DIY Battery Charger Installation – CTEK 4.3 – On Ferrari F430 (m)

DIY Battery Charger Installation – CTEK 4.3 – On F430 (same procedure for 360)

Ferraris and all other vehicles using lead acid batteries really hate to sit unused. It will lead to premature battery failure and sometimes an unusable car, usually when you want to use it.

Install a trickle charger to both maintain proper charge and periodically run the lead acid battery through charging cycles. I have selected the CTEK 4.3, but better chargers are released periodically. My previous favorite was the CTEK 3300.

CTEK 4.3: (*The CTEK 4.3 is also known as CTEK 56-864 I believe)
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$55 at…c7827_a_7cC002

Total Time:
12 minutes (while filming video, taking pictures, and drinking Old Engine Oil)

Difficulty Level:
2 (scale 1-10)

10mm wrench. Preferably an insulated handle wrench so you don’t short out the battery accidentally.

1. Remove passenger footwell (2x philips head screws)
2. Remove negative 10mm terminal post. I did not remove the entire terminal because then I would need my radio code and the cars ECUs would need to re-learn.
3. Install negative (black) CTEK lead to negative battery terminal.
4. Install positive (red) CTEK lead to positive 12v battery terminal.
5. Zip tie pigtail leads to something solid to stress relieve terminals
6. Replace passenger footwell.
7. Test charger.


How To Connect A Battery Charger To A Car – The Correct Way
How To Connect A Battery Charger To A Car – The Correct Way
Batteries, that can have water added, can be dangerous if they are charging or you are just taking the charger off the battery in a car. The fumes from the battery acid is explosive. So it is very important to not create sparks around a battery. Always plug the battery charger into the wall last when hooking it up. Unplug it first when disconnecting.
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