Razor Electric Scooter Charger Problem – It Stays Green While Charging

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In this video I talk about your Razor Electric scooters charger problem when it’s plugged in charging and the light stays green, or after an hour the light changes to green even though the scooter isn’t charged yet, just in case you want to buy a new charger it’s linked above. Thanks for watching.

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Multiple Rapid Charging / Charging concerns & why I wouldn’t buy a 39kWh Kona Electric

Not my finest video creation for sure. I’ve really disliked making this video from start to end.

The idea was simple, three rapid charges and some quick driving but I wasn’t to know my opinion of the car would dramatically change.

So much of the footage I shot became redundant and Inappropriate once I analysed the data. The car seems to charge slower than I expected and potentially had issues charging from cold. The BMS becomes active at various times without a consistent pattern.

Compared to the 64kwh version the 39kwh is half the car when you consider it’s limited range in worst case scenarios and slower charging performance.

Remember this is my opinion only and I’ve been spoilt with the 64kwh version.

With so much secrecy from Hyundai about what the BMS is actually doing, we simply can’t fully understand the cars abilities in respect to charging and hence it’s sadly easy to draw conclusions from tests such as this. Ideally, such tests would be repeated over multiple times to prove results and again varying parameters to learn more.

The charging time of 57 minutes seemed accurate for the 20% to 80% charge but sadly 6% to 80% wasn’t so swift.

Does the 39kwh Kona have issues charging from cold? Why does the BMS come on when the battery is cold? Why was charging limited to 14kw from cold in my final test? All unanswered I’m afraid.

UK Kona Electric specs:

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HALO Powerpatch Portable Charger with Charging Cables on QVC

For More Information or to Buy: https://qvc.co/2JLFFLh
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How to charge android phone fast and quickly 2018 | Increase battery charging speed

In this video I will show you how can you charge your android mobile phone faster. How to charge android battery Instant. Hope you like this video.

The content of the video :
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Hey whatsup guys welcome to tov, in this video we gonna talk about the wireless charging, and it’s definitely not what you think it is. So without wasting your more time on this intro lets get into the video.

So before i start shouting on youtube. As usual I wanna know from you about what you know about Wireless. I know you cannt speak but if you will try I cannot hear you anyway. So let me guess what u know about the wireless charging. Okay a simple guess is charging your phone without the use of wire. Great. Another technical person may speak we put our phone on the wireless charger to charge our phone this is called wireless charging. Yeah you are correct till some extent. But as you are my subscribers its my duty to correct you when you are wrong. This type of charging which involves physical contact of the phone with the charging pad is called as inductive charging technically so feel comfortable to correct your self.

So what actually is an inductive charging and why it’s different from other true wireless future. Inductive charging involves the use of simple phenomena called electromagnetic field to transfer energy. This needs two coils side by side. The first coil is in your charger and the second one is in your phone. So when you turn on the power to the charger the electric currents flows through the coil present in the charger. Due to the flow of the electric current through the coil it results in the production of the electro magnet field. This electric field also influence the second coil in the phone. Due to the electromagnetic field the electrons present in the wire also starts to move resulting in the production of charge. This process occurs within 1 second. This is the reason when you move your phone away it stops to charge. For this technology to work the coils meed to be closer.

So this is not wireless charging its inductive. So to know what’s really wireless charging means, lets go back to past. Lets time travel. Say hi to mr nikola tesla, he will be called as the man who 20th century, right now he’s making some kinds of towers, excue me sir whats the name of your tower you made here, its what , a warden clyffe tower, great name sir. So whats the main objective of making this tower. Oh it will broadcast power from usa to India without wire. Great you mean its wireless. We also have phones which have wireless charging in future but mr tesla when we pick it up it wont charge. And i hate to keep it there. I want to charge amd use my freaking phone. Okay enough of time travel lets get back to present

This is the main concept of the wireless charging. Just imagine you are very lazy, like super lazy and don’t want to get off the bed. And its winter and the floor is super cold. But your phones battery is super low and john snow is just about to get alive and u dont wanna miss it and also don’t wanna get up. So imagine you just connected to your wireless charger and boom your phone starts to charge over the air. With the help of this technology you phone, laptop, fitness band, smartwatch or anything can charge as long you are paired. Now stop imagining because its a reality . Companies have started to produce and test this tech. This tech will use radio frequencies to power up multiple devices in order of your priority. this is right now only limited to shorter distances

Various Companies have produced some of the prototypes. The first one is mid field wattup can charge wirelessly upto 3 fts. The second one is Cota tile which is also another prototype can go upto 30 fts. The third one is powercast power spot which can go upto 80fts. These are all made from different companies. And the future is near. And no doubt it will be very expensive tech even the inductive chargers are expensive . But no matter the price i want this type of wireless charging not the inductive one. I cannot even use my phone when the phone is charging and i hate that. So right now I’m sticking to my charging cable and charging and using my phone. Because inductive charging sucks. But keep your hopes high coz the winter im sorry future is coming.






USB & Power Bank charging supported New Year Diary Note Book

16GB Pendrive, 8000 MaH Power Bank, Android / i Phone / C Type Mobile Chargers and Organizer


What is Wireless Charging? Why is it Not the Standard?

Let’s find out in this video, how wireless charging actually works and why is it not the current standard of smartphones?

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Samsung Note 4 Not Charging Problem Fix

Charging Port Repair Samsung Note 4 .
Samsung Note 4 charging port replacement.
How to replace the fixed charging port.
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How To Make a Piezoelectric battery charging shoe/go Creative channel

Go creative

Hello friends in today’s video
We are going to make a piezoelectric shoe
So friends it is really easy to make and it’s really cheap
You can also make your own.
You will need

1)piezoelectric plate
3)lipo batteries
5)led light
6) charging cable

know more about piezo electricity

So this is really simple to make
For circuit diagram :https://bit.ly/2JFYLke

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How to make a piezoelectric shoe

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