thanks to one of my Subscribers, Bryan, (bjudoka1) for putting the idea in my head.
I was thinking that you could also run a wire right out of your home pc and use it at the same time.


How to troubleshoot a 24 volt Battery Charger

Using an ESR meter to test capacitors.
Note in video third diode was actually a resistor. I did not notice
this until I cleaned up the components.


canon g7x mark ii battery charger

canon g7x mark ii battery chargers you will need for your canon g7x mark ii. The camera runs out of battery quick so I show you 2 battery chargers for your canon g7x mark ii. One plugs directly into the wall the other plubgs into a usb for a larger battery.

*NOTE* You can charge with 1 battery in the camera directly. I prefer charging 2 batteries at the same time then using my camera as a charger. Has to also be canon batteries or they will not charge in the camera.

canon g7x mark ii battery charger for plugs and car

canon g7x mark ii battery charger for usb connection


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