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Where'sEdd 6 CTEK Ice Race

Where’sEdd 6 CTEK Ice Race

A few weeks back I spent a day on a frozen lake in the middle of Sweden in a place called Årsunda for the 11th Speed Weekend (organised by Landracing.se).
Lots of crazy people trying to go as fast as they can in all kinds of ‘vehicles’ including cars, hot rods, bikes, buggies, little spindly sledges called sparks, whatever had a chance of rolling or sliding up the ‘drag strip’.

The engineering was mostly ingenious but sometimes terrifying and often at least a little dangerous (in a good way). All sorts of propulsion was tried; standard to heavily modified IC engines, electric motors, pulsejets, even steam. The ice is apparently four metres thick and the three courses were very slippery, so there were all kinds of home-made spiked tyres being tried.

The ice was used for everything. Camping, racing, drifting, they even created a temporary airstrip so light aircraft could visit. Awesome time had by all. Thanks to CTEK for some great hospitality too (and for lending me a company BMW for a quick blast up the ice)!
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXNUAhA7bgbUpAknV3CEP3w (CTEK Battery Chargers)

See you all there next year!


CTEK Porsche

Quick video CTEK Porsche. Quick video will do a full review in a few months

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Connecting a CTEK MSX 5.0 battery conditioner to Bentley GT

Fitting a CTEK MSX 5.0 battery conditioner to a Bentley Continental GT or GTC


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CTEK battery reconditioning and charging

a brief rundown of how to use a CTEK battery reconditioner. Couple of ongoing issues my car has… as starting which mostly always now occurs… turns over then chokes, catches, them idles ok… regardless of it it starts rough or normal there’s a “puff” ki da of misfire at the exhaust… you’ll see this at exhaust e s isn’t fixed.. but initially at first start after charging and recon that it turns over strong and idles fine … I’ll keep an eye on it for coming days as the battery may still be on way out, not charging or holding charge… maybe alternator even‽ ‽


Ctek Battery Chargers

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CTEK – The Smartest Battery Chargers in the World / Najbardziej Inteligentne Ładowarki Świata PL

CTEK, to najlepsze na świecie ładowarki do akumulatorów. Trzykrotny laureat nagrody “Best in Test”, używany przez najważniejsze firmy motoryzacyjne, jako podstawowy model ładowarki stosowanej w ich pojazdach. Ładowarki CTEK są zalecane do wszystkich rodzajów akumulatorów kwasowo-ołowiowych, w tym elektrolitowych, bezobsługowych, żelowych, wapniowo-wapniowych oraz AGM.


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