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Cycle Satiator Programmable Battery Charger

The Cycle Satiator is an advanced ebike battery charger from Grin Technologies, the creators of the Cycle Analyst. The Satiator has a host of terrific features that change the way you think about battery charging. It is universal, programmable and packs up to 8 Amps of charging power. The Satiator Puts YOU in Control.

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Battery Comparison Lithium 18650, Lifep04, AGM Deep Cycle, Sealed Lead Acid

This video is about Lithium 18650, Lifep04, AGM Deep Cycle, Sealed Lead Acid Battery Comparison. I will talk about the uses of each battery in my portable solar generators. I will be discussing the size, weight, capacity and differences in straight forward comparison. The disadvantages and advantages of the each and compared to the other.

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DEEP CYCLE BATTERY HACK?! Fix $400 battery for $20?! (Part 3)

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**Deep Cycle Battery Hack SERIES** (click “More” for tools used)
Part #1: https://youtu.be/nuCr9jod7kY
Part #2: https://youtu.be/JnYHL2niYnE
Part #3: https://youtu.be/MS2WfKoC2D0
Part #4: https://youtu.be/f2N9J4bZfVI

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Battery charger: http://amzn.to/2j8ANUJ
Hydrometer: http://amzn.to/2jBPUoA
Battery load tester: http://amzn.to/2ksQLKQ

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We’ve been struggling with our battery bank for quite some time and we’ve finally gotten around to trying out this battery hack! We have a couple of batteries that are really dragging down the overall voltage of the battery bank and are also showing signs of failing… so this is our last attempt to save those batteries. The best part… if this works, we’re only out $20/battery and each battery can retail at $450 or more! I think it’s worth the test.

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50mm Fixed Zoom lens: http://amzn.to/2nq5m8I
Compact Mic: http://amzn.to/2jFntVw
Dead Cat for Mic: http://amzn.to/2jFlwbJ
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What Is A Deep Cycle Battery Charger?

“What Is A Deep Cycle Battery Charger?

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How Do You Charge A Deep Cycle Marine Battery?

“How Do You Charge A Deep Cycle Marine Battery?

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Cycle Satiator Family of Battery Chargers 12-103VDC

Here’s our announcement of the 24V 15A and 72V 5A Satiator charger devices available now as pre-production prototypes. For more details on signing on as a Test Pilot please read the following endless-sphere post:


↓Episode 44 – RV Deep Cycle Battery Storage

↓There can be a fair amount of confusion about the best way to store an RV Battery during the off season. In this episode I break it down to simplify the process and make some nice product recommendations along the way. In most scenarios the RV’er is storing his battery during the cold winter months and typically not during the hot summer months. The methods can adapted to either situation, hot or cold. The summer heat can damage a battery as much as poorly stored battery during the cold months.
↓The bottom line is to keep the battery case and posts clean and keeping the battery properly charged during the storage process . If your battery is going to be stored in the RV during the winter months you will want to make sure that it has a full charge and this will prevent it from freezing. Some have said that an RV Battery will freeze if left in the RV during storage and that is not true unless the temperature drops way below Zero.
↓If you decide to store the battery in the RV, make sure the battery is disconnected from any electrical source that good drain the battery during storage. It might just be best to physically disconnect the battery cables altogether. If you are unsure of how to hook the battery cables up later then you could take a picture or draw a diagram. It is important that battery gets hooked up the same way it was connected was, assuming it was correct to begin with.
↓I would opt to store the battery in a garage or some place that has power to run a Trickle Charger. The stored battery should be fully charged prior to storage and then the charge should be maintain during the storage period. Today there are plenty of Hi Tech battery chargers available and I recommend to purchase a battery charger that will go into float mode after the battery is charged. If your charger has this capability your can leave it hooked up to the battery and plugged in for the off season with no harm being caused to the battery.
↓It is best to store the RV Battery away from any source away from sparks or open flames. Although today’s batteries can be stored on a concrete floor it is best to store it on a piece of wood, work bench or similar. Make sure the surface is protected if it is a nice surface you care about. It is pretty simple to store a battery for the off season.
I recommend Battery Tender and Noco battery chargers to maintain All of your  Batteries. Click here for more information about both brands and to purchase from Amazon.

Bonus Content: The below content was briefly explained in the podcast. You can consider this some bonus content if you are thinking about changing to a different battery type.
Gel Cell vs. AGM (glass mat) batteries. 
What Is A Gel Battery?

Before you can determine the pros and cons of a gel battery and how they will affect you, it’s important to understand what exactly a gel battery is. A gel battery is very similar to a traditional lead-acid battery with the addition of silica to the electrolyte to create the gel like substance. This thickening of the electrolyte means that gel batteries can be installed in a variety of positions and don’t emit as many fumes.

Pro Tip: This allows for gel batteries to be used in applications where ventilation is limited.
How Does It Work?

A gel battery (often referred to as a gel cell battery) is a lead-acid battery that is valve regulated. When the electrolyte is mixed with sulphuric acid and silica, it becomes a relatively stationary gel substance. This gel mixture allows the battery to utilize the acid and electrolyte in the same way it would with a traditional lead-acid battery, just without the added maintenance.
The Pros:


LST Truck Battery Charger Maintainer Auto Trickle Deep Cycle Charging for Automotive Car

LST” Truck Battery Charger Maintainer Auto Trickle Deep Cycle Charging for Automotive Car Marine RV SLA ATV AGM Gel Cell WET Lead Acid Batteries
Review Read More Review http://www.amzn.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B07C215CGR/motoseho-20
Product description
Color:12V/24V 10Amp

Brief: the device is 5 stages automatic battery charger/maintainer by Microprocessor controlled. Suiting for type of batteries included 12V and 24V AGM GEL VRLA SLA WET
and deep-cycle.It is a idea for battery of car, marine, vehicle, starting, mobility, solar emergency light, Industrial cleaning equipment.

SLA / GEL / AGM——————— 12V 30~240AH
VRLA / WET ———————24V 30~240AH
Warm Tips:
Please kindly note, it also can be used with a larger capacity battery, the charging time will take a little longer, it won’t do damage to your battery.

1.12V/24V double charging output for use with starting and deep cycle batteries.
2.Microprocessor control switch mode.
3.Ideal for starting,Marine,Mobility and solar applications.
4.Fully automatic 5 stages charging process.
5.2 LEDs indicator for battery charging 50%,100%, An independent failure indicator.
6.Protections:Short circuit/Over-voltage /Over current/ Overload/Polarity reversed.
7.Superior charging and maintaining.
8.100% full load and burn-in test.

5 stage charging process
Automatic 5 stages smart battery charger by MCU controlled with switch mode, which the charging process is setting 5-stage:initialization,soft-start,Bulk,Absorption,Float.
Initialization: the charger power on and detect the battery correct connected,
Soft Start: A preliminary charge processes that gently introduces power to the battery. This protects the battery and increases battery life.
When the battery correct connected,the charger will give bulk current charging,
Absorption stage is followed,the output voltage is limited at 14.7V;
When the battery is nearly full,stage”float” will turn on duty, at this stage,the battery is charged completely and the charger output some pulse to maintenance the battery.


Charging deep cycle batteries.

I’m describing that I’m charging up my two deep cycle batteries that I was losing voltage and it might have been from not enough water in the battery cells.

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