Projecta DCDC solar charger

Response video to how i have had the replacement Projecta DCDC solar charger installed in my removable canopy.

The Projecta DCDC solar charger isuues i have faced, and how i have overcome them.

Projecta DCDC solar charger review and setup after 2 tears installed.

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Why you want a DCDC D20SA Charger

CTEK D250SA DC/DC 20A Dual Battery System/Solar Controller -
• High powered DC-DC Charging
• 5 Stage Charging
• Up to 20 Amp
• Price Match Guarantee!

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SIZE MATTERS!! How does voltage drop in cable affect the amperage output of a DC/DC charger??

In this video we set up a cool demo to show you how the size of the electrical cable you run to your battery charger can affect how many amps you will get into your dual battery!
Size Matters – you will see that the heavy cable can let the dc/dc charger put about twice as much current into the battery than the smaller cable.
Any questions, drop them in the comments.

Cheers – Justin.


Honda Civic Hybrid Battery DC-DC Converter Replacement

In this video I will be showing were the Honda hybrid battery is and how to safely remove and replace the hybrid DC to DC converter. On this Honda hybrid, the DC converter is used to charge the accessory battery.

We had a battery light on in the dash of this Honda. Here is the video where I diagnosed this problem:
Also, a link where you can get the high voltage safety gloves:

The one tool every mechanic should have:

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Homemade 12V to 48V DC-DC Converter Battery Charger for Electric Scooter/Bike

This is a PC board I made so I can charge a 48V seal lead acid battery from any 12VDC source. This design is simple and uses an off-the-shelf audio crossover coil. It charges my battery from a 12V source that gets switched on once the sun goes down. In the morning my batteries are ready to go and it didn’t cost me anything. Energy from the sun. However I can use with and 12V source that can provide 2-3 amps of power. There is a special circuit that will stop the SMPS once the battery level low around 11 volts. Next day the sun comes up and charges the 12V battery.