12V DC Supply or Battery charger(using full bridge)

Hello friendz i will back with a new video in which i am going to make 12V DC supply from 220V AC supply
Generally we see 12V DC supply in our little or smart Home🏠🏡 appliance such as Mobile Charger,Laptop Adapter, or we can else say digital electronic Devices

So, How this adapter or charge convert 220V AC to 12V DC Supply Let see:
I am just making this DC Supply which also run these same appliances………..🔝⬆⬆🔺

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how to make 12v battery charger,using fan capacitor

how to make 12v battery charger, using fan capacitor
using 16v transformer , black red clip , diode 4amp ,440v 2.5 mfd capacitor, etc.

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