3X Wireless Charger Demo

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Battery Reconditioning Charger (EZ Battery Reconditioning Demo)

battery reconditioning charger watch step by step demonstration in this informative video.

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5 Ways To Extend Battery Life:

Battery Reconditioning Charger | Build An OFF GRID Energy Bank

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Vivo 120W Super Fast Flash Charging demo.

Vivo officially unveiled their new fast charging technology- Vivo 120W Super Fast Flash Charging.
It can refill a 4000mAh battery in just 13mins


TUTORIAL: Battery Tender Install and Demo – Honda CBR500R

CBR is already sold! This is an old tutorial I only was able to edit now 🙂

Deltran Battery Tender Junior 800
Deltran Voltage Indicator
2016 Honda CBR500R


[witts.ws] Battery Charger/Restorer Live Demo 3

On-location demonstration of quantum battery charger charging a cordless drill battery to full capacity in 5 and a half minutes.

8 unique features not found on any other charger:

1. Very fast: Most batteries charged in 5 minutes or less

2. Outputs quantum energy to battery, GREATLY extending its life: many test batteries are more then 17 years old, when normally they would last only for one year.

3. Tested 5 TIMES more efficient then any other charger

4. Causes some batteries to go over unity

5. Charging circuit tested as high as 300% in some tests (3x over unity)

6. Can be used as a DC power supply for electric circuits, but not electronic circuits.

7. Universal – can charge almost any voltage of battery or battery pack

8. Makes almost all batteries more efficient. Even causes some batteries to self charge (ie. Some batteries no longer need the charger, after a few years of charging with this Quantum Charger).

All Quantum Charger Videos:

Charger/Restorer Live Demo 3

Regular Charger Efficiency Demo for Comparison

The Worlds Most Efficient Battery Charger – This Demo at 300%

Demo over unity on 9v battery using the Quantum Charger

Battery Charger/Quickener/Rejuvenator Tutorial

OverUnity on 12v Battery using The Quantum Charger

Independent Researcher Review of Quantum Battery Charger/Quickener 2.0

More WITTS Technology Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPuH3DqP5tQ&list=PL4FA6B18F3F39E0FE



SolarGeni 9000 Portable Solar Generator Demo and Load Test

The SolarGeni 9000 Portable Solar Generator Demo and Load Test with an Air Conditioner, Shop Vac, 1100w Heat Gun, Dewalt Hammer Drill, Milwaukee 6 Bay Battery Charger at the same time! All this while still charging 2 ipads and running all of our studio lights! This thing is a BEAST!

To get your SolarGeni 9000

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Armanni Battery Charger Demo


M18 High Output™ Batteries – Product Manager Demo

Our VP of Product Management talks you through our M18 battery range, including the new High Output™ additions (12.0 Ah, 8.0 Ah, 5.5 Ah, 3.0 Ah).

View product:

Milwaukee Tool website:

Store locator:



Universal Cell Phone Battery Charger Demo

How to use a universal cellphone battery charger with adjustable sliding side piece, positive / negative terminal prongs & LCD reader to charge a spare battery via usb or wall outlet and/or a secondary device, such as earbuds.


Xiaomi's 100W Super Charge Turbo fast charging technology demo

Video Credits: Mr. Lu Weibing, Head of Xiaomi’s Redmi brand, through his Weibo account