HomeBrew Simple 12 Volt Gel Cell Battery Charger & Maintainer for Cheap!

Overview of a simple easy basic homebrew Gel Cell (12Volt DC) charger scratched together in about an hour. Only 9 small parts & costs about a buck ($1.00). Includes current limiting & float charge state. You’ll still need an enclosure of some type and a 15 – 18 Volt DC supply at 1.0 Amp (heavy duty wall-wart or bench type supply). Works on batteries up to 20 Ah. Great for PC type UPS 12V Gel Cell batteries.


How to charge a car battery without a proper battery charger

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Make Li-Ion battery charger at home Best 18650 cheap charger!

Friends i will present today How to make Li-ion battery charger at home best 18650 charger https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=coNCIHSpypQ very cheap and easy No skill needed for this.
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A lithium-ion battery or Li-ion battery (abbreviated as LIB) is a type of rechargeable battery in which lithium ions move from the negative electrode to the positive electrode during discharge and back when charging. Li-ion batteries use an intercalated lithium compound as one electrode material, compared to the metallic lithium used in a non-rechargeable lithium battery. The electrolyte, which allows for ionic movement, and the two electrodes are the constituent components of a lithium-ion battery cell.
Lithium-ion batteries are common in home electronics. They are one of the most popular types of rechargeable batteries for portable electronics.
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How To DIY Solar Battery Charger

http://www.EnergyBrainiac.com – How To DIY Solar Battery Charger
The DIY Solar Charger | Popular Science
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How To DIY Solar Battery Charger

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Unboxing Cool and Cheap stuff #12 – Batteries and USB Battery Chargers

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LiitoKala Lii – 402: http://shrsl.com/y3yt

5 IN 1 USB Balance Charger for Li-Po: http://shrsl.com/y3yu

LQ-S1 3.7V 380MAH Li-ion Battery: https://ebay.to/2IbqVru

Li-Po Batteries: https://bit.ly/2rGfbDd

3.7V 380mAh Li-Po Batteries: https://ebay.to/2rFPth9

MAXELL CR2032 Batteries: https://ebay.to/2KjalCC

HUANQIU CR2032 Batteies: https://ebay.to/2KYzpA8

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LIITOKALA Lii-402 (Specs from official website)
1. Micro USB DC 5V input, four independent charging and micro computer management system
2. Four charging current mode (500mAh/700mAhn/1000mAh/2000mAh), 2000mAh current
mode is fixed only on the fourth slot
3. The LED indicators display the charging progress: 25% – 50% – 75% -100% and battery type (size): Ni-MH 1.2V , Li-Fe 3.2V, Li-ion 3.7V, Li-ion 3.85V
4. Identify Li-ion and Ni-MH batteries automatically and adjust manually the charging mode for LiFePO4 and 3.85V li-ion batteries
5. Refresh for OV battery. It don’t charge any battery of1.65 -1.85V (refresh current can be detected only)
6. Protection for over-charge and over-discharge and short circuit. Identify broken battery and polar reverse inspection
7. Charing under constant voltage and current
8. Input by DC interface and working voltage is 5V-2A (Micro plug)
9. Built with 5V/1000mAh USB discharge (output) function

Weight: About 26g
Usage: For WLtoys V977 V931 F949, Syma X5, X5C, X5A, X5SC, X5SW, Cheerson CX-30, CX-30W, CX-30S, JJRC H5C, H9D.
Input Voltage: 5V
Output Voltage: 4.2±5%
Output current: 350ma-410ma
With over charge protection
Max input current: 3A

3.7V 380mAh Li-Po Batteries
Capacity: 3.7V 380mah 25C
Size: 40*20*7mm
Weight: 11g
Wire length: 35mm

LQ-S1 3.7V 380MAH Li-ion Battery
Capacity: 380mAh
Internal Resistance: ≤150mΩ
Rated Voltage: 3.7V
Charge Voltage: Max. 4.2V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage: 2.75V
Charge Current: Max. 1C 5A
Discharge Current: Max. 2C 5A
Operating Temperature: 0℃~45℃
Product Size(L x W x H): About 31x24x5.1mm
Compatible Model: Smart watch

5 Pcs MAXELL CR2032 Battery & 5 Pcs HUANQIU CR2032 Battery
Type of battery: Lithium
Capacity Range: 220.0mAh – 240.0mAh
Current: 0.0002A
Voltage: 3V
Dimensions: Ø20 x 3.2mm
Replaces: 2032, BR2032, CR2032, DL2032, EA2032C, ECR2032


Over Time – Vibe Tracks
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BlackWeb Portable Battery Charger Unboxing & Review

This is the first unboxing episode and it is all about the BlackWeb Portable Battery Charger. Check it out to get more info! Like, comment, subscribe!


Cheap homemade 20 amp battery charger.

This battery charger was made from electronics salvaged from junk I had at home and the transformer was gift from a friend. For me this was a very easy project to build so if you do not understand how a battery charger works do not attempt to build one.


Cheap, Budget, Economic, B3 Accurate 2s 3s LiPo Battery Charger

Links to 2-3s battery chargers: https://goo.gl/V4WnCD or https://goo.gl/EMszfL
Professional Balance charger: http://goo.gl/3SaJEY
Balance cable extension: https://goo.gl/0pKNYD
Battery tester/alarm: http://goo.gl/RRcCNS
Battery tester/alarm: https://youtu.be/vCiKpWnrpq8
How to use professional balance charger: https://youtu.be/RPzJOKoHhhQ


9V Battery Charger

In this video I have made a 9v battery Charge For YOU.
How to charge a 9V Battery without mobile charger..

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Cheap Lawn Mowers

Keeping your yard in pristine condition nowadays needs some serious consideration. Hiring someone else to do it for you would be pretty expensive considering the economic condition nowadays so it is better to look for cheap lawn mowers and do it yourself, right? Absolutely, since it is something that you need to do periodically so that the façade of your home is always presentable to your neighbors and passersby and to ensure that your backyard remains a clean and quiet retreat for you and your family.

However, if keeping the front lawn and the backyard trimmed were the only consideration it would be very easy but you need to consider how you do the mowing because of current environmental issues. Luckily, there is an approach to the situation that can be considered a healthy alternative while a providing a solution to the environmental issue! It all begins with finding the right mower from among all the collection of cheap lawn mowers that would help you do the job and at the same time give you a light warm-up!

Cutting the grass in your front lawn and backyard with old-fashioned but modern lawn mowers gives you a win-win solution. Old-fashioned because it has no gasoline powered motor that will add to your carbon footprint and modern because it is constructed from lightweight but high tensile strength metal and industrial plastic and more efficient in cutting grass! Today’s cheap lawn mowers does not really reflect cheap because cheap here translates more into affordable rather than second-rate.

In case you haven’t noticed, these push-pull lawn mowers are making a big comeback. They are absolutely green, environmentally friendly AND they will definitely keep you fit! Mowing the front lawn for 20 minutes each weekend is a good enough warm-up before you hit the jogging path for a 2-mile jog! Of course, if you have a big lawn then a push-pull mower may not be ideal but maybe if you schedule your lawn mowing activities, then maybe it would just work out!

Push-pull mowers have several valid reasons going for them, at the top of the list is that they are cheap lawn mowers, they’re green (zero smoke and zero noise pollution) and they are economical to maintain, just a squirt of lubricant here and there!

Among the long list of cheap mowers, here are three models that come highly recommended by customers who bought and are using them to take care of their lawns. Incidentally, one of them is battery powered, pushing the cheap lawn mowers category one notch higher.

There’s the Gilmour RM30 20-Inch Reel Mower that comes fully equipped with a grass catcher. The unit has a 20-inch mowing width and has an extra wide dual shrub/blade guard to guarantee operator’s safety. Sporting a dual wheel design for greater stability, the mower’s adjustable knife bed allows easy cut height adjustment from 1 to 3 inches. Other features of the mower are the ergonomic design of the handle for a comfortable grip and shelf-sharpening reels.

The Scotts 2000-20 is another 20-Inch classic push reel mower on the list of cheap lawn mowers. Features of the Scotts 2000 include 10-inch dual tracking wheels, adjustable cutting heights, composite wheels and a 2-year warranty.

The America APT1216 GoMow belongs to a new species of cheap lawn mowers. The GoMow is powered by a 24-Volt rechargeable lead-acid battery and has a 16-Inch mowing width. The unit has a 50-minute operating time per charge, more than enough for homes with small lawns and comes equipped with a grass catcher.

Using reel lawn mowers will certainly make your lawn look good especially if your lawn is no bigger than 1000 square feet. Aside from being able to keep your lawn trimmed and presentable, you will also gain that lean physique and sweat off excess pounds just mowing your lawn.

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