How to Use the DC Fast Charger | 2018 Ioniq Electric | Hyundai

Your Hyundai electric vehicle comes equipped with the option to charge with DC Fast chargers. Watch this video to learn more about DC Fast charging and how to locate the station nearest you.

Applicable to 2018 Hyundai Ioniq Electric.

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How to Use the DC Fast Charger | 2018 Ioniq Electric | Hyundai



Quick Charge 3.0 RAVPower 30W Dual USB Plug Wall Charger Review

If you have a portable device charging it is essential. You could use the charger that comes with your device, but chances are it will not charge your device all that quickly. That is where the Quick Charge 3.0 RAVPower 30W comes in. With this charger you could cut your charge time in half, or half 50% battery in less then 20 min (on supported devices).

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Tech Specs:
Size: 2.56* 1.1* 2.01 inch
Weight: 3.4oz
Max Charging Speed: 5V/2.4Amps 9V/2Amps 12V/2Amps Max

Some other general tech stuff:
This video was taken using a Vixia HF R400 with these settings;
Auto .mp4 @ 35mps

Wireless mic; Audio Technica ATR288W VHF

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2000 Watt Power Inverter with 20 Amp Battery Charger 12 Volt DC to 110 Volt AC

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The (PIC-2000) Royal Power 2000 watt 12 volt dc to 120 volt ac power inverter with battery charger and automatic transfer switch allows you to setup this unit as a home UPS. By simply connecting the inverter to a 12 volt direct current battery source and plugging the AC charger cord into AC outlet in your home the backup system will be ready to use. When your utility power is available the built in battery charger will keep your batteries charged once fully charged the charger will go into a float mode. When utility power is lost or cut the inverters outlets will remained powered by using the direct current from the battery source. This inverter is perfect to be used with emergency home equipment like sump pumps and backup lighting.

The inverter attaches directly to a 12v DC battery supply. It has the ability to power on small load devices. It has durable reinforced panels on the interior which allows for the unit to be used in vehicles. Designed with the best quality components inside, all high grade resistors/transistors.
-Some applications that it can be used for are: incandescent lighting, tvs, small appliances (medium fridges, medium freezers steroes, fans etc..). Smaller power tools (drills etc..), small-medium pumps, kettles, pots, small heaters, microwaves.
This newly designed heavy duty inverter is made to with stand movement and vibrations commonly experienced in mobile settings. With the addition of reinforced steel bars holding all the interior components in place, this heavy duty inverter is ideal for all mobile applications. Also included newly designed Automatic Transfer switch, which turns this inverter to the ultimate home backup power supply. Plug house hold devices in the inverter and when the house power is cut the battery power will transfer over automatically.
** please check power requirements of your devices or call in for any questions

2000 watts continuous power
4000 watts peak power
Provides 16.8 Amps
DC input voltage: 10.5-15V
Anodized aluminum case provides durability
Built-in Cooling Fan
Internal, Replaceable 30 Amp spade-type Fuses
3 3 Prong 120 volt AC outlet
Overload Indicator
Power ON/OFF Switch
Free 100ft Range Wireless Remote
Built-in Battery Charger & Automatic Transfer Switch
3 FT Battery Cables Included


Eliminate the Cause of Excessive Transformer Noise/Humming in Battery Charger – Part 1 of 2

Eliminate the Cause of Excessive Transformer Noise/Humming in Battery Charger by securing the plates


eBee Plus Survey Drone Overview – Battery Charger

In this video our training manager, Andrea, explains how to use the eBee Plus survey drone’s battery charger, which is supplied with the UAV. More:


How to make a 12v battery charger at home (EASY and QUICK Demonstration)

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BoltPower D28 Car Battery Charger, Jump Vauxhall Insignia CDTi 2.0 from flat

Boltpower was straight out of the box, Insignia was flaaaat!


Skyrc e8 battery charger

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Free Energy Generator – John Bedini Battery Charger

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Battery charger

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