Automatic Battery Charger LED Cut OFF Indications

The video shows the response of an automatic battery charger circuit to a variable voltage supply input, wherein the circuit cuts off at the upper threshold and restores at the lower threshold. Both these actions are indicated by the relevant LEDs and through corresponding relay switching. More details can be found in the following article, check out the second design:

High Current Lead Acid Battery Charger Circuit


4v battery charger auto cut of

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Automatic cut off 12v Battery Charger

Automatic cut off 12v Battery Charger

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Auto cut off 6V/12V battery charger

Hello friends, today in this video i have shown how to make a simple automatic battery charger circuit for any 6V /12V battery. This circuit needs to be connected between your existing charger and battery. Normally the relay is OFF but when battery voltage increases to the selected voltage the relay energized by the transistor which now disconnect the battery from the charger.
Parts used :-
1. Relay 6V or 12V( as the battery to be charged)
2. Any general purpose NPN transistor
3. 3.3k resistor
4. 10K pot
5. Red led (optional)
6. Resistor for led
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How to Make 12V Battery Charger with 5V Mobile Phone Charger| Auto Cut

In today’s video I want to show you how to make 12v battery charger with 5v mobile phone charger auto cut.

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How to make automatic cut /off 4v battery charger.

How to make 4v battery automatic cut /off charger, automatic battery charger day electronics project .Today i will show you how to make 4v battery automatic charging cut off circuit with simple and esy steps ,diy electronic project. After full charged this circuit can cut off charging automatic, and circuit make at home.


Auto cut off circuit installation details for battery charger complete guide in urdu hindi

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How to make an auto cut off 12v battery charger | Updating simple battery charger to auto cut off.

Hi Guys here is the new video: How to make an auto cut off 12v battery charger | Updating simple battery charger to auto cut off..from my “Electrical and electronics projects” “E&EP” Channel.

In this video i have converted a simple charger to an auto cut off 12v battery charger circuit.In this circuit i have used a D882 NPN transistor and 12v relay to move NC contact to NO when battery is fully charged in this way the current not flow through NC to overcharge a buzzer and a green LED indicates full charging mode.First of all we will have to adjust the voltage to battery’s desire voltage in which the battery remains charged and then connect the battery to be fully charge. I have updated my old simple charger you can watch that video here: and then follow this video.You can make it as you want in casing or simple on a piece of wood.The circuit diagram is in video at 3:50 you can see it it’s easy and simple to make your own.

Components you need:
*D882 Transistor
*12v Relay
*22uf / 16v Capacitor
*5k Potentiometer
*Red/Green LED
*Buzzer / Optional
*10k,1k and 330 ohm Resistor.

* How to make 12 volt 5 Amp battery charger at home


How to make automatic cut off charger battery 12V circuit at home

How to make automatic cut off charger battery 12V circuit at home

Download PCB and Circuit here:

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