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Auto cut off 12v battery charger desi charger complete details in Urdu hindi

is video me automatic battery charger ke auto cut off problem ko sahi karne ka tariqa tafseel bataya gaya he
i hope is video me ap ko kuchh na kuchh sekhne ko mille ga
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Slow and Sluggish Computer? The Complete Solution That Will Fix It Fast

If your computer has slowed to a crawl, then you have errors inside of the Windows registry, which is the central database that controls many of the functions on your computer. The best way to fix these errors is to use a registry cleaner. But, you must choose the best one, because if you do not, you could end up with more problems than before!

A good registry repair program will fix each invalid entry quickly and easily. This type of program will also backup your registry on a regular basis, in case there is a problem, your registry will be restored to its normal status. A registry repair program will also perform a complete system scan to find entries that are no longer necessary or were never needed in the first place. It also finds holes inside the registry, and other problems. It will perform defragmentation tasks and checkup on your system regularly. And you also want a program that not only rides your computer of registry errors, but also removes spyware, protects against viruses, and fixes outdated drivers.

In order for your computer to work at its optimum level, the registry and other components must be in good working order. Just one problem can slow your system down in a very big way. If you want to prevent registry problems, scan your computer regularly, keep spyware, adware and viruses away, and keep the P-C drivers working and updated, you need a complete software system to achieve your goals.


Xiaomi 10000mAh Mi Power Bank Pro – Complete Review!

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Mi Power Bank: 40+ million units sold globally, absolute industry leader worldwide
High Capacity: 10000mAh capacity can charge the iPhone 7 up to four times. Intelligently adjusts up to 18W and perfect for quick increase in battery life. Fast rechargeable via USB-C port. USB-C port is for INPUT ONLY
Easy-to-Carry: Aluminum metal case and ultra sleek design at only 0.49″ thick. Designed to be highly portable and protected by durable, matte aluminum for an on-the-go lifestyle
Compatibility: Intelligently detects and charges your devices at a max speed. iPhone X 8 7 6 Plus, iPad Air / 4 3 2, Samsung S8 Plus, Note 8, Google Nexus, LG, Moto, Fitbit, BT earphones, tablets and more. USB PD not supported. Does not fast charge Pixel phones
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Samsung Tocco Lite is a Complete Mobile Phone

The all new Samsung Tocco Lite is a dramatic handset which attracts the users' instantaneously in accumulation to great looks and equipped with lots of advanced and easy to use features.

This elegant device includes large TFT resistive touch screen of 3 inches with 256k colors and 3 keys on the front giving extremely similar display of pictures. It also Makes presentation experience more pleasant as you can view pictures in full screen or in portrait mode as per your convenience as the gadget is set with an accelerometer sensor. Handwriting recognition characteristic is also built-in in to make the script and numeric input more easily. Its light weight of 93.5 grams and dimensions of 104 x 53 x 11.9 mm make it handy.

Apart from the above features, this device is constructed with built in Fm radio with RDS and impressive music player that supports WMA, MP3 & AAC formatted audio tracks. Its 3.2 Mp camera lets you capture special moments of life, Its "Smile Shot" feature lets you capture a picture when the camera thinks you are smiling. Its rechargeable battery backup allows you to take pleasure of 10 hours of battery life and up to 800 hours of standby time. Internet access through this phone is extremely useful for net savvy with built-in WAP 2.0, xHTML & HTML web browser with EDGE and GPRS technologies for hassle free Internet browsing, easy approach to RSS feeds, Google Mail, Google Search and Google Maps through the web browser, Good audio quality with a virtual 3D surround effect, an equalizer and support for DNSe, storage memory of 50 MB and expandable memory to 16GB with a microSD card. In terms of connectivity, the Tocco Lite holds Bluetooth and USB.

Be it games, messages, web accessing, imaging or music, this magnificent mobile phone is certainly designed to assist you professionally as well as personally in your daily life.


Tote Bags to Complete Your Look

For most women, bags may seem to be a part of their everyday lives. It sounds very practical though. This accessory have great significance because of its versatility features. For those people who are always on the go, they might think of buying this useful item every year. Both men and women need bags, however, it is just well known that women use them more than men. For most men, they aren’t a big deal. This is somewhat a common argument between a “she” and “he” when they talk about accessories. .

Fashion totes are very popular today. Every year, different styles and designs are born. Popular fashion designers make different fashion lines with this item. Hottest personalities and Hollywood stars are the first to try trendy totes to complete their look.

This item is basically made for stylish working women that need more spacious storage for their necessities. And to make it widely available to everyone, such fashion tote bags are now available in a different variety of styles, designs, color and shape to incorporate with different outfits. This would be a great companion that fit in everything you need for long hours of work everyday.

They fit in everything you need for a long working day. These tote accessories are popular because they provide comfort and convenience without compromising their style factor. This is one great reason why fashionable ladies get lucrative with this trendy accessory.

There are lots of tote bags available at local stores and online stores. If you search for an ideal bag for a certain purpose, you will find out that your sources are endless. Different materials are used when making these items such as leather and canvas. Buying a leather tote makes an impression of success to most high profiled ladies. Leather makes a unique and sophisticated look and with high durability. And besides, a thorough maintenance of material like this can give a new look for each bag. A right choice for women, that want to retain their lady-look that matches their corporate attire, are bold and sassy leather tote bags.

For a cooler and funkier look, canvas totes are the best choice as compared to the leather. They can be seen in a wide variety of colors, styles and designs because of the flexibility of its material used. Teens are commonly seen carrying canvas totes because they perfectly suit their funky and colorful lifestyle. It can be used also by mommies during a casual outing where they need to carry plenty of stuff. So basically, this type of bag is usable by different ages.

Personalized items such as embroidered totes and monogrammed tote bags can make a great gift item ideas for ladies. You may hand it as a special present during birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduation gifts and other celebrations. This is made special because you’ll be able to embroider and monogram the initials of your receiver, that of course can put a smile on her face. This can be bought at your local stores and online stores. Most online stores offer cheaper rates, and lucky enough if they don’t charge extra fee for embroidery or monogramming.

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Protect Your Investments Using a Complete Fire Safety Equipment System

In today's business environment, you must, as an employer, do what you can to keep the business afloat. Apart from gaining an edge over the competition, cutting down on operational costs, and paying off loans, you must also be responsible for your two important assets: your employees and your investments. With regards to your human assets, you are certainly responsible for their well-being while they are in the place of employment-let's say a warehouse, a restaurant, or a small shop, among many others. Aside from these, you must also protect your own interests by ensuring that your investments are covered from whatever risks that could destroy them in the future.

In terms of risk, the most common and highly probable risks are fires. According to the UK Fire Monitor, although there was a 6% reduction in the total building fires for 2007, this still is estimated to 32,500 buildings that have either been damaged or completely razed. This is such a high figure considering that there is an all-encompassing set of laws (The Order) that should have regulated these. With these figures, fire safety should definitely be on top of any employers' list. Apart from complying with legal regulations, having a complete fire safety equipment system can help protect your investments and extremely save your business.

Certainly, no one wants to experience fires of any kind. Thus, it is important for your fire safety equipment system to have reliable frontline defense. This is where the so-called "passive firefighting equipment" comes in. These mainly include smoke alarms or smoke detectors that alert occupants in due time, giving you, your employees, and in some cases even your clients, ample time to go to the nearest fire exit and out to safety. These must be installed throughout the concessions and should be regularly checked for dead batteries or working connections from the main line.

Next should be those equipment that prevent a small fire from turning into a large one. Thus, you must have the right set of extinguishers that will promptly put out any kind of fire. The Order states that there should be one 13A rated water extinguisher every 200 square meters of floor area. If your business is prior to specific fire risks, it is a good idea to consult with a fire safety expert to check what kind of extinguishers you would need. To prevent fires from transferring to another section of the building or shop, smoke seals must have been installed properly in order to minimize or contain any breakouts.

Apart from fire extinguishers, fire blankets must also be included in your fire safety equipment system. They can be quite handy and are ideal in the kitchen, for those who are in the restaurant business where small fires can occur. Do remember that identifying the right set of fire safety equipment for your business is anchored on a proper fire risk assessment that should be carried out by authorities and experts.

Fire control and prevention must be an integral part of any employer's business strategy. In this light, a complete fire safety equipment system must be in place to ensure that no harm will be done on both your human and capital investments.


Complete Guide to Tesla Model 3 Home Charging (Part 1): Understanding Your Charging Options

In the first video of this series, I will help you understand the factors you need to consider when deciding on a home charging solution for your Tesla Model 3:
1. Your Model 3’s battery capacity
2. Your home charging equipment
3. The charging rate you can achieve
4. Your battery consumption pattern
5. The amount of time you have to recharge.

This video discusses the first three factors. Below is a list of useful links for information referenced in this video.
– Current list of battery capacities offered for the Tesla Model 3: .
– Home charging guide:
– Tesla mobile connector page:
– Tesla wall connector page:
– Tesla onboard charger page:
– Tesla online store’s Model 3 charging section:
– Tesla online store’s Model 3 charging adapters section:
– Order page for silver Tesla wall connector:
– Order page for black Tesla wall connector:
– Order page for Tesla wall connector with NEMA 14-50 plug:


using a laptop battery PCB as a stand alone charger for 18650 batteries [Complete Failure]

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A really random video of me trying to talk my self through using a charging pcb from a laptop battery as a general battery charger.

Not really worth the effort to watch nothing of any value here today.

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📶Wifi Charging ! A Complete Wireless charging solution for your Device🔥

In this video i have showed you a research done by MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology:- which says that they are going to make a revolutionary change to the wireless charging or wireless transferring system….

According to them soon you will be able to charge your all smart devicess through Wifi…and it is going to be a complete wireless charging solution for all devicess available.

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