How to Repair Battery Charger for Dewalt/Skill/Black and Decker. Save Money

A simple troubleshooting method to fix your cordless drill power pack without spending money. Common Issue with packs.
This fix will work on many other power tools that use a battery. Store in dry areas. Thanks for all your support!


Power Wheels Battery Charging

This is an instructional video on Charging your Power Wheels Battery!


Motorcycle Battery Charging System Explained

The motorcycle battery charging system has multiple components. It is not easy to explain the whole process of troubleshooting in a single video. Hence, I have only summarized how the system works. I have successfully fixed this issue on our Yamaha R1 and BMW 650F. Please write to me regarding your issues and I will help you. Please excuse the camera angle (my face) 🙂


Quick Tip #10 : Tips On Charging Lawn Mower Batteries

Quick Tip video on charging lawn mower batteries. Always follow the manufactures recommendations on the battery and follow the manual with your charger. Batteries can be very dangerous if not charged properly. Thanks for Watching!!!


Sealed lead acid battery charging – requested

Please read! YouTube user Ciprianwiner wanted to know more about what I use to charge my sealed lead acid battery, so here it is.

The charger is a Numax 1 amp 12v sealed lead acid battery charger. I paid around £20 for it from a local battery specialist (Manbat) where as it would usually cost £35 on-line.

I am not saying that you never charge a sealed lead acid type with a car battery charger but I would advise being careful or using some sort of current limiting as once you have a gassing sealed battery from too much charging current its pretty much downhill from there in terms of capacity.

Usually you can find datasheets online from the battery manufacturers website with all of the charging specs for your specific battery.

Also it is common to see the battery’s voltage read well into the 13v range when it is taken off charge (I have even seen as high as 13.6v stay for a while!). But once you put a load on them it will come back down.

Quite a dull and boring video really!


How To Charge Multiple Car Batteries w/ EXO’s XS Power Battery Charger & DUAL Copper Bus Bar Install

User Request: This Is How Charge My Batteries

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Subwoofer Demo Coming Up!


How to charge 9v batteries | 9v DC battery charging method |

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Charging car battery with a 4 Amp battery charger.

Charging my car battery with a 4 Amp battery charger.
The battery was not fully charged because I had been doing a lot of short distance stop and start driving, including some short distance driving at night.

I used a 4 Amp “Motogard” battery charger (made in New Zealand), which I purchased about 20 years ago.for around $30.




Battery Charging Limits

Showing some of the effects of too much voltage on your Car Battery.
Specifically Car Audio batteries. Check the manufacturer’s charging specs for max charging voltage before adding that Voltage Boost.