how to convert old charger dj light at home ||simple and low cost ||(100% working )

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parts Lena ho to lick Neeche hai

hello hi namaste dosto yeah video me
old charger Dj light ke bare me hai
Dj light kaise Banta hai is video me batya hu dj light Ku Ghar me hi bana sakte hai ye dj light bahut easy hai
ye project matr 30 rupay me ban jayga
Dj light ku ap 3 volt se 12volt tak ap bana shakte hai

Hello hello guys in yeh video
old charger Dj light has bare me

The light of the DJ is the video that has been broadcasted in the light of the light, so it’s easy to light the light of the project 30 times.

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10W WIreless Fast Charger Rs.999 | Best Low cost Digitek wireless Charger

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Digitek Platinum Wireless Charger 10W, best low cost wireless charger for Rs. 999

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How Much Does it Cost to Charge a Model 3?

On this episode, Zac and Jesse do the math to find out how much it will cost to charge your Tesla Model 3! Now You Know! Don’t forget to like/subscribe. Also, please consider supporting us on Patreon!

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ICF vs SIP – A True Cost Analysis

The use of ICF construction and SIP walls is strongly debated in the sustainable construction industry. Both wall systems are very energy efficient and create super insulated walls that meet LEED accredited standards developed by the U.S. Green Building Council. Both products will construct such an airtight space that heat recovery ventilation systems are needed to produce airflow. These systems must be carefully installed to eliminate thermal breaks in the super insulated space. Traditional stick framing can claim up to R-20 walls. This, however, only considers the highest rated component in the wall, the insulation. Other lumber and utility members in the wall contribute to thermal bridging which is a main factor in heat gain and loss. Both ICF and SIP wall sections contain solid insulation material that will effectively eliminate conduction and convection in the building. In addition to energy efficiency, one of the greatest benefits that both systems share is the ability to construct quickly and accurately.

It is evident that both of these wall systems provide sustainable construction, but when it comes time to build, which one should you use? As most building decisions eventually do, it all comes down to cost. When analyzing the cost of these wall systems, it is important to understand the price varies according to each design, availability, and installation. This topic is debated by company representatives all over the internet. I am not a salesman for SIPs or ICFs, so consider this a fair analysis.

Cost per Square Foot?

It is very difficult to provide an estimation of cost based on square footage. Many factors are involved that can only be accounted for in the exact specifications of the architect’s plans. A general cost for square foot of gross wall area may be compelling as a feasibility estimate in theory, but more factors must be involved according to design to make an appropriate estimate. One can research and find a wide range of cost estimates by vendors and builders. The average of these values should not be considered to estimate cost since they are from people trying to sell you a product. Instead, I have analyzed the trends of these values to find that the difference of these prices suggest that SIP construction costs 5-10% less than ICF construction per square foot.


Window and door placement and shape must be accounted for when the fabricators make cuts in panels or forms. Waste is produced in this process while labor is involved driving the cost up. In some cases, the cost can be optimized in the design of the home by strategically dimensioning the home including window sizes and wall lengths according to dimensions suggested by multiples of panel or form sizes.

Many manufacturers consider structural live and dead load analysis of the design when estimating cost. This analysis of the plans will more accurately explain what thickness is needed where, and how much. The materials for ICF are more expensive; namely the concrete per square foot. Also, a prefabricated product is not being delivered to the site so the labor cost is more by the time the ICF walls are installed. The overall price for materials and installation of an ICF wall system can be gauged at about 30% higher than traditional poured walls.

In comparison, an ICF wall needs to be thicker than a SIP wall in order to achieve equal R-value. Thicker walls mean more material that also contributes to a higher cost compared to SIP construction.

Local Availability

Local availability can contribute in variance of price, and level of green construction. Not all contractors build with SIPs or ICFs, but as this construction, and production becomes more popular the price for both will come down. Contractors and manufacturers are most abundant in the Midwest and Southwest of the United States, making these regions cheapest to build using SIPs and ICFs. Investigate which contractor and manufacturer (SIP or ICF) is more local; this makes the project more sustainable and will most likely offer lower prices. However, beware of inexperienced contractors because it is a new building practice. In accordance, more experienced contractors typically can charge less.


Sustainable building is encouraged by the return investment. An airtight, superinsulated home created by either of these wall systems allows for lower operational costs due to monthly utility bills. In addition, the HVAC equipment required to heat and cool this superinsulated house does not have to be as powerful, saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on initial HVAC costs. While these savings are equal between the two systems, other returns are not. Homeowner insurance savings are between 15-25% for ICF construction due to fire protection ratings and disaster resistance. However, no serious gains in equity are made for when it comes time to sell. At this time, tax benefits do not exist for building LEED projects, but it is hopeful that in the future they will. If considering a LEED scorecard in your decision, SIPs will score higher because it is a pre-built panel assembly.


SIP construction is generally considered less expensive when deciding which sustainable building envelope to use. However, each project varies in price of each according to design specifications. Design can be optimized to standard dimensions of each wall system to encourage lower costs. Whichever product is manufactured closer to the site is more sustainable and will cost less in comparison to each average cost. Considering this the cost difference between the two may increase or decrease. ICFs may cost more but they generally offer more return in terms of insurance deductions. Overall, it is important to investigate all of these aspects when deciding which will be less expensive.

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Lithium battery or lead acid ? Cost comparison |18650 lithium battery | 11 PARAMETERS to consider.


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Lead acid battery
li-ion battery
e-bike battery
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Download Movies and TV Shows For Your Zune Or IPod – At What Cost?

The Problem: You finally got that 160GB iPod you've always wanted. Now its time to vent out to the internet to download some movies right? Yes. But what is the best choice? How can I download high quality movies for my new iPod without spending a fortune? In the next few paragraphs I will discuss the different methods and the legality of them.

Millions of people own an iPod, iPhone, Zune, PSP and many other gadgets that play music and videos. Where do they get the content? Well there are many sources out there though some are really expensive and some of them may get you into hot water.

Solution 1 Itunes and Zune.Net (Very Expensive but High Quality):

One way to get media for your new device is to use the service from the maker of your device. In the case of an iPod its iTunes. The only problem with iTunes is that it can get quite expensive. The price to download a movie, or download a tv show from itunes ranges from $ 2.99 – $ 9.99. Depending on the title or weather or not you want to keep it. In the case of Zune you are pushed to use Zune pass, which is better but you pay a monthly subscription fee to download movies and download music. The only problem with Zune Pass is that you can only play the downloaded files on your Zune. Not between Zunes, or on your PC. The other devices have similar services with similar problems.

Solution 2 Peer to Peer and File Sharing: (Very Taboo)

Another way people have been obtaining media for their media players is by downloading movies using P2P networks such as Bittorrent, LimeWire, or BearShare. While it may be legal to use the programs, in some countries, its not legal to use them to download copyrighted works such as DVDs, MP3s, and Feature Films. While it may seem like a good idea at the time to use the P2P networks, be VERY CAREFUL. The FPAA, and the RIAA has been known to imposes fines of up to $ 4000 per file downloaded. You may think that you have done everything to anonymize yourself but your ISP will rat you out in a heart beat. Best bet is to stay away from this method. Do not say I did not warn you.

Solution 3 Download Subscription Services:

The best alternative is to use a reputable download subscription service. There are a ton of these out there on the internet. The offer the Unlimited downloads of latest Movies and TV shows. Some of them even offer games for you iPod, PSP, and Zune.

Now you have a good idea of ​​the different choices when it comes to downloading movies to enjoy on your new media player. Enjoy, have fun and be safe.


Vivo 32500 MAH low Cost Power Bank || My New power bank Very Cheap price NT Creative

Vivo 32500 MAH low Cost Power Bank || My New power bank Very Cheap price




Cost Efficiency and Performance Drives Organizations to Cloud Computing

In the past decade there have been various achievements for the IT world and amongst that Cloud Computing is a very important one. Cloud Computing has consistently evolved and has turned into an ultimate IT solution for any organizations computing needs.

With all the benefits that Cloud Computing offers to users the major ones being reduction in capital costs and improved efficiency it makes an organization very flexible. The USP of Cloud has always been cost savings for the organizations. It also brings the organizations load of looking after maintenance and support activities. In addition to that it also allows the users to shift focus to more important business activities thereby increasing productivity.

Even though there have been various issues with the cloud initially but now more and more businesses are moving to the cloud and making use of the latest in technology to give their businesses a competitive edge over others. SMB's also have embroidered the cloud given the cost advantages it provides to the company. And large organizations that adopt cloud computing usually do so as way to transfer their not so important aspects of business to the cloud resulting cost reduction for the company.

The Cloud is used in various ways:

Many people know cloud computing as a single solution. However, there are various ways to deploy a cloud solution based on an organizations requirements and budget. The Cloud is split into three delivery models viz. the Public Cloud, the Private Cloud and the Hybrid Cloud.

Many users adopt the Public Cloud model which is third party service often provided for a fee or rent for using the computing resources of the service provider. On the contrary, a Private Cloud is a set-up on the organization premises to be used exclusively by the business and partners only. It may be cost to deploy a private cloud but it has its own set of advantages as well including increased security and controlled access to data. A Hybrid Cloud on the other hand is combining the public and the private cloud. It makes possible use of both the cloud environments by shifting the work according to the needs.

With competition intensifying day by day it is necessary for businesses to switch to more modern and flexible IT solutions like Cloud Computing and reduce their dependence on traditional systems. However, it is also necessary to make a proper analysis of all the three models of Cloud computing before choosing anyone for the organization.

The Cloud is a very useful IT solution and businesses need to assess their requirements properly to deploy the correct model and make use of this highly efficient technology and boost their productivity.


How Much Does an Online Degree Cost?

Attaining your college degree online has become a popular option for many people. A large number of people have not had a chance to attend a traditional college or university but seek the increased alert potential and career advancement that a Bachelor Degree affords. Still others might have a degree in one discipline but would like to pursue something they now have an interest in. But just how much does getting an online degree cost? In this article I will answer some of your questions.

Bachelor Degrees

Most professional fields consider the Bachelor Degree as the entry level standard. While Associate Degrees are a great way to start, completing your Bachelor opens up many doors to various careers. There are numerous online Bachelor Degree Programs available including such institutions as The University of Phoenix, Intercontinental University Online and Kaplan among others. In addition many brick and mortar institutions offer online versions of their degrees but usually for a substantially higher fee than the companies that specialize in online degree programs.

Fees for these online degree specialists tend to be a great value, for example a full Bachelor's Degree in Communication from The University of Phoenix Online which consist of 60 credits at $ 515 / credit or $ 30,900. Another example is American Intercontinental University Online which offers a Bachelor of Business Administration with a total course requirement of 180 units and a cost of $ 30,560. Finally, another widely respected program, the Kaplan University offers a $ 336 / credit fee for their BS in Communications which would run approximately $ 63,000 for the 180 credits they require.

These prices compare favorably with a typical bricks and mortar education but allow the flexibility that only an online degree can offer. There are Online Bachelor Degrees that run from as little as $ 3000 to as much as $ 100,000 and more. It really all depends on what caliber of program you are willing to pay for and how much a famous 'name' is to have on your resume.

Masters and Beyond

Once you attain a Bachelor Degree you may consider a Masters in a subject in which you want to specialize. Masters Degrees are a cost effective way to boost your career and earnings power above what you could obtain with only a college degree. Although typical per credit costs tend to run higher in Online Masters Programs, the degree requirements are for fewer credits so the total cost may be less. As an example The University of Phoenix charges $ 625 / credit hour for their Masters Programs compared to $ 110 less for the Bachelor's level.

As another example Devry's Keller School of Management offers a 'per course' charge of $ 2100 with a total of 10 required courses plus 18 credits of electives. Total cost of an MBA through the Keller School would come in around $ 30,000. Quite a bargain compared to brick and mortar in-class schools which could run three times that amount. For those seeking to take their education to the limit there are even Doctorate level degrees available for prices comparable to Masters Programs.

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