Can You Warm Up a Cold EV Battery on a Chevrolet Bolt?

Can you quickly warm up the high voltage battery of an electric vehicle in the dead of winter? More specifically, can I make it happen on our 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV?

Following cold and warm battery charging sessions that show either end of the DC fast charging spectrum, I wanted to test a viewer suggestion to hit highway speeds and then pull back with maximum regenerative braking.

Hopefully, this would provide sufficient action for the battery pack to warm up and be ready to accept a charge rate closer to that of the second session (43kW), rather than the piffling 15kW rate we saw in the cold session.

Cold battery DCFC link:
Warm battery DCFC link:

This video covers mainly my first attempt to make that happen but also references a subsequent test with more extended highway driving towards the end. Both yielded similar results and should provide useful insight for Bolt EV drivers – or potential owners – considering how they’ll use the car. There’s also a reminder that Tesla owners aren’t immune from this issue, as my Model 3-owning in-laws experienced on their way over to Boston from Cleveland, OH this past Christmas!

Let us know about your experiences with cold battery charging in the comments and thanks again for watching.

Also feel free to e-mail thoughts, questions and content requests to I want the channel to be as useful as possible for not only Bolt owners but other electric vehicle drivers and those considering an EV as their next car.


Installing Electric Car Charger – What Could Go Wrong??

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2012 Chevrolet Volt High Voltage Battery Charging

Weber State University (WSU) – Automotive Technology Department – Advanced Vehicle Systems Lab. A brief description of the 360V Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery charging procedures for the 2012 Chevrolet Volt Extended Range Vehicle. This vehicle combines an Electric Vehicle (EV) for trips 25-52 miles in length with a gasoline powered generator (40 mpg+) for trips with no length restrictions.

There are several battery charging options available for the Volt:
1. LEVEL 1 CHARGER: The 120V charger that comes with the vehicle, just plug it in to a power socket in your garage; it can take up to 10 hours to charge a fully depleted battery.
1. LEVEL 2 CHARGER: The 208V – 240V charger that you must purchase separately. These chargers must be professionally installed. There are federal tax credits for the chargers. These chargers can take 4.75 hours on 240V or 4.5 hours on 208V to charge a fully depleted battery. Chevrolet Volt charger options can be found at

Be aware that some chargers are only for the Chevrolet Volt (15 Amps) and others support the Society of Automotive Engineers SAE J1772 standard which will charge many different electric vehicles (15 – 30 Amps) including the Chevrolet Volt, Nissan Leaf, Ford Focus EV, Toyota Prius PHV and RAV4 EV, Honda Fit EV, Tesla Vehicles, and etc.

Be sure to see our two other Chevrolet Volt videos:
1. 2012 Chevrolet Volt Overview
2. 2012 Chevrolet Volt Energy Efficiency

We teach advanced vehicle technologies to our automotive students at Weber State University and online. For more information visit:

This video was created and edited by John D. Kelly at WSU. For a full biography, see Donate to the Department of Automotive Technology at Weber state University here:


How to Check/ Test your Car Battery with a Multimeter | AnthonyJ350

In this video we conduct several battery tests using a multimeter. There are other tools that are more sophisticated or tailored for this type of test. But most people have this tool and it can help give you an idea where your charging system is at.

#BatteryTest #MultiMeter #CarBattery

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I am a Mobile Electronics Certified Professional 12 Volt Installer (MECP Certified), Business Management Graduate (KPU), with a Professional Driver’s License and a genuine automotive enthusiast who loves working on vehicles and I want to share my experiences with you. The goal is to help other people who can hopefully learn from my unique outlook towards vehicles, experiences and working practices.

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How to Check/ Test your Car Battery with a Multimeter | AnthonyJ785



ChargePoint Express 250: Bolt EV 150 A DCFC Session

I was finally able to log a 150 A session on the ChargePoint Express 250 station at ChargePoint Headquarters. The session went mostly as expected; however, the first step down from 150 A didn’t occur until 54% battery. Also, because this charger is limited to 150 A (the Bolt EV’s maximum charging current), I still wasn’t able to confirm whether the Bolt EV can draw additional power for battery conditioning and climate control when more than 150 A is available from the charger.


1968 Dodge Charger Ray Barton Hemi For Sale

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Vin: XS29L8B104942

There’s nothing but raw power inside this Charger! Born as a real R/T 440 Charger, this rotisserie build left no bolt un-turned! Since the 4 – year rotisserie restoration was completed in 2011 there have only been about 300 miles clocked on this black beauty. The previous owner only brought her out about 3 times a year, each time making sure to wax the undercarriage! In total, the previous owner held onto this monster for 18 years before they decided to pass their dream onto the next lucky owner. Additionally, a friend of the previous owner owns a Mopar restoration shop in his local town, who assisted with the build from beginning to end. Under this custom hood, which by the way has 100+ man-hours into it, was made to appear factory original. All the power comes from the Crate Ray Barton 528ci motor, pumping out 650hp/600tq. Bolted up to the power-plant is the original 4 – speed manual A833 transmission.

The Original Build Sheet is Included in sale!

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Crate 528 Hemi Ray Barton Hemi
– Aluminum Heads
– Aluminum Valve Covers
– 650 Hp 600 ft lbs
– Engine # P5153843
– World Products Block
– Serial # 0803114A446 P5153862 VP
Holley Demon 4150 4 Barrel
– Downleg Boosters
– Mechanical Secondaries
A833 4 Speed Manual
– Transmission # PP8332195 0003
Front Torsion Bar Suspension
– Tubular Upper and Lower Control Arms
Rear Leaf Spring Suspension
Dana 60 Rear End 3.54 Posi
– Dual Exhaust
– Dynomax Mufflers
– X Pipe
Wilwood Brakes
– Front Disc Drilled and Slotted
– Rear Disc Drilled and Slotted
Wheels and Tires
Front Wheels: 17”
Rear Wheels: 17”
Front Tires: Cooper 225/45R17
Rear Tires: Cooper 255/45R17
Key Features:
– POWER Rack & Pinion Steering
– Vintage A/C Setup
– March Pulley Setup
– Polished Aluminum Radiator
– Red Top Optima Battery


Jet Black Paint Finish
Chrome Is In Excellent Shape
Grille Is In Great Shape
Custom Hood and Scoops
All Gaps and Lines are Nice and Even
Stainless Is In Great Shape
Vent Window are In Great Shape
Door Handles Look New
Doors Operate Nicely
Door Lips and Jams are Clean
NASCAR Fuel Fill
Inside Trunk Is Clean
– Spare Tire Looks Great
– Jack
– Trunk Floor is Nicely Coated
– Gutters are Clean
– Rubber Seals are In Great Shape
– Backside of Lips on Deck Lid look Good


Bucket Seats
Center Console
Floor Shifter
Door Panel Are In Great Shape
Wood Grain Steering Wheel
Upholstery In Overall Excellent Shape
Front and Rear Seat Belts
Head Liner Is Nice and Tight
Gauges are Clean and Clear


New Gas Tank
New Exhaust Tips
Stainless Gas Tank Straps
Cross Members are Solid
Frame is Beautifully Painted
Floor Boards are Beautiful
New Brake Lines
K Member is Nice and Clean
Core Support looks Great
Wheel Wells Painted Nicely

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How to protect your battery on your corvette Bachman Chevrolet

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This vehicle is available for sale but please contact me for availability because of the demand supply, demand for our clean cars and the volume that our store sells. I am able to help and want to help you with your purchase regardless of where you live in the country. I have shipping resources and major airport that I can pick you up from to get you the perfect car.

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2016 Chevrolet Volt Battery Charging Tutorial

How to charge the 2016 Chevrolet ‪Volt


Tech Tips 8: Using an OPTIMA® Digital 1200 Battery Charger & Maintainer

The OPTIMA Digital 1200 12-volt battery charger and maintainer was designed to enhance the performance and lifespan of OPTIMA batteries, as well as all other flooded and AGM lead-acid batteries. This video explains some of the unique features and functions of this product.

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