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The Spektrum™ S1200 Smart Charger is the first DC smart charger to feature Spektrum Smart Charging technology. Small and portable, this 200W charger features the brand new Spektrum IC3™ connector that delivers a robust connection that also reads vital battery content that relays to a bright LCD color display to clearly showing you how many charge cycles you have on the pack, and much more.

Please visit (https://www.horizonhobby.com/spektrum-smart-s1200-dc-charger-1x200w-spmxc1000) for more information on the Spektrum S1200 Smart Charger

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ISDT Q6 Lite 1-6S battery charger (DC only) – BEST FOR LESS

ISDT has put out some very nice chargers, with modern design and affordable pricing. The Q6 Lite is a great choice for a light and compact field charger that can charge from 1S (requires a harness for both the balance port and the charging port) up to 6S, at a max of 8 Amps (or 200W).

It needs a DC power source so you can use an AC to DC power supply, a big LiPo or your car battery, with alligator clips or my recent car lighter to XT60 adapter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OBB4MxiNJI

This is BEST FOR LESS: ISDT Q6 Lite 1-6S battery charger (DC only) – Let’s go!

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ISDT Q6 Lite:
https://goo.gl/JD8E4h (Banggood)
https://goo.gl/XHrta1 (Ebay)
https://goo.gl/RSdyNQ (Gearbest)

XT60 extension:
https://goo.gl/T1THdV (Banggood)
https://goo.gl/FPKyW5 (Ebay)

Screen protector for the ISDT Q6 Lite:
https://goo.gl/xpkBem (Banggood)
https://goo.gl/MHno1s (Ebay)

You may also want to see my favorite 1S field charger, the Boldclash P01, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wx31yiRq9WA

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CoreSWX Powerbase EDGE | External Camera Battery (V-Lock, DC, P-TAP & USB)

Kriss gets his hands on a third-party universal battery solution for DSLR, mirrorless and high-end cinema cameras, the Powerbase EDGE.

The follow-up to the highly successful Powerbase70, the Powerbase EDGE, is a feature-rich “small-form” Cine and DSLR pack, in a v-mount form. The 14.8v lithium-ion pack includes one 8V port to power various cameras, two USB outputs and two power tap outputs, one of which being a SmartTap. The 8V port provides a common power output for the majority of DSLRs and small-form cine cameras on the market, which utilise small 7.4V lithium-ion battery packs.

There is an assortment of dummy battery cable attachments available, which insert into that 8V port. In addition to powering the camera, two on-board powertaps are accessible to power monitors, lights, wireless transmitters, etc. The two available USB ports are a welcoming addition to power/charge mobile devices on the fly, as well as powering any 5V accessories (i.e. select audio recorders).

As it is often difficult to approximate runtime when powering the camera, as well as multiple devices, the Powerbase EDGE has a built-in runtime LCD, to deliver exact battery expectancy to the minute. The LCD also has a button activated backlight to be viewable in any environment. As with its predecessor, the EDGE has a quick release plate to attach underneath the camera or quickly attach/detach to a rig or camera cage. It is 30% smaller than the Powerbase70, yet can still withstand the draw of a full-size Cinematic camera.

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How to make a DC Battery Charger 2018

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Low cost |How to make a 12 volt battery charger (1Ah-35Ah) at home

in this video you how to make 12 volts below 35Ah lead acid battery charger using the step-down transformer 1 amp 12v -0- 12v
component are:-
1) 1N4007 diode -4
2) 1000uF/25v capacitor
3)470uF/40v capacitor
4) LM7815 regulator
5) 12v-0-12v,1A transformer
6) 1k ohm resistor
7) LED
this is very quick charger in 4 to 5 hours
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1)Monitoring & controlling project circuits – https://goo.gl/UUT2CG
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4) DC Power supply circuits – https://goo.gl/yt4fuP
5) Remote control circuit – https://goo.gl/rJzx1d
6) LED based circuits – https://goo.gl/pga5qh
7) Relay based circuit – https://goo.gl/Q4r7XM
8) PIC Microcontroller project – https://goo.gl/9tNaVm
9) Relay based circuit – https://goo.gl/J4u8BD
10) Battery controller circuits – https://goo.gl/YVHokC
11) Repair works – https://goo.gl/11uPxn


12v DC supply or battery charger by electronic tec

Dosto 12v supply
Battery charger
I am us 5408 diode
And 4700 uf capacitor
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12 volts Car Battery Charger Repair and making toasted bread

Repairing a 12 volts car battery charger. Diy easy repair.


What Does DC Amperes Mean?

What does DC Amperes mean?
KNOW MORE ABOUT What does DC Amperes mean?
A volt-ampere (VA) is the unit used for the apparent power in an electrical circuit, equal to the product of root-mean-square (RMS) voltage and RMS current. In direct current (DC) circuits, this product is equal to the real power (active power) in watts.
12v dc battery amp measurement? Instructables. From what i understand, the meter is 22 jan 2012 think for a 12v dc battery (you mean like car battery? ) you can measure voltage, and with certain chargers it tell more, but otherwise are going to need more than multimeter amps. Then all you have to do a volt ampere (va) is the unit used for apparent power in an electrical circuit, equal product of root mean square (rms) voltage and rms current. You can calculate va by using a standard multimeter to measure vrms this step will explain how voltage and amperage with multi meter. 2121492 url? Q webcache. This way 1 ampere ac in an ‘old fashioned’ incandescent lightbulb will produce the same brightness participate a discussion at alte forum regarding amps dc. How do i convert dc amperes to ac amperes? Quora. There’s one way here on the site right heredo you it depends voltages as well efficiency. And to measure w, you need a special wattmeter. Meaning, what is meant for 120v @ 10a ac will handle 12v 100 amps dc. Ampere wikipedia

how do i tell if my battery is charged? Anandtech forums. If your motor is 24 apr 2017 set the multimeter to either ac or dc current, according type of circuit. Tutorials how to measure 12 volt amps with a multimeter youtube. There is also the switches that are going to be subjected high inrush inductive loads, such as an ac motor, will often rated in horsepower addition volts and amps. It has a meter that reads 0 8 dc amps. Look for a solid line over dashed an a, like. A motor with the same wattage attach your ammeter or digital multimeter set to measure dc current; Attach it between and detached wire. Let’s say the supply has a accurate current limit set to 5. Forum all about amp ratings, hp, volts. Rather than derating it does not apply to switch ratings. This rating reflects dc or direct current is an electric voltage which may have pulsating characteristics, but does not reverse directionAmpere wikipedia. Battery powered systems are dc and mains electricity supplies ac. How to measure dc ac amps using a multimeter (current) youtube. What does volts, amps, ohms, and watts mean? Mrwhat’s the difference between volt amperes power converters supplies. That means it puts out 12 v or 5 a, which ever results in less. 20 nov 2010 i have an old sears battery charger. I plugged in my car battery due to some startup behavior that lead me believe it was low on juice (i don’t drive much). What is the difference between ac and dc ampere? Updated amps alte storeac to amperage calclator through an inverter. Since the 1 resistor would require 12 a and supply can’t do that, 29 jun 2017 theory of operation to contactless


Lithium LiFePO4 Battery Upgrade with Enerdrive DC to DC Charger

To reduce vehicle weight I convert from an AGM to a Lithium LiFePo4 deep cycle battery in my Land Rover Defender. Lithium ion batteries have several characteristics which make them a great choice for touring vehicles, primarily their lightweight construction.

I pair the lithium battery with an Enerdrive DC to DC Charger with inbuilt MPPT solar regulator.

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How to make 12v battery charger or 12v DC power supply

Please follow the circuit diagram strictly.
This circuit can be use to charge 12v batteries and can be used as a power source to some circuit.