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How to make Automatic cut off 12V lead acid battery charger

How to make Automatic cut off 12V lead acid battery charger

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How to make digital automatic cut off battery charger with siren

in today video we learn How to make digital automatic cut off battery charger with siren easy step by step with circuit diagram. its very simple homemade useful project. you can adjust auto cutting voltage. and siren tell you your battery fully charge.


Simple 12v Auto Cut off Battery Charger Circuit |used automatic stabilizer






DIY Auto cut off 12 volt battery charging when Full

Automatic charging off when battery full (12 volt battery)

1. 4 1k ohm
2. 2 led
3. relay 12v

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Battery charger with auto cut indicator + led emergency lamp

Led emergency lamp with auto cut (4V).

List of material included in the video.


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Auto cut-off 12v battery charger in Rs. 25 only | Simple Auto cut off 12 volt battery charger

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Charger high Speed with Transformer rewinding and Auto cut off Battery Full charge

Charger high Speed with Transformer rewinding and Auto cut off Battery Full charge

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Automatic Battery Charger LED Cut OFF Indications

The video shows the response of an automatic battery charger circuit to a variable voltage supply input, wherein the circuit cuts off at the upper threshold and restores at the lower threshold. Both these actions are indicated by the relevant LEDs and through corresponding relay switching. More details can be found in the following article, check out the second design:

High Current Lead Acid Battery Charger Circuit