Cool temperature logging on your Battery chargers with 1wire and a Raspberry Pie

Yes! Raspberry Pie + 1wire sensors + 18650 Tesla style batteries + charger = Nifty graphs over temps!

Yes I’m hereby going to show you the long version how i get the hardware together and setting this up on a Opus BT 3100 charger!

Its not that complicated nor expensive.

Hardware needed:
* Raspberry pie
* DS18B20 1wire temp sensors
* Some regular wires among tools…
And you are ready.

I welcome you guys to

On there i will have more details on how to get this all together and what type of gear i did use with more images.
The site is still under construction so all constructive stuff i can i Welcome!

Please head over there!

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Im pending to add more info there as well!

I most likely missed something but just comment and il try to add that information as soon as possible!

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iPhone Charger Sticks to the wall 😁 So cool!!


NOTCH wale Phone me Battery Indicator | Cool Charging Animation | App Link Available

Apne NOTCH wale Phone ko do Cool Look is Simple App se.

Notch PIE:

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How To Keep Cool In Summer

Cooling Vests will keep you cool, but different vests are
suitable for different situations.

1. Evaporative Cooling Vests are best suited for use
outdoors, and on days when humidity is not to high.
These vests work on accelerating your body's natural
evaporative cooling. The vests are soaked in water.
As the water evaporates your body temperature is

These vests are relatively effective. They are cheaper
than other vests. Prices start at about $ 30.

On the downside they are not suited to being worn
underneath other clothing. This will slow down the
evaporative effects. Your clothes will be wet after
wearing these vests. Evaporative vests available at

2. Phase change vests these vests use packs that you
freeze. The pack is filled with a gel made of Hexadecane.
The pack melts at 18 degrees. The high melting point is
very effective at keeping your body temperature at a
natural level. These vests are very effective indoors and
outdoor. They do not really on evaporation to keep you
cool so are fine to wear under clothes. You will stay dry.

The only problems with these vests is that they are
expensive $ 180 plus. In addition to this you will need two
or three sets of packs to get you through the day
costing around $ 100 plus per set. Phasechange vests
available at

3. Personal Ice Cooling System (PICS) are the most
effective by far. They are also the most expensive about
$ 1800. They work by pumping iced water around a vest
using a small pump. The pump is powered with rechargeable
batteries. The water is cooled by ice packs. One of the
advantages is that it uses regular ice in packs and as long
as you can find a freezer or ice your in business.

These vests will keep you cool in any conditions. They are
even used by the military. They are suited mainly for
working environments in the heat. They require a type of
back pack of tobe worn. This system weighs of approx 8lb.
They are very effective though keeping you cool in the
heat. (PICS) available at

4. Cooling bandanas and neck ties use highly
absorptive polymers that are sewn inside neckties and
bandanas. When soaked in water they absorb water and
swell up. They are then worn and help a little to keep you
cool. They use evaporative cooling. They can also be
placed in the refrigerator before use for added cooling.
These products are available at

5. Lastly guys as simple as it may seem try to have plenty
of cold water handy. If you drink water before you start to
become dehydrated you feel much better.

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Keep Cool by Installing Air Conditioning Units

If you want to live a life which is healthy you need to breathe in fresh air. And if you have got an air conditioner at home the aircon units must be cleaned regularly and with proper care.

When you talk about aircon units there are two types. There is one which has a high cooling capacity and the other one has a lower one. The higher one is the wall mounted unit and can cool from 9000 to 24000 BTU / HR. it also has a ceiling and a cassette unit. The ceiling or the cassette id separate from the aircon unit and this has a cooling capacity from 18000 to 45000 BTU / HR. generally the price charged for the wall mounted units is around $ 50 but now it has declined to $ 30. The price for the cassettes or the ceiling unit services is around $ 60 but again it also has been decreed to $ 50 per unit.

If you get the aircon unit serviced once it will include the washing and the cleaning of the filters. It also includes the cleaning of the evaporator coils, the cleaning of the blower wheels, checks all the condenser units, the fan blade as well as the drain pipes. The services include the checking of all the electrical parts and the refrigerating system so that there are no noises and also a test run is provided so that there are no problems in future.

There are a lot of benefits if you get these check ups done. It also checks whether there is any water leakage or not and whether the air cooling systems are improving or not. All this is done to make sure that the life of the air cooling system is longer and that the people should breathe fresh air so that they remain healthy. It is also done so that the people would save on their money and they do not waste it in unnecessary check ups and getting the parts replaced.

If you ever need a technician in order to get your aircon air cooling system repaired they will always be available to get your system repaired and check it so that you so not face any further problems. If you ever are in need of emergency services these technicians will always be available for you. If the air conditioning system is not cooling, the water is leaking or the entire system has broken down, these technicians will always be available at your service.


How to Get Cool Phone Charging Animation on Any Android (No #ROOT) Easy to Use

How to Get Cool Phone Charging Animation on Any Android (No #ROOT) Easy to Use

Charging animation app is a charging alarm, battery charging indicator app that shows custom charging animation on screen with battery percentage.

Apps Download Steps in Video : from 2:19

With cool phone charging animation, app also have options for battery full alarm and battery low alarm and a charging indicator widget.

You can create multiple battery alarms for battery levels you want.
Battery charging animations shows you that you are connected to power and your phone is charging with list of cool charging animation choices.

Cool battery charging animations.
Full control over charging animation size, position and transparency level
Battery percentage text with charging animations
Charging indicator widget
Keep battery health in good condition.
Save mobile phone battery from being overcharged and being dead.
Charge Alarm notify you with alarm and vibration when your mobile phone battery fully charged or goes beyond or below the level you specified.

👉 No need to check the battery status again and again. app notifies you when it reach at battery level you specified.

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Cool Ways to CHARGE Your Phone FASTER!

COOL Ways to CHARGE Your Phone FASTER. In this video ill show you guyz some new ways which you can try while charging your android smartphone and it will boost the charging speed.

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Cool Educational Tech Gadgets For Students And Teachers

Digital technology has gone leaps and bounds in various industries, such as automobile, telecommunication, television, information technology and gaming where a big chunk of purchases today are digital. The educational sector is not left behind; the revolution in technology has created gadgets and gizmos with an educational slant that really broadened the gray matter.

If you are a student you can make use of the touch pen that enables you to simultaneously work with your teacher on an interactive whiteboard. This excellent device can help you clear all your misconceptions and concentrate on the lecture and interact with your teacher. A classroom performance system or a classroom response interactive device is yet another remarkable creation. It is a handheld clicker that enables teachers to receive immediate feedbacks from students on lesson plans and tests. You no more have to raise your hand or wait for your turn to answer the question your teacher has asked just respond by pressing a button on this amazing handheld device. This device is capable of performing multiple functions and it is useful at places where public poll or surveys are required.

If you are a teacher the mobile interactive whiteboard tablet is for you. With this gadget you can freely roam the classroom while insert, write or draw images on the handheld device which are projected on a larger screen in the front of the classroom. Technology has put an end to the days of turning your backs on your students while writing on the blackboard. This interactive whiteboard allows you to have a better eye contact with the students and you can see their faces when they are puzzled. The interactive whiteboards allows you to have more hands-on with your students and take better control of the classroom.

These hi tech instructional tools will enhance learning, many schools and educational institutions have started spending more money on such educational gadgets to improve the performance of their students and teachers both. Students enjoy using interactive whiteboards and classroom management issues are studied. The interactive slate board is a gadget that provides teachers to interact with students more effectively. The teacher can correct the student easily if a mistake is made while the student is delivering a presentation. These educational gadgets have brought the teachers and students even closer. Furthermore, the teachers can easily rate the performance of each and every student in the class.

The interactive sound system is another gadget that asserts teachers and students that have larger classrooms. Teachers or students can wear it around the neck or tuck it in to the shirt and be audible. The teachers can easily save their voices and allow back benchers to be able to listen with clarity.

These gadgets encourage interactive, healthy and interesting classroom sessions and add value to the educational system. The students find learning interesting with these amazing gadgets and are able to interact with teachers. It is expected in future that as technology advances there will be better gadgets available in the market which will make meetings, classroom sessions and lectures more interactive and productive.




Here are phone hacks that will make your life so much easier!

Did you realize that the battery is a weak point on every smartphone, the batteries much like people are susceptible to stresses. To ensure your battery stays charged for a long time, you need to change your habits:

– Don’t leave your smartphone plugged in when the battery’s full. This will increase the strain on the battery and lead to its deterioration.

– Don’t try to charge your battery until it’s completely full. The high voltage will wear it out.

– It’s better to charge your phone in several short sessions than in one go!

– Don’t leave your phone in the sun!

I love phone hacks! They’re so easy and fun!

So, here is the number of hacks you may need to use on any given day! We’re all kind of addicted to our smartphones, so we might as well use it for our own benefit! Here we go! : )

I bet this problem is the most common one! Have you ever noticed those nasty foggy stains and fingerprints on your phone screen? I have. Here’s what I’ve come up with – I simply took and eraser and started cleaning it carefully. Worked as charm!

There are tons of different useful hacks in your smartphone’s settings you may have had no idea about, such as headphones remote shutter, water drop macro lens, white sheet reflector, pantyhose portrait softener, sunglasses filter, underwater housing, flashlight diffuser, racing game gadget.I’m gonna show you how to make incredibly stylish and handy phone cases as well!

You can use old ties, plain or color-changing nail polish, feathers, glue gun, bathroom hooks, watch band and even baking mold!By the way, you can make and watch optical illusions yourself, that is hologram on your smartphone! Have fun, my friends!

This time I’m gonna share with you these awesome Budget Photo hacks and crafts!

You’re about to discover the best poses and face angles for photo session and ways to create natural filters!


1:31 Cool portable charger
3:10 Pantyhose portrait softener
9:40 One-handed selfie
15:26 Can’t find your charger?

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AMAZING Magic Charger!! Cool Futuristic Gadget for Your Phone

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This Alchemy Magic Circle can summon mysterious power… Only thing you need is your phone! When fiction becomes reality, introducing Alchemy Magic Circle Wireless Charger (Fast/Standard Charging)

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