SE50 – 50 Amp Fully Automatic Schumacher Battery Charger

50A ENGINE STARTER/ 10A BOOSTER / 6-2A CHARGER/MAINTAINER FOR ENGINE STARTING, CHARGING & RUGGED USE • Microprocessor controlled ─ automatically adjusts the amperage rate to charge & maintain. Multi-stage charging for added precision, safety and battery life. • Charges 12 volt Standard, AGM and Deep-cycle batteries • Float mode monitoring ─ Automatically maintains optimum battery charge • Reverse hook-up protection ─ Charger will not operate if clamps are reversed. LED indicator will flash. • Energy efficient ─ Meets the highest industry standards


Sony NP-FW50 USB Battery Charger – Nitecore USN1 | Unboxing & Review

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Nitecore UNK1 – Nikon USB Charger

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La Crosse BC-700 Battery Charger Review

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La Crosse Technology BC-700 Charger:

Eneloop (AA) –
Eneloop (AAA) –
Eneloop Pro (AA) –
Eneloop Pro (AAA) –

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review of Solar Prologix PL2320, 6v/12v battery charger/maintainer

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This is my review of the Solar Pro Logix PL2320 6v/12v automatic battery charger and maintainer.


Power Time with Jeff Cote – Battery Charger, Wiring & Installation Tips

A battery charger should not be mounted in a place which could get wet or directly above the batteries. The battery charger should be mounted as close to batteries as possible.


BOATING GEAR: 5w Solar Panel Battery Charger

This Battery Tender product by Deltran is a 5-watt solar panel with built-in smart charging controller. This panel provides 100% portable battery charging when AC power is not available.


Schumacher XC10 Battery Charger Review – Not Recommended!

I purchased this Schumacher XC10 Battery Charger to help keep my solar battery charged up in the event it isn’t able to be charged enough from the panel. I’ve done some testing with this charger and was not amused by the results.


Use a Computer Power Supply For Your Turnigy Battery Charger

This tutorial shows you how to turn your old computer power supply in to a power supply that can provide enough power for your Turnigy charger or any battery charger that accepts a 12 volt input and requires less than about 10 amps. Please be careful when working with these power supplies – if the leads are allowed to short while the power is turned on, you will burn yourself and possibly start a fire. I accept no responsibly for your actions so be careful!


Solar-Powered 3.7V Lithium Battery Charger

I soldered a 2x 3″ 5.0V (make certain you use a 5.0V solar panel- on eBay/ Amazon) solar panel to a TP 4056 ( on eBay) lithium ion battery charging board. The output is soldered to a 18560 battery cradle (holder). No need for a diode- the motherboard will shut down at 4.2V which is considered a fully-charged cell. Good project for a young person interested in STEM or an adult at home. I have my students carry this project out in my ‘intro. to fuels’ lab course .


Costco! CAT 4 AMP 12 Volt Battery Charger / Maintainer $27!

Costco! CAT 4 AMP 12 Volt Battery Charger / Maintainer $27!