Nonsense Asus K31ADE Desktop PC Powered By Laptop Charger

This Asus desktop (AF K31ADE) is strangely powered by a standard laptop charger. At £450.00 ($600.00) bought 3 years ago, this is by far the most ridiculous computer one can buy to absolutely waste one’s money.

This video is being uploaded without editing, being filmed on a Samsung Galaxy S7 and using the Boya BY M1 lavalier microphone plugged straight into the smartphone, so also consider this as a real world application of this microphone as an upcoming review preview.

It has an Intel I3 dual core 4th generation CPU, 8GB DDR3 Ram, a 1TB Toshiba HDD, a DVD drive, running Windows 10 HP.

The motherboard, processor, CPU cooler, RAM, HDD and DVD drive all look like they should be part of a normal micro ATX standard Desktop PC, but the lack of an inner standard ATX Power Supply gives the fist clue of something dodgy. This pc is actually powered by a standard laptop charger from outside he case; in fact since the proprietary charger from Asus died twice (even the used replacement bought), we are actually powering it now for the past 10 months with a Universal Laptop Charger, max 90W capacity, delivering 19V DC at 4.74A.

The case is bare bone, with no fans front or back. and the motherboard only has 2 sata ports which are feeding he only two pc parts; ie a DVD drive and 1 single HDD from Toshiba. Included is also a wifi card for wireless internet.

The look-a-like motherboard even sports a PCI slot for an alleged gaming PC graphics card addition for a gaming experience, what a JOKE!

Shame on ASUS for making this nonsense, since Asus is actually one of my favourite tech companies, this pains me down to my core. Save your money, don’t waste it on this rubbish.

Time Stamps:

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